Series 06 – Knitting to Extremes

Episode 64: The Best Thing Ever

by Brenda on June 8, 2008

It’s almost like being there… SeaSocks 08 – My flickr photos, and other people’s flickr photos. Was there anyone on the boat who didn’t have one of these? Breaking with tradition, an actual image of Today’s Sweater may be found […]


Episode 63: Moving Mountains

by Brenda on April 28, 2008

Say howdy to NEW! Cast On Sponsor, Simply Socks Yarn Company! Go there. Then come back. It’s a jam-packed Death March of Fun this week, with special thanks to contributing writer, Becky Miller (also a frequent Librivox contributor) and my […]


Episode 62: Heads Up

by Brenda on March 29, 2008

In this podcast we are all about the hats – ancient hats, modern hats, music about hats and books with hats in them. We’re turning knitting on it’s side, and finishing on its head, and I have no idea how […]


Episode 61: The ‘Zine Scene

by Brenda on February 29, 2008

This week we begin, as all good British meetings do, with apologies for past transgressions, after which we come right round, and make all well again with knitting. Contributing writer, Amy Foster treats to us to a scarf, by royal […]


Episode 60: Little Ripples

by Brenda on January 25, 2008

Many thanks this week to contributing writer, Elizabeth Green Musselman, and to my guest, writer and hand knit designer, Annie (Rae) Modesitt. I talked about these things: Stephanie Pearl Mcphee’s One Row ScarfFetching Twilley’s Freedom SpiritFloraLeather soles for clogs Sock […]