04 Nov 2011

Episode 101: Remember, Remember

In this episode: A wee P3 roundup; a happy ending for the worst yarn in my stash, proving that dreams do come true, or there are no bad yarns, only bad knitters or some such tosh; a return to weekly podcasting; Guy Fawkes, not just for spotty geeks with too much time on their hands; Bonfire Night means staring hard at mushrooms and our own mortality.

Wovember is a wooly month. Get used to it, and get involved.

Coming soon to a theatre near you, pictures of me, in the awesome sweater. Just waiting for a little autumn sunshine.

Music: The Horses Tail, from Celtic Seas, by James Crisp. US/UK

Sounds: A mix of personal and Freesound Project recordings.


  1. hunter wrote:

    I was so thrilled when I saw the podcast pop up in iTunes…and then so so crushed when I started listening. At least for me, the audio is a duplicate of episode 100.

    Pretty please make it better?

    Posted on 11.4.11 ·
  2. hunter wrote:

    All better now…silly iTunes, out to thwart my afternoon. Thanks!

    Posted on 11.4.11 ·
  3. Ahhh ~ iTunes really is the fourth ring of hells… But, there’s a way to make it come out right, & now I have Brenda audio goodness to clean the house to. Happiness!

    Posted on 11.5.11 ·
  4. Oh my!!! How I have missed you, and how happy you’ve made me!! It was wonderful hearing your beautiful voice again. I loved every second of it! Thank you, thank you!!

    Posted on 11.5.11 ·
  5. Marie wrote:

    There’s another episode? Quick! Rush to the iTunes and download Brenda’s lovely stories! Thanks so much.

    Posted on 11.5.11 ·
  6. Karen wrote:

    wohoo! She’s back! Just made this sunday even better. I’m so so so happy and glad to have you back. A big huge THANKS.

    Posted on 11.6.11 ·
  7. Connie wrote:

    Brenda, you say just the right things. Here in Washington state, we’ve had our first wintery week and I was feeling resentful and down. You made me feel better. I will prepare for Thanksgiving and think of preparing myself for the restoration of winter.

    Posted on 11.7.11 ·
  8. teresa wrote:

    Wee! You’re back! I’ve missed your podcast. Thank you for sharing your words!

    Posted on 11.7.11 ·
  9. Kent of Kent wrote:

    Love you Brenda!!!

    Thank you so much for another podcast 🙂


    Posted on 11.7.11 ·
  10. Jina wrote:

    Yay! So excited to hear your new episode! Thanks!!!

    Posted on 11.8.11 ·
  11. Felix wrote:

    Thank you so much for mentioning WOVEMBER in your beautifully crafted podcast.

    I love the sounds and the mixing so much; what careful weaving you have done with the audio. I love the reflective Autumnal mood of this episode, the sounds of fires crackling, and the thrifty reuse of the yarn.

    You totally rock x

    Posted on 11.9.11 ·
  12. Elizabeth wrote:

    A podcast a week, YEAH! It will be summer here, but it will be nice to feel a bit of winter chill through the computer! Your podcasts are excellent, and listening to you talk about knitting and fibre goodies is so nice.

    Posted on 11.10.11 ·
  13. Krispian wrote:

    Excellent podcast. I did love the history. I am looking forward to the next installment.

    Posted on 11.11.11 ·
  14. Karma wrote:

    Yay! You’re back! It was sooooo good to hear your voice, Brenda! I’ve missed you! And you’re absolutely right about the 15 minutes versus an hour. Frankly, it’s just nice to hear from you, the time part isn’t so important. Of course, I’d always accept a longer podcast, but I’d rather hear even just 5 minutes of you checking in than have you not podcast at all because you felt like you needed to put together an hour long podcast. Does that make sense? Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to listen to the next podcast.

    Posted on 11.12.11 ·
  15. Tania wrote:

    Oh, so very thrilled to see you’re back! I’ve spent the last two months, in which I had neither internet nor television to entertain me, catching up on several missed series of Cast On, and was sad to reach the end. Very glad you’re back!

    Posted on 11.14.11 ·
  16. Margaret Lifgren wrote:

    What happened to Knit, Knit like the Wind. I loved that intro music. Please bring it back. It tickled me every time I heard it. LOVE your podcast.

    Posted on 11.28.11 ·
  17. AJ wrote:

    I love that (bad yarn) sweater. Is there a pattern or misc stitch info? I didn’t see it in your Ravelry projects.

    Posted on 12.16.11 ·

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