17 Nov 2009

I’m not here.

I’ve vowed to stay off the computer today, so ignore me, okay? If nobody notices that you’re doing something which you’ve sworn you wouldn’t, it’s like it didn’t happen.

I’m off the computer because I’m spending today very much like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Which is to say, salivating when a little bell rings. I’m doing this to test my adrenal function, which requires that I spit into tiny test tubes at prescribed times. (Yes, really.) Did you know that 2 ml is actually a heck of a lot of saliva? It doesn’t sound like much but, trust me, it takes a while to collect.

Also, I’m not supposed to eat or drink anything for the last hour prior to each spit session, which only serves to underscore the number the cups of tea I can usually manage to put away in a normal day. They are noteworthy for their absence.

In a bid to distract myself from sad absence of tea in my life just now, I have been multi-tasking whilst waiting for the little bell to go ding. See? I have painting set up at one end of the table…


…and knitting set up at the other.

Now instead of staring at paint, waiting for it to dry, I can go to the other end of the table and work on a new scarf pattern.

Is this an ingenious arrangement? Or only a sad lack of caffeine which makes it seem so?

Don’t answer that. I am not here.

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  1. Yeah, but I think I saw you here…but I won’t tell.

    Posted on 11.17.09 ·
  2. Patty wrote:

    Brenda – you may not get this in time to complete your saliva test, but I had to do the same. If you spit onto a piece of waxed paper and collect the saliva there, you can easily funnel it into the tubes. Good luck!

    Your painting looks wonderful! And you said it wasn’t going well…….

    Posted on 11.18.09 ·
  3. Holly R wrote:

    You’re not here. Got it.

    Are you on Facebook? I’m not sure how this is done, but I’d love to join or start a fan page for Cast On on Facebook. I did a search but didn’t see one, but with their weird interface it’s possible I missed it.

    Posted on 11.18.09 ·
  4. Hi Holly,

    No, I’m not on Facebook. I have an account set up, but never have made the time to do anything with it.

    Twitter suits me better, I think. Just 140 characters, you’re in, you’re out; done deal.


    Posted on 11.18.09 ·
  5. Dianne wrote:

    Brenda……Brenda who?

    Posted on 11.19.09 ·
  6. Karoline wrote:

    Hey Brenda,

    I really like your painting, it’s a lot better than how you described it in the podcast. Also I was wondering what kind of yarn you were using there?

    Good Luck!


    Posted on 11.19.09 ·
  7. Hilary wrote:

    Hello Brenda, welcome back. I’m a lap behind owing to a knitting related injury! I sat and knat for too long and have a trapped nerve and frozen shoulder which is taking it’s own sweet time to heal. This is my penance for being in knitting heaven, on holiday with nothing to do but knit!
    I knew the Welsh were different, but spitting ?! Hourly ?! Are they trying to get it into the Olympics?! !
    Verry interesting !
    Hilary-back-home -in-the-North-West

    Posted on 11.21.09 ·
  8. Karen S wrote:

    Hi Brenda
    I have just seen the news about the massive rain falls in Wales (and England and Scotland), and I hope that you and Tonia are not having any problems, but are indoors with hot tea and coziness and kitting (in your case).
    Best wishes and keep safe

    Posted on 11.23.09 ·
  9. Thanks, Karen, for thinking about us. Here in our corner of Wales the weather has been wet and wild, but things aren’t nearly as bad here as they’ve been further north. The village of Cockermouth, in the Lake District, was particularly hard hit. We saw on the news last night that flood waters are receding there now, leaving streets and cars covered with sodden, tangled masses of knitting wool, washed from the town’s yarn shop during the deluge. I sincerely hope all my Woolfest knitsibs are okay.

    Posted on 11.23.09 ·
  10. Lara wrote:

    I like your arrangement very much, very sensible. I hope all the spitting was productive in the end – in the intended way!

    Posted on 11.29.09 ·
  11. Ruth wrote:

    Wow. Your watercolor is great! I thought you said you sucked? Not so! You are so talented.

    Posted on 12.8.09 ·

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