24 Nov 2009

Vote for Pam


When I was nine and Pam was six I saved her life on the playground. The object of chase by a bullying classmate, Pam ran to me for safety, certain that I would protect her because that’s what big sisters do. Being three years older and several inches taller than Pam’s tormentor made my job relatively easy. I grabbed the young girl by her lapels, pulled her face close to my own and said quietly, “Leave. My. Sister. Alone.”

And she did, from that day forward.

Well, that’s the way I remember it anyway; a pivotal, life-saving moment, when the awesome power of my big-sister countenance struck terror into the heart of six-year-old playground bully. Memory, as we know, is a funny thing. Nevertheless, it is convenient to remember the incident, just so, whenever I want something from Pam.

The point of this charming story of sisterly affiliation is that Pam has once again asked for my help. This week she entered an online photo contest at marxfood.com. Pam submitted her photo of vanilla beans, artfully arranged with felted pumpkins and fall flowers and delicious Brown Sugar Shortbread cookies. I’m not sure what the prize is. Pam said it doesn’t really matter. She wasn’t concerned about winning, she just wanted to make a good showing. She rang last night to mournfully report that her photo had only garnered a single vote: her own. Pam asked for my help.

On her blog she writes:

“I know that I will not win, but for goodness sakes, I don’t want to look like a complete doofus with only one vote!!! Another point of embarrassment is that all of the other photos are all foodie/artsy and mine looks…well…. sort of quaint. Kind of like a paint-by-number in a room of Van Gogh’s. Or a chicken pot pie on a table of sushi. So help me out here folks. Let’s show the world of fine foods that quaint is cool!!! That knitters don’t mind a little fuzz in their cookies!!!”

The photo on the Marx Food website is not reflective of my sister’s awesome power of craft; a power which she employs on a regular basis For Good. Though it is certainly true that Pam’s photo is the most twee of those on offer, with more than a slight air of “craft day at the senior center” about it, nevertheless, a vote for Pam’s photo is a vote for yarn. A vote for Pam’s photo is a vote for craft and handmade goodness and, ultimately, a vote for sisterly affection. Your vote for Pam’s photo will not save a life, but it will come in really handy the next time I want something from my sister.

You can vote for Pam’s photo here. The contest runs until Wednesday, November 25th. (That’s tomorrow, knitsibs, so you might want to head over there and vote now, while you’re still thinking about it.)

Details about the contest, and Pam’s recipe for Brown Sugar Shortbread are on her blog.

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  1. Mel wrote:

    Anything for you. And for Pam, of course. One of these days when I’m visiting the Twin Cities, though, I’m going to have to meet up with her and get her to tell me what really happened on that playground.

    Posted on 11.24.09 ·
  2. I Did my bit to help and voted hope she puts up a good fight, Good luck x

    Posted on 11.24.09 ·
  3. Pamela wrote:

    Of course I had to help out a fellow knitter and a fellow Pam. Oh, and the cookie recipe looks yummy!

    Posted on 11.25.09 ·
  4. Wendy Warren wrote:

    Darn it. I tried to vote for her photo, but it told me that I’d already voted in this poll. I hadn’t. Sorry. I tried.

    Posted on 11.25.09 ·
  5. Sue wrote:

    Have also done my bit and voted for Pam. Pam is doing well in the votes so vote if you haven’t already. Just downloading the poscast so I can listen tonight – thank you Brenda.

    Posted on 11.26.09 ·

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