27 Nov 2009

Episode 88: Parade Will Circle The Town Twice

Painting has more to do with knitting than it would seem at first glance. Pembrokeshire artists, Linda Norris, and Claudia Myatt colour my world, and a new bind off technique that will rocks my toe up socks.

Autumn Light by Linda Norris
Autumn Light by Linda Norris

Thanks this week to my guests, Pembrokeshire painters Linda Norrisand Claudia Myatt

Yarn everywhere. Sadly, not in a good way, in Cockermouth. Watch the video here.

Jany’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off has changed my sock knitting forever. Do try this technique. You will love it.

This weeks’ Audible pick comes from Hunter, who recommends anything by the author Mary Doria Russell.

In addition to their Red Scarf Program The Orphan Foundation of America has a variety of ways in which you can help.

Nepali Designs contest challenges knitters and weavers to design a scarf. The winning designer will have his or her scarf created by the Nepalese women in the collective.

Plus, Dave’s back. Subscribe to his new podcast, First Life, in iTunes.

As you can see from the image on the front page, my sister’s felted pumpkins are not nearly as twee as the photo on this page makes them seem. The contest On the MarxFoods blog was supposed to finish on Wednesday 25th, but hasn’t for some reason. So there’s still time to vote for Pam, if you’re so inclined. Many thanks to those who have already done so!

Dinghies by Claudia Myatt
Dinghies by Claudia Myatt

KniTunes were provided by and used with the permission of:

Jakob MartinNovember Night
Kristin AndreassonCrayola Doesn’t Make a Color
DC Sills – Small Town
Tom SmithSo, Thanks

Additional music: Home Comes the Rover and Lillian, A Portrait In Sound by Jim Fidler



  1. Liz T. wrote:

    Hurrah! It’s my day off so I’m headed to Blenheim Palace to sit on the terrace and drink tea and knit whilst I listen to Cast-On. Thanks for the new episode.

    Liz xx

    Posted on 11.27.09 ·
  2. Yay! Looking forward to the new episode while I attempt to do some finishing work. Thank you!

    Posted on 11.27.09 ·
  3. First time listener – what a wonderful episode!! Can’t wait to listen to prior shows, I’m hooked.

    Posted on 11.27.09 ·
  4. michele wrote:

    hi Brenda;
    I am a long time listener, first time commenter. I am consistently very impressed by your podcast and find it just gets better and better. I deeply appreciated your interviews with the two painters, and found their comments (and yours) quite inspirational. Thanks for the work you do.
    Michele from Canada

    Posted on 11.27.09 ·
  5. Lisa Earl wrote:

    It makes me so happy to see that you have uploaded a new episode! Thanks for your continuing dedication to knitters everywhere. I just discovered this website http://www.storyofstuff.com/ – it would have been ideal for the Make Do and Mend series, and I am sure that it’s message will resonate with everyone who loved those episodes.

    Posted on 11.28.09 ·
  6. Barb wrote:


    I’m getting nothing on the download option above. Is it me or a problem?

    Barb T

    Posted on 11.29.09 ·
  7. Karen S wrote:

    Loved hearing about these words that makes your vocabulary your own. And love the special words in my own.
    Thanks for a great show!

    Posted on 11.29.09 ·
  8. I feel the exact same way about Oregon. I can’t wait – we’re moving back in June of 2010. You’ll have to come visit! 🙂

    Posted on 12.1.09 ·
  9. Celeritas wrote:

    I really love this podcast. Listening to it encouraged and supported me while walking my two dogs for 1.5km each, with rain threatening. I love that you talked about sock knitting and Brother Amos socks. I love JSSBO too. Have you thought about doing a Today’s Socks when you’re not doing a Today’s Sweater. Lovely to hear an artist talk about how its mostly technique rather than talent. I’m suprised that really experienced knitters comment on my neat stitches and I love learning new things like the neater SSK, the Slip 1 Knitwise, Slip 1 Purlwise, Knit together through the back loop. Again thanks for a great podcast.

