25 Apr 2014

Oh, to be Queen


Hearty congratulations to Rachel, who won two balls of Regia sock yarn, for Tintern Abbey socks, in last week’s yarn giveaway; and to Marianne, who this week won a skein of Sundara 100% Silk lace weight yarn, with which to knit Anthracite (or any of the shawls in Welsh for Rainbow). I’ve contacted both winners, and their lovely yarn will be in the post, shortly.

“Shortly” is going to be a relative term this week, however, because I can find neither the mail bags, nor my parcel tape dispenser, both of which have been cleverly tucked away into one of the (many) boxes containing my office supplies that are currently stuffed behind the sofa.

That’s right, gentle knitsibs, it’s DIY Week here at Casa del Cast On! My built-in desk has been in Entirely the Wrong Place in my office ever since we moved the office door during last year’s bathroom and hallway remodel. I’ve been living with it for over a year, dreaming of the perfect space that will one day be mine and finally, FINALLY, that day has come. Tonia took the week off, plus half of next week, and the two of us planned on wrangling flat pack furniture like it’s never been wrangled, while at the same time not getting divorced. It may sound like an impossible dream, I know, but we had a plan.

You’ll noticed I slipped into the past tense there, right? Yeah. Well, at some point on Sunday, during the process of moving the sofa bed out of the office, down some stairs and into the living room, I lifted with my back, instead of my legs. As a result, I have spent most of this week jacked up on codeine, trying to find a comfortable position on the bed. I never did manage to find that position, but it wasn’t for want of trying.

My week has mostly sucked. I couldn’t knit (insult + injury) though I could manage reading, just, on my Kindle, or iPad. I got no work done, but I did learn a great deal about the politics and history of Westeros, so it wasn’t all bad. (No spoilers from me, I know not everyone has read the books, I know not everyone wants to hear my theories regarding the parentage of Jon Snow – my partner, my friends, my neighbours and my postman will attest to that – and I found lots and lots of forums this week, where geeks like me can geek out with Others of Our Kind, so I won’t bore you.)

On the plus side of the column, Tonia has been taking excellent care of me, bringing me things, applying unguents when needed, and cooking up a storm. I haven’t been eating much, because constant pain means everything’s a chore, even sitting down to a nice meal. I won’t lie, back pain sucks, it’s been horrible but, thankfully, I am feeling better. Not yet at fighting fit, but better.

Today, the First Day of Wearing Actual Clothing, Tonia and I spent the morning shifting the stuff from the office to various places around the living room, and rearranging furniture in order to free up some space. Though in this case the shifting, in real terms, was Tonia’s job. All I could do was point and give commands. To her credit, Tonia did everything I asked, moved every piece of furniture, shifted every box, lifted every bale, toted every barge. All the while, I didn’t lift a finger. All I had to do was point, and Tonia made it so.

OMG! So. Much. Fun. Totally faaaaabulous! I had SUCH a great day!

Admittedly, Tonia’s experience was much different than mine but, for me, today was utterly delightful. The highlight of my wretched week. I one point I actually thought, “This is what it must be like to be the Queen. You point, and shit happens.”

Oh, to be Queen.

So the living room is now sorted, everything is stowed away, and it shouldn’t be too terrible to live here for the next few weeks while the work gets done. The office is entirely empty of office-y things and we’re waiting for the electrician to come and fit some new sockets. I am slowly beginning to feel a bit better physically, and, hell, I am dressed. After the week I’ve had, this is progress. While I had hoped for a podcast, and I know I’m over due, I’m okay with the fact that that didn’t happen. It feels a triumph just to be here, on a Friday night, thinking of you, wine glass in hand, offering my truly heartfelt congratulations to this week’s winners of yarn, and wishing next week’s winner bonne chance.


Up for grabs next week, a delicious skein of Crazy Zauberball sock yarn, in the colours of a summer sea, with which one lucky winner may knit Neckfish, pictured, just so. Buy my book between now and next Friday, 2 May, and the yarn could be yours. It’s just that simple.

Baring further physical trauma I’ll announce the winner of this week’s giveaway in next week’s podcast. But do keep checking back this week, as I plan to blog the office remodel. The room is not just my office and fibre studio but, truly, the heart of the podcast; the room where the magic happens. It feels like you should be with me on my DIY journey.

And now, I’m off to find the parcel tape, and then choose a road project for my journey to Wonderwool Wales. I may have to travel there whilst reclining casually across across the back seat while Tonia drives, but whatever. I’ll get there. If you happen by the Triskellion Yarn booth, I’ll be there, helping out. Do stop by and say hi.

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  1. Ferran wrote:

    I’m sorry to read about your accident, hope you get well soon.

    Posted on 4.27.14 ·
  2. Judy11 wrote:

    Back pain really is …well a pain. Sorry you are dealing with one and hope it ebbs soon.

    Posted on 4.27.14 ·

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