29 Aug 2008

Episode 67: I Can Stop When I Want To

Many thanks to writer Angela Westover, and to my guest this week, Michelle Rose Orne, who designs wonderful sweaters, some featuring intarsia, some not. Great numbers of them are in her new book, Inspired to Knit

Those Germans, they are on to something with this Lagenlook. Lots of manufacturers, but Oska are my favorite.

Is it wrong to be so excited about The Drop?

Of course somebody had to come up with a Dwarven Battle Bonnet. It was inevitable.

You want old Welsh guys? We got old Welsh guys, bursting into song for no apparent reason at Tafarn Sinc.




  1. Beverley wrote:

    Hi Brenda

    Just wanted to drop by and say I am so pleased I have “discovered” your podcasts. I have been enjoying listening to them while gyming, gardening, cooking and of course knitting and spinning. The format is great with music and news as well as a fasinating look at your knitting life. Far the best I have heard so far.

    Would love to contribute, and always feel a little quilty listening in without doing so but as an active supporter of my son and two grandkids, read here pay his bills have to say that charity begins at home.

    But felt compelled to thank you for such great reads.

    Knit on >^..^<

    Regards from downunder

    Posted on 8.30.08 ·
  2. sarah wrote:

    i’m a total fast forward music Cast-On listener. i like the talking better than the music but lately i’m giving it more of a try (listening to the music that is.) and i have to say…Episode 67’s music ROCKED. great picks!

    Posted on 8.30.08 ·
  3. Kim wrote:

    For those of us who are not tech savy, how do we “grab the button before it disappears”? I’d LOVE to have my #1 knitting companion as a side button on my blog, but I don’t know where to get the code to paste into my dashboard on blogger.com

    Thanks for any help!
    Kim in Iowa

    Posted on 8.31.08 ·
  4. Brenda – I was so happy to get your next episode – will definitely check out Inspired to Knit next time I am not “yarn poor,” LOL! I’m an older fart than most, so my musical tastes differ somewhat from yours, although I agree with Sarah in that the musical picks (even the repeat of the fellow from Wales) were lovely. Always good to expand one’s horizons, especially in music!
    And I have to thank you for kindly filling us in on the fate of Miss Bette Davis. You’ll laugh when I tell you I was actually CRYING when I wrote that comment wondering what had befallen her! (Sheesh!) It’s good to know she is still beloved:)
    Hope your end of summer is as lovely as it is here in “Merlin.”
    Fond regards,
    Joan a/k/a FSK

    Posted on 8.31.08 ·
  5. Carly wrote:

    Thankyou for such an inspirational episode, it really cheered me up after a bad week. I empathise about not knitting, i hadn’t knitted for about 5 days before i sat down with the podcast today, because Im nearing the end of my current project and have nothing i can cast on afterwards! I’m also a music fast-forwarder, but this is only because I’m a metal fan, and metal and knitting doesn’t mix (trust me, I’ve tried!)
    Really looking forward to the next episode, and i hope your shoulder eases soon.


    Posted on 9.1.08 ·
  6. Sara in WI wrote:

    Hi, Brenda!

    What a great episode! I just sat alone in the living room and knit and listened to it Twice. I love “Betty” as the best L.B. song and was happy that you played it again. Your voice and words are always so calming yet interesting. Nobody in This House cares about or listens to my knitting problems or excitement. It is like you are in the room with me and just talking. (Hmm. I may be talking back….I’ll have to listen for that next time.) It is Labor Day here in the States and Gustav is pounding New Orleans. There are some stupid young men in St, Paul who are causing problems at the Republican Convention. But I can sit and knit today and listen to my friend, Brenda. Thank you.

    Posted on 9.1.08 ·
  7. Emma wrote:

    Squeal. Franklin is coming to London. Are you going?


    Posted on 9.3.08 ·
  8. Shannon B wrote:

    Well damn, I heard my name on Cast On!!

    Thanks for addressing my comment, and I see where you’re coming from too.

    It was good to hear your voice sounding happy…sometimes I worry the podcast has become kind of a drag for you.

    Posted on 9.3.08 ·
  9. Kim in IA wrote:

    Thank you much from the code-illiterate for the bit r.e. the button! It’s been added to my blog.

    I have to say, I finally caught up with ALL the episodes, listening to the last 3 over Labor Day weekend.
    (insert deep sigh here)

    I love, Love, LOVE Cast On and will surely miss it while I now join the ranks of those awaiting a new episode. I think I may even resort to replaying favorites! (Yes, I do have favorites!)

