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27 Sep 2008

Episode 69: Lovingly Hand Knit By You

The long days of summer are behind us, replaced by mists and mellow fruitfulness, and autumn’s golden light. It’s been sweater weather for months in the UK, but I’m not bitter. Eat apples. Knit. It’s my favorite time of year. Thanks to writer Beth Trevor, and reader Sage, of Qn. Miss Hergapiten was written and…

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12 Sep 2008

Episode 68: Knitting Renaissance

And, we’re live again! Many thanks for your patience. Don’t forget, you may need to delete the original file, unsubscribe, and resubscribe to the podcast again in order to get the new file. If you use iTunes, you will almost certainly need to do this. Again, I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks to my…

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29 Aug 2008

Episode 67: I Can Stop When I Want To

Many thanks to writer Angela Westover, and to my guest this week, Michelle Rose Orne, who designs wonderful sweaters, some featuring intarsia, some not. Great numbers of them are in her new book, Inspired to Knit Those Germans, they are on to something with this Lagenlook. Lots of manufacturers, but Oska are my favorite. Is…

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15 Aug 2008

Episode 66: Curiosity and the Cat

When you’re ranting about knitting patterns to anyone who will listen, that’s when you know it’s time to turn on the mic. It’s good to be back! Thanks to my guest this week, Cat Bordi, for making my first mobius project ridiculously easy, and for making my head explode with her Houdini Socks. If you’ve…

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26 Jun 2008

Episode 65: Absent Friends

For Jean. Music for the podcast was provided by and used with the permission of these artists: Deirdre Flint – Cheerleader Jim Fidler – I Still Remember Patty Griffin – Heavenly Day

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