    Posted on 12.2.09 ·
  10. Jocele wrote:

    Hi Brenda. I finally got caught up after being way behind. Love your story about the small town and its quirks. Thanks for a great story, as always.

    Posted on 12.2.09 ·
  11. Katherine wrote:

    Thanks again for a lovely podcast. It made a long drive home after a far too long day of work seem to take only a moment. I really enjoyed hearing about the background and creative processes of the artists and adored Crayon Doesn’t Make a Color. Thank you!

    Posted on 12.2.09 ·
  12. KathleeninSF wrote:

    BRILLIANT! again! as usual! How do you do it?!?! I really loved this one, Brenda.

    Posted on 12.3.09 ·
  13. Elizabeth wrote:

    Thanks for another great episode! You’ve gotten me hooked on the Crayola song and I too can’t wait to finish a sock to try out this new-to-me bind off.

    Posted on 12.3.09 ·
  14. Sue wrote:

    Loved Linda Norris’s comments about drawing as a way of connecting with place. So glad you’re back, Brenda. When I see that there is a new podcast of Cast On it’s one of those pull the arm down with a fist gestures with a big out loud “YES!!!!!!!!!”

    Posted on 12.3.09 ·
  15. Erin R. wrote:

    love it! wonderful interviews. Thank you!

    Posted on 12.4.09 ·
  16. chelle wrote:

    i too am an american living abroad and i miss thanksgiving the most.
    thanks for sharing, it makes me feel better to know someone else understands 🙂

    Posted on 12.4.09 ·
  17. Shirley Iverson wrote:

    Thank-you for a wonderful podcast…It is such a gift with each new episode. Your episodes got me through a difficult harvest on the farm. (Yes, I had knitting in my tractor!)

    Posted on 12.4.09 ·
  18. T2 wrote:

    I’m taking a watercolor course right now too, so I’ve been loving your comments the last couple shows. The interviews with the artists were just what I needed to hear right now as I’m trying to get back to the arts that used to make me so happy. I loved the line that went something like “we all do something”. There’s no mystery, just practice and love of what we’re doing. It was so good to be reminded. Thank you for not being afraid to include all your interests in this “knitting podcast”.

    Posted on 12.6.09 ·
  19. Lisa Jacobs wrote:

    During a bout of sore throat/rasping cough/general malaise a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon your podcast. I decided to begin at the beginning, perhaps an anally retentive trait acquired long ago, whatever, and became immediately entranced for many reasons. I am a new-ish knitter and quilter, a long-time cross-stitch/needlecrafter and on and off-again sewer and so, anything crafty interests me but owing to the enjoyment I am getting at the moment from knitting, I feel that I can officially state that I am knit-mad and know that you will understand that title. I listened to a few other knitting podcasts, but yours is the one I returned to. As I said before, there are many reasons. As well as your wonderful knit slots (sweater, beginner knitting etc.) I too am an American living in Britain. I raised all four of my boys here and have now lived here for over half my life, which is a scary thought! I’m originally from New York but have travelled widely across the States so am so in tune with your musings about hearth and home and it seems that we share the same politics as well. What I most like (besides the content, fabulous new and exciting music, guests etc) is the warmth, humour and intelligence that beams out of the podcast.

    Having listened to over 15 episodes, in order, I was ‘scared’ to listen to more recent podcasts, in case you changed the show too much for my liking! I decided to be brave (HAHA) and give the most recent one a listen. I loved it, loved hearing about Narbeth and your guest’s experience of painting, and the messages it sent to me. Go for it, don’t worry…be happy sort of thing!

    Anyway, don’t want to gush, just wanted to say how much I admire, appreciate and look forward to your podcasts. Like a good book, I don’t want to get to the end too quickly, so will ration myself to one or two a week! Of course, feeling better, life will also get in the way!

