15 Aug 2008

Episode 66: Curiosity and the Cat

When you’re ranting about knitting patterns to anyone who will listen, that’s when you know it’s time to turn on the mic. It’s good to be back!

Thanks to my guest this week, Cat Bordi, for making my first mobius project ridiculously easy, and for making my head explode with her Houdini Socks.

If you’ve been thinking about submitting to the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar, now is the time.

If you’d like to knit teeny tiny hats to help old people stay warm this winter, you’ll find the hat pattern here.

Knitting podcasts are still popping up like mushrooms ( I love that!). Check out Yknit, the knitting podcast with balls.

Also in this episode, Amy knits slings, and Eric makes catapults.

KniTunes this week were provided by and used with the permission of:


  1. Really pleased to hear from you….. 🙂

    hugs Shani

    Posted on 8.15.08 ·
  2. Lisa wrote:

    Welcome back Brenda! I’ve (we’ve) missed you!

    Posted on 8.15.08 ·
  3. alala wrote:

    Yay! I’ve missed you too.

    Posted on 8.15.08 ·
  4. Allison wrote:

    Wonderful to hear from you! You’ve made an otherwise dreary day (doing paperwork!!) full of anticipation b/c I get to listen to you!
    A big thank you from sunny Indiana.

    Posted on 8.15.08 ·
  5. sarah wrote:

    my heart LEAPED with joy–i did a DOUBLE take…after checking for many days at a time, its now here. a new cast-on.

    Posted on 8.15.08 ·
  6. Nancy in Holland, MI wrote:

    Hello, Brenda
    Can I put into words how happy I was to see a new ‘cast up on I Tunes? I cannot. Just know, our knitterly hearts are all a-flutter, and we’re so relieved to hear from you again.

    Posted on 8.15.08 ·
  7. Erin wrote:

    Shockarooni! A new Cast On episode – huzzah! Lovely to have you back, O Brenda of the knitting-draped microphone.

    Posted on 8.15.08 ·
  8. Wen wrote:

    Thank You, Brenda! Welcome back home!!!!! 🙂

    Posted on 8.16.08 ·
  9. Jenna wrote:

    Thank you for another episode!
    You were greatly missed!
    Warm hugs to all!

    Posted on 8.16.08 ·
  10. Kathy wrote:

    Welcome back! I listen today and as always was hanging on every word. I have been wanting to knit a mopius (sp) for some time and now I might just do it. I also wanted you to know that your podcast music is in my ipod… I love it and add to it with every episode. Thanks!

    Posted on 8.16.08 ·
  11. Dianne wrote:

    Yes!!! What a treat when Cast On downloaded that morning. I overlooked the Houdini Socks when I first looked at Twist Collective, imagine my surprize when I went back looking for the pattern and found it to be a free down load. I may have found a new way to make Vanilla Socks, but can play with the cuffs. Welcome back woman… how are you proceeding with convincing the guys to sell you their barn? (Ravelry name diannerj)

    Posted on 8.16.08 ·
  12. Very pleased to hear you with me again. About the problem with your shoulder. I was forced a few years ago to stop knitting because of problems cause by the small motions of knitting. For many month I was sure it would go away on it’s own, when I was younger I had had a problem after completing a huge tapestry work. But, this time the months past and nothing improved. I finally, visited a doctor because I was not even sleeping and the pain killers were killing my tummy. There was water in the joint and help was needed. Just a thought.

    Posted on 8.16.08 ·
  13. Denise wrote:

    I’m glad to have another podcast from you, too 🙂 You know, judging from the comments, you could probably occasionally do a podcast that’s just you talking about laundry or the garden or some idiot at the grocery store, and we’d still listen.

    I liked the interview with Cat Bordhi, and I’m looking forward to trying out those Houdini socks. I have 4 Vogue Knitting Stitchionaries, and that would put at least three of them to good use (the 4th is crochet, but you know, if this works with knitting… it would be possible with crochet, too. Stitches don’t loop around the same way, but there’s probably an easy way to work that so you don’t even have to snip anything, you just leave a slit for the leg while you’re making the footprint, then when you’re ready for the leg, pull up a loop and crochet.)

    Posted on 8.17.08 ·
  14. Ai Lu wrote:


    So glad to hear your voice again! I think the idea of pod-casting more frequently, with some scheduled breaks, is a great one. After all, we all need a vacation once in a while.

