06 Sep 2011

I’m ready for my close up

For several months now Tonia’s been nagging incessantly gently suggesting that we put together a little video about the process of recording and producing A Knitter’s Manifesto. I knew she was right. Truthfully, though, it’s a task that has not been high on my priority list. I have never felt comfortable in front of a camera. That’s why I sit behind a mic.

Finally, after months of cajoling, needling and jollying me along, Tonia went ahead and ordered a big ass Benbo tripod. The kind with a long arm to hold the camera directly over my shoulder, for a bird’s eye view of my lap, or a table top. It cost a small fortune. Not using it would be… regrettable. And you know how I feel about regret. It’s my least favorite emotion.

A few weeks ago I got with the program. We shifted furniture around to find the light, set up the Benbo, and I sat down to record a little tutorial on the making of our little Knitter’s Manifesto Sound Diary. The Sound Diary was created for the Artist’s Edition of the CD, and it lists all of the sounds collected for the Knitter’s Manifesto project, plus has space as well for you to list the sounds you hear when you knit. It was Tonia’s idea to put together a PDF of the Sound Diary, so that people who download the Digital Edition can read about what they’re listening to. (She’s a clever bunny, my Tonia.) Created from just two sheets of paper, the PDF download includes the Sound Diary template, plus instructions for scoring, cutting and folding. It wasn’t until I wrote the instructions for assembly, however, that I realized just how important Tonia’s video actually is. Learning to assemble your Sound Diary is way easier to watch than it is to have explained.

If you’d like to download the Sound Diary, you can do so here. Go on. You know you want one. They’re free.

Now that our video project is in the can, I am turning my attention to designing knitwear; charting the next pattern in Welsh for Rainbow (the first edition of which is out – check it here, and on Ravelry), and producing the next podcast. Off in the future, yes, there will be more videos. Tonia was right (don’t tell her I said that) and I think they’re a good thing too. I’m not feeling quite as camera shy as I once was and, of course, it would be a shame to waste that Benbo.

First, however, let there be knitting. With a spate of wet and blustery weather ahead this week it feels like autumn is on the way, and with it a return to proper knitting weather. I have a stack of costume dramas lined up, and a huge basket of projects to work on. I’m really looking forward to a couple of days on the sofa, just me, my fur babies, and my knitting.

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  1. Honnay Molloy (elizh) wrote:

    How about letting us watch you cast-on and KNIT! (While, of course, you narrate with your beautiful voice!)

    Posted on 9.6.11 ·
  2. Dianne wrote:

    Luv it and all of the merchandising! Waiting anxiously for the Brenda Dayne action figure!

    Posted on 9.6.11 ·
  3. Eleanor wrote:

    Funny how regret and guilt (also my two least favourite emotions) are two of the strongest emotions. But you needn’t have worried anyway, the camera loves you and your nimble paper folding abilities. I especially liked impatient Brenda dissing the campfire vs. patient and optimistic Felix. Great!

    Posted on 9.7.11 ·
  4. deki (ilovetea2) wrote:

    i am really impressed at the talents of the 3 of you! what a fabulous trio you make! sounds awesome, looks awesome, great edits, interesting content… love it!
    looking forward to more of these very impressive videos…

    Posted on 9.7.11 ·
  5. Felix wrote:

    I love the video and it’s great to see you in it!

    Posted on 9.8.11 ·
  6. Brenda, I love it! Well done! And I’m so proud of you for all that your doing. I love how you just go for it. Your an example to us all. Thanks!

    Posted on 9.10.11 ·
  7. Ahhh, the little booky thingy! I love it! And I love the sound(s)! I’m caught up through Ep 100 and am trying to decide whether I’ll order the artists version or digital version of Manifesto. And the rainbow patterns and and and and and!!! Thank you, Brenda, for everything you give of yourself (and Tonia and Felix) to us.

    Posted on 9.12.11 ·
  8. susan in dulwich wrote:

    That was great fun to watch…thanks for putting it up for us to look at. I look forward to all the great things you’ll do with your big tripod next.

    Posted on 9.14.11 ·
  9. Kyle wrote:

    what a cute video! Thank you for sharing it with us. Even your instructional videos are inspiring.

    I will chime in with the chorus: a “video podcast” would be such a treat! Perhaps something for the holidays?


    Posted on 9.17.11 ·
  10. Jane Adair wrote:

    Thanks for the video. LOVE the fire scene – so y’all. LOVE that you call them fur babies…that’s what I call mine.

    Weather here in Austin should be cooler next week…highs in the 80sF. After a summer of over 100 days I’m ready to call upper 80s knitting weather. Bring it.

    Posted on 9.27.11 ·
  11. Jina wrote:

    So cool! I love that you can make a diary with no glue or staples, just folding. Thanks for making this video and showing how easy it can be.

    Posted on 9.28.11 ·
  12. Manuela wrote:

    Hey, great video! (I’ve only just started following your blog). I’ve created little booklets myself lately. I was using http://www.pocketmod.com/ to create them, do you know that site? Thought that technique might be interesting for you, too, since it only takes one sheet of paper and a little less cutting (and no glue) to create them. Keep up the good work!

    Posted on 10.4.11 ·
  13. Marisa wrote:

    Hey there, Great work on the Knitter’s Manifesto. I’m just savin’ some pennies up in my budget in the hopes of ordering my very own artist’s edition. Least I could do for all the hours of podcast you’ve provided me with! Just was thinking of you all because of PPP this past weekend! Hope you had a blast. Infinitely jealous I couldn’t be there too. Can’t wait to hear all about it in the next episode/blog post. 😀

    Posted on 10.17.11 ·
  14. Wendy wrote:

    You are so great…and funny…I’m getting desperate and about to start listening to cast-on no. 1 again…hugs

    Posted on 10.26.11 ·
  15. Hi Brenda,

    I listened to 99 & 100 whilst cooking up a storm yesterday, & I found myself wondering how P3 was for both yourself & Amy. I would have loved to be there, but study constraints meant that I needed to be here (critical early time in PhD journey…). I don’t know if you are planning to include an update on how it went, but I hope that it was as wonderful in reality as it sounded on the podcast.

    Hope you are all well in your gorgeous part of the world,


    Posted on 10.26.11 ·

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