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12 Apr 2014

Congratulations, Darlene!

The winner of this week’s Welsh for Rainbow yarn giveaway is Darlene, whose lucky number means that one of these lovely skeins donated by Triskelion Yarn and Fibres will be headed her way soon. The colourway is Gwellt, the Welsh word for barley, and the yarn is Taliesen, a 4-ply British Blue Faced Leicester, superwash…

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04 Mar 2014

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

I am delighted to announce that Welsh for Rainbow, the 6-month e-book project that was two years in the making, is done. The printed version will be along in a few months. Hopefully, the first of many. I couldn’t be more proud. Clicking the cover image above will whisk you to the Ravelry page where…

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10 Oct 2013

At the side of the road

At the end August, after a long illness, Tonia’s father died peacefully in his sleep. It was not unexpected. One day later, my father died, quite unexpectedly, while he was gardening. By the time I got the news the following day, my sisters were already making their way to my parents home in Boise. My…

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07 Sep 2012

Episode 121: Down on the Farm

Kristin’s Living Room by Photographer Rikki Snyder In this episode: The colourful world of Kristin Nicholas. Keep up with life on the farm, buy some fresh and tasty lamb, or register for one of Kristen’s workshops. Images of Kristin’s amazing farmhouse are here. Leave a comment below to win an assortment of Color by Kristin…

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16 Apr 2012

The bead makes the Beeton; the button makes the glove.

Yes, there will be a podcast today tomorrow. Let’s just get that out of the way right up front. In fact, I shouldn’t be posting at all, as the podcast timer went “bing” about 42 minutes ago. Time’s a wasting. However. Will ya look at that. MORE KNITTING! I know. Sometimes I am amazed, myself.…

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