    I loved the interview with Cat Bordhi — it also blew my mind.

    Do you know what research she was referring to that says that using both hands in coordinated motion helps soothe the mind? I am a graduate student in health psychology and I used my best academic search engine to find mention of this interesting fact, but couldn’t come up with anything on my own. Perhaps it is just my desire to “justify” my knitting habit — whatever it is, I would to know more.

    Thank you for your wonderful podcast. I look forward to hearing those old Welsh dudes next week.

    Posted on 8.18.08 ·
  15. Teri wrote:

    Brenda – another wonderful episode. Thanks so much. Your podcasts are alway inspiring and I appreciate them greatly.

    Posted on 8.18.08 ·
  16. Nancy R. wrote:

    Thank you for another wonderful episode!

    You must love that song – A good day- it is the third time you are playing it ever since you started Cast On! I adore that song and was so happy to hear it again.

    Keep on podcasting, I thorougly enjoy your shows…

    Posted on 8.18.08 ·
  17. Mary Beth wrote:

    SHE’S Baaaaaaack!!!

    WOO HOO!!

    I am SO pumped!

    Posted on 8.19.08 ·
  18. Shannon B wrote:

    But….but…..but I bought two patterns from Twist, and what if I bought the same one you did? What if I’m not bright enough to spot the error? What if I knit the sleeves and they are twice the size they should be? If they didn’t care about the error, shouldn’t you at least warn us which it was? Please? Can I put a sentence in here that doesn’t end with a question mark?

    Posted on 8.19.08 ·
  19. Emma wrote:


    I really liked the episode it was full of the knitting rants of the first few episodes you did. Its always great to know you are not alone in your ranting. I thought it was a funny thing to say though that you were “desperate so bought a pattern”. Particularly after the last few podcasts when you have been talking about worth. I figured you would be the first person to buy a pattern. It then became apparent this probably was not what you meant and that you were juts disappointed that the pattern was not checked before it went on sale. I hope this experience does not put you off such things as the twist collective because you have been such an advocate for knitting designers getting a fair deal.

    Keep up the lovely podcasts. The interviews are great. Maybe on your extended breaks you could have guest hosts again. I really do like Franklins little essays and his guest host spot. My favourite is the one on Christmas knitting.

    Posted on 8.20.08 ·
  20. Beth Doyle wrote:

    Enjoyed your podcast. I had an idea. I love the music you play. Is there anyway you could make a playlist that is downloadable, like to Itunes? I would love that. Also, I really enjoyed what Cat Bordi said about “knitting everyone together.” I am currrently knitting a prayer shawl for a friend of mine who experienced a tragic accident. Her 4 year old accidentally hit her two year old in the chest with a baseball bat, killing the 2 yr old instantly. How does someone get over that? The only thing I could think to do was knit for her. I think it is helping me cope, too.
    Beth Doyle
    Louisville, KY

    Posted on 8.20.08 ·
  21. Wanda in AR wrote:

    Welcome back. I totally love your podcast and have missed you.

    Posted on 8.20.08 ·
  22. Jocelyn and Viv in Wales wrote:

    Great to see you’re back we have missed you. We haven’t heard the new episode yet because yesterday we fought our way through the floods to visit Garthenor Organic Pure Wool between Lampeter and Tregaron. If you haven’t been, you really should go! Lovely man, lovely wool in lovely natural undyed shades. We fondled, we yearned…… we succumbed to temptation. That’s what it’s for! He has a website for those who can’t visit in person, and please call first because it isn’t a shop but he is happy to welcome visitors by appointment. http://www.organicpurewool.co.uk put it on your favourites list!

    Posted on 8.21.08 ·
  23. Yay, you’re back!! Sorry to hear about your shoulder still being bothersome… I wish I could fly out and fix you right now!

    Posted on 8.22.08 ·
  24. Jane wrote:

    Hi Brenda

    Thank you for another wonderful podcast. I can totally relate to your desperate search for a pattern with a guage of 5.5 stitches per inch. You see in Australia pretty much 80% of the yarn we can get locally is what they call ‘8 ply’ (and is mostly wool or acrylic or a blend – other fibres are few and far between). In Australia ALL 8ply yarn knits 22 stitches and 30 rows to 4 inches/10cm so you can imagine what its like when you want to knit something wonderful from the internet instead of the boring pattern books sold with the yarn. You either have a lot of maths to do (and I’m a new knitter not confident about translating anything other than stocking(ette) stitch into a different guage) or your choices are very limited. It would just be wonderful if all the designers out there wrote some patterns for this size of yarn – its a great weight to wear and a nice weight to knit with too – you get a lot of knitting for your buck but not so much that the project feels never ending.