    Thanks again.

    Posted on 12.6.09 ·
  20. Caryn wrote:

    Holy crap, that bind off is amazing! I usually go with EZ’s sewn bind off, but that is even stretchier and better! Thanks so much for the wonderful tip and podcast!

    Posted on 12.7.09 ·
  21. Frauke wrote:

    Hi Brenda, I’m a long time listener (as in from the beginning) yet first time commenter. I really appeciate you sharing your painting experiences. I too am just learning about watercolours and am having difficulty putting paint to paper and listening to the interviews you did with these two artists was really motivating. I look forward to your next posts as always and also when I hear your familiar voice on Quirky Nomads.

    Frauke from Vancouver, Canada

    Posted on 12.7.09 ·
  22. Liz T. wrote:

    So I didn’t get to listen to the episode whilst at Blenheim in the end as my ipod lied to me regarding the amount of remaining battery power (zip as it turned out). But I did listen to it later and again on the train up to Bolton last night (one episode of Never Not Knitting and 3 of Cast-On gets me the whole way) and I have to say thank you for pointing me at JSSBO – it came in handy almost immediately for a ribbed black scarf.

    Posted on 12.12.09 ·
  23. cici wrote:

    Best show ever! informative, intertaining and inspirational. Thanks especially for sharing with us the JSSBO?

    Posted on 12.17.09 ·
  24. Patti wrote:

    I found your podcast last night and can’t put my iPod down. It’s nice to see another American Expat that shares my love for knitting.

    Patti Tucker
    Bristol UK

    Posted on 12.17.09 ·
  25. Patti wrote:

    Also… I loved the song by Kristin Andreasson – Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color … just purchased it on iTunes and dedicated it to my husband on Facebook. What a GREAT song… she has a new fan!!!

    Posted on 12.17.09 ·
  26. Caelidh wrote:

    Another wonderful episode THANKS

    Loved the last song selection and the reference to my hometown of Cincinnati! (WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey’s away!)

    that was a pleasant surprise.

    It’s funny.. to travel around and often that is the one reference to my City.. a TV sitcom..

    While Cincinnati has historically been a significant city… and is a fairly nice size (not too big.. not too small)… I do notice at times the provincialness of the cities inhabitants!….

    Thanks Brenda
    Happy Solstice!!

    Posted on 12.17.09 ·
  27. Bonnie wrote:

    Wow! This is the first time that I have listened to your podcast. It touched me on many different levels.
    I am a painter, knitter, quilter, and feel exactly as Linda does. My painting is angst. The rest is fun.
    I also enjoyed your piece on small town life. I grew up in the city and now live in a small town. I have grown
    to love life here, but also love the city.
    I will enjoy listening to your podcasts as I knit. I have a lot of catching up to do!

    Posted on 12.17.09 ·
  28. Jacinta Grant wrote:

    So Hi Brenda …
    I’m finally caught up on all the Episodes … 🙂 … I loved them all! Every aspect from the segments to the information to the songs … Thankyou for inspiring and sharing with us so generously!
    Have a wonderful Christmas/Holidays everyone!

    Posted on 12.22.09 ·
  29. Carrie wrote:

    I finally got caught up on my listening and just finished this podcast. It was quite a delight! I loved hearing the interviews, and I really enjoyed all the music selections. You found some real gems there!

    Posted on 1.7.10 ·
  30. Elisa wrote:

    could you post instructions for the JSSBO? I would really appreciate it and want to try it, but my brain cant seem to copy it down from the podcast. Thanks 🙂

    Posted on 8.8.10 ·
  31. Elisa, You’ll find directions for the JSSBO here.

    Posted on 8.9.10 ·
  32. Becky wrote:

    Absolutely loved Kristin Andreasson’s song Crayola! Was able to find albumn it was on and purchased it. Can’t wait to listen to the rest of her songs!

    Posted on 9.19.10 ·

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