    Posted on 9.3.08 ·
  10. I haven’t actually finished listening yet but I wanted to tell you how much I loved hearing The Gentle Good. Back in my late teens and early 20s, the Welsh language music scene really didn’t appeal to me – all head nodding indie kids when I listened to metal. The closest I got was The Alarm when they released Newid/Change. I really miss hearing Welsh these days and because it’s my second language (although I did start a degree in Welsh at Bangor) it’s becoming replaced by French, naturally given where I live, as the other language that pops into my head.

    Oh and ‘dropio’, I thought that was really funny, back when I was in school or at the Urdd camp at Llangrannog, we used to joke that if you couldn’t remember the proper Welsh for a verb, you could just add -io to the end of the English word!

    Posted on 9.4.08 ·
  11. Jeremy wrote:

    I have to tell you that I *luh-HUVVED* the piece you did from the Tafarn Sinc. It was AWESOME. Though, while I listened to those men talk, all I could think of was a series of Little Britain sketches. If you’ve not seen it, I think you might appreciate it. It’s about Daffyd Thomas, The Only Gay in the Village. I thought I was gonna pee myself when I saw it. Of course, if you’re familiar, you’ve probably seen it LONG before I have in Ohio. 🙂

    Posted on 9.4.08 ·
  12. Barb wrote:


    Congratulations on the MILLION downloads. How wonderful! Keep up the good work. I love listening to you.

    Barb in south Georgia (US not Asia)

    Posted on 9.6.08 ·
  13. Nancy R. wrote:

    Everytime I would hear the trumpet of that cha cha cha song, I would just crack up. It’s so freaking funny.

    Thanks for yet another great episode.

    And Congrats on your Million downloads!

    Posted on 9.8.08 ·
  14. Emily wrote:


    I would just like to say that I LOVE your podcasts. I just discovered them and am trying to catch up with all the episodes.

    I love every single one I have listened to so far, but the latest one makes so much sense to me.

    I’ve known how to knit since I was young (like 8 or 9) but have not gotten really into knitting until a few months ago. I knit all the time for about a month and then went through a slump that lasted about six months, just like that week you talked about when you didn’t knit.

    But then, I picked up my needles to knit my friend a bag for her birthday and poof! my love for knitting (and all that yarn I have stashed) made sense. So then, when I found this podcast and listened to the latest episode, it was way wierd. Like de ja vu almost-ish.

    But, I guess that’s all I wanted to say.

    Thanks for the great podcast. 🙂

    Posted on 9.12.08 ·
  15. Laura wrote:

    While I patiently wait for Ep68 to get fixed I’ll drop a note and say Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart for having your recording equipment with you that day at Tafarn Sinc. How ethereal for anyone like me who only imagines this happening in a movie set in a time long ago. It works with the Barn Scene that lives in my memory from my favorite Episode. Not only was the Old Welsh Guy awesome, but the humming harmonies around him. I suppose you get used to it but I just couldn’t listen without a tear in my eye. Such a sappy one I am. 🙂

    Thanks again Brenda for sharing your awesome talent. The JofT socks are still brewing in my mind while I finish up a yarn order for TLE. I guess they won’t probably be ready for your anniversary episode but I could be wrong (if it’s at the end of Oct). We’ll see.

    Posted on 9.14.08 ·
  16. Mmi wrote:

    Oh, yes. Lagenlook. Finally comfortable clothes. Because Spandex is not (and never has been) my friend.

    Posted on 9.16.08 ·
  17. Bee wrote:

    Dear Brenda,
    I am catching up on your podcasts – I save them for a treat for myself, and I haven’t done enough duty stuff to deserve a podcast for a while. I just wanted to thank you for including the “Old Welsh Guys” singing on this ‘cast. I’m a Welsh exile, for now at least, and I miss my homeland terribly. Sitting knitting in front of the fire in my local pub today, listening to CO, I came very close to tears hearing the Revd. Eli Jenkins’ song from Under Milk Wood. The effortless, unscripted 4-part harmony of the ‘backing singers’ (!) is something that is, sadly, slowly dying out in Wales, and it will break my heart when it finally vanishes from the pubs, clubs and gatherings. It’s such a wonderful feeling, coming across Welsh groups on tour occasionally here over in England, and have people who will just Sing, with no self-consciousness, and sing beautifully. I loved this Cast On, thank you so much.
    And Diolch yn Fawr i Tonia! It is so encouraging hearing of people learning Welsh, and gives me hope for the language of heaven in the future.
    Thank you for a wonderful cast. I don’t know whether you ever see these comments when the podcast has been out for months, but thank you.

    Posted on 12.6.08 ·

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