    Have a great day!

    Posted on 8.23.08 ·
  25. Kate wrote:

    I had given up on hearing anything from you. You were talking so fast, you almost didn’t sound like yourself. Where’s the fire, girl?

    I’m wondering then, is it the call of the open road that you’re hearing? You’ve wrestled with the place and career issues for quite some time now. I do hope you’ll soon allow yourself to spend less time embroiled in these questions, and more time allowing yourself the pleasure of pursuing that which you are so undeniably drawn to: the people and the energy of knitting and knitters.

    Death of a friend too soon is a real wake up call. We don’t have forever. We only have now. So take what you have and do what you can with it.

    Posted on 8.24.08 ·
  26. Susan wrote:

    Dear Brenda – I have not yet listened to your most recent pod cast – it is wonderful that you are back in front of the mike – but being upbeat and a positive role mode for us kniters and listeners can be exhausting – take the time to regroup and do things when you want to – let life happen in its own time and enjoy being a spectator for a while – take care and if you’re cold put on a swetaer ( and have a darn good hug as well!)

    Posted on 8.26.08 ·
  27. Jaimie Smith wrote:

    Hi! Even though I follow the path of the hook and can barely increase and decrease knitting, I LOVE your podcast. I have my eye on a single cable roll neck sweater in the Stitch N Bitch book; as soon as people stop needing crochet for babies and weddings I’ll get there 🙂 Baby steps…but thanks for not leaving us. I listened to all the back podcasts when I came aboard at least a year ago, downloaded Age of Innocence, really love your taste in music. Chubb Creek is missed, and I appreciate what you do. Take care of yourself first, and I’ll be here. I teach music to kids with disabilities, crochet, sail; we’re all multifaceted people…find what you need to thrive and make it work on your terms. You’re worth it.

    Posted on 8.26.08 ·
  28. Robin K wrote:

    Happy to have you back. You sound lovely as ever! As for a schedule, perhaps take a tip from David Reidy of “Sticks and String” podcast. He does his ‘cast as a series. Seven or eight episodes in a series, then a two or three week break, then the next 7 or 8 episode series, then a break, etc…etc…you get the idea. It seems to work really well.

    Anyway, take it easy and feel the love.

    Posted on 8.26.08 ·
  29. Liz wrote:

    Brenda, I only recently discovered CastOn and I am enchanted. I am now back at the very beginning listening in order. I have been knitting on and off for about 50 years and started back once discovering felting….in about 2004 and your Clapoti story reminded me of the doll size sweater I ended up with when Mom threw a handknit fairisle sweater in the wash when I was in High School. She knit it herself, but had forgotten it was wool! Talk about heartbreak. Your calm and soothing voice is a nice treat after some of the more frenetic podcasts I have heard. Keep up the good work. A new fan.

    Posted on 8.29.08 ·
  30. Alanna wrote:

    Thanks for sharing your voyage of podcast (and other) growth with us. We cherish you so much. Loved the last song, “A Good Day” is what we often need to hear!

    Posted on 8.29.08 ·
  31. Larissa wrote:

    Hi Brenda, so nice to hear your podcast again! I have written you before waxing on about acupuncuture (I am an acupuncturist) but feel I must do it again, sorry…
    About your shoulder, it could be many things incl tendinitis or even beginnings of frozen shoulder (encapsulitis) but what ever it is acupuncture can really help get things moving in the right direction. If you can find someone who can also treat trigger points it could really help. I treat alot of shoulders with great effect, please feel free to email me if you need a referral or have questions.

    Posted on 8.30.08 ·
  32. ~LickNCardboard~ wrote:

    I have tried to thank you 4 times now for the Music and the Pod Cast but i keep messing it up. Liz my love put you on my IPod and i take you on the road with me I am a Truck Driver, So Thank you and Liz thank you for Brenda Dayne . XOX ~LickNCardboard~

    Posted on 3.25.09 ·

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