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26 Mar 2015

It’s best not to stare

It’s been a few months. How ya doing? How’s your knitting? I’ve missed you. In fact, that’s what today’s post is all about. I just thought I’d take a moment to tell you that I’ve missed you since the last ever episode of Cast On hit your earbuds last October. I’ve missed talking with you,…

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07 Nov 2014

A sweater knitting story, in three acts.

ACT I: A truth universally acknowledged about sweater knitting, is that just-off-the-needles garments with fit issues are unlikely to be worn. It’s too big. That, my knitsibs, seems to be the general consensus. The sweater featured in Today’s Sweater, the one I talked (and talked and talked) about in Epic Bind Off, is just too…

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16 May 2014


It’s saying something when someone (and we’re not saying who) would rather spend a long weekend assembling Ikea bookshelves, than nip off for a weekend break in the beautiful city of Bath, with one’s beloved. But here’s the thing. Aaron, our electrician, has this week completed ALL the electrics-related tasks that have been on our…

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09 May 2014

Ready for my close up

About this time last year I embarked upon a journey of home remodelling that was, quite frankly, both spectacularly ill-timed, and very poorly planned. We are still dealing with the fallout. To explain. No, there is too much… To sum up. I met some builders who were doing work on the house next door; I…

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25 Apr 2014

Oh, to be Queen

Hearty congratulations to Rachel, who won two balls of Regia sock yarn, for Tintern Abbey socks, in last week’s yarn giveaway; and to Marianne, who this week won a skein of Sundara 100% Silk lace weight yarn, with which to knit Anthracite (or any of the shawls in Welsh for Rainbow). I’ve contacted both winners,…

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