10 Aug 2011

Episode 100: In my craft

Peter Ffrench
Summit in Raven Frog Deerhunt

Thanks this week to my guest, Amy Singer; to Peter Ffrench, an amazing tour guide and talented voice actor who got it in one take; and to sound artist Felicity Ford.

In this episode: A badly behaving yarn is quieted with onion skins. Lifting the curse from felted slippers. Getting your lace on, with Amy Singer. A gentle walk through a famous village, and the words of a poet, read by an actor, in a boathouse.

Rejoice with me! I made bad yarn behave using the information in Jenny Dean’s Wild Color. I made charts for my new book using EnvisionKnit software. I’m probably the only knitter in the world who manages to have trouble with felted slippers, but the curse has finally been lifted, largely due to Lorilee Beltman’s Felted Loafer Slipper pattern. Up next in the queue I’m saving the Claudia skirt, in Kauni Effektgarnyarn, for when I get all my work done.

Recently checked off the list, A Knitter’s Manifesto Artist’s Edition is totally done. Knitsibs who’ve ordered, keep your eyes out for a parcel from me!

If you love lace, and want to learn how to make it love you back, join me, and the fabulous Amy Singer for Plug and Play Pembrokeshire (aka P3, aka The Brenda and Amy Show) at the beautiful Beggars Reach Hotel. We are very excited to be teaching together, for the time. In Wales!

The full schedule of events for P3 is up there, over there, and right here. (Hint: Scroll right to the bottom for the price.) There’s also a Ravelry Group where we’re answering questions, sharing travel advice, and chatting excitedly about the event. I’ll be bringing all the Today’s Sweaters in my collection, and wondering how many shawls it is reasonable to bring to a three day event?

Can’t make it to Wales? Amy is teaching in Edinburgh, Dublin and London. Check out her class schedule for details of each event.

KniTunes were provided by and used with the permission of:

Great Big Sea – Something Beautiful
Sophie Madeleine – Pure Imagination
Kellsey Metzger – Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
Dala – Levi Blues

Additional music by James Crisp


  1. nyss wrote:

    lovely episode ^_^ made my train ride to work wonderful – yarn look amazing!!

    Posted on 8.11.11 ·
  2. Felix wrote:

    I am totally enjoying the podcast. The taming of the yarn, your enthusiasm for the new charting software, the joy of the felted slippers, and yours and Amy’s total excitement about the forthcoming plug’n’play retreat all make for fabulous listening. I am also very proud and happy to see our project on iTunes and Amazon, and it was great to listen again to the audio we recorded at Laugherne. CONGRATS ON PRODUCING THE HUNDREDTH EPISODE OF CAST ON!

    Posted on 8.11.11 ·
  3. linda wrote:

    So glad you are still here!

    Posted on 8.11.11 ·
  4. Connie wrote:

    thank you thank you thank you. I love inviting you into my home if only through my head phones. I laugh and get so excited to get doing. I usually listen to you while I spin and have on many ocation gone to the net to see what you are talking about first hand. I have only been part of the podcasting for less that a year so am still catching up. Love you

    Posted on 8.12.11 ·
  5. Mary wrote:

    One Hundred Episodes!
    Now you are ready for syndication! Actually looks as if you have syndicated yourself already, with the new CDs! It should be an internet party! Can we celebrate with a live chat session? We can have virtual cookies and tea and gin/whisky, they don’t hurt the waistline or muff up the knitting this way!
    Seriously congratulations, I am so happy to have enjoyed the first 98%, now I get to go listen to the most recent on the way home from work!


    Posted on 8.12.11 ·
  6. prairiepoet wrote:

    Thank you for another beautiful podcast. The combination of poetry, description of Wales, and knitting was perfect.

    Posted on 8.15.11 ·
  7. Huzzah!

    Congratulations Brenda! 100 podcasts ~ well done you!

    Always a pleasure to spend time with your voice, thank you for this latest installment.


    Posted on 8.15.11 ·
  8. Connie wrote:

    Thanks for a great podcast. I’m looking forward to my Welsh for Rainbow update. I have used Kauni before – I really like the long repeats of color. It is a good colorwork yarn. I believe its pronounced “Kaw-nee” like my name!

    Posted on 8.16.11 ·
  9. Tink wrote:

    I was knitting on my Summit as I listened to you talk about how you love the pattern! I’m loving it, too!

    Happy epicentennial (yes, I just made that up)!

    Posted on 8.16.11 ·
  10. Isabelle wrote:

    Another wonderful episode! Wherever you lead us after this hundredth episode, I have no doubt that the journey will be fabulous.

    Your overdyed yarn turned out gorgeous.

    Posted on 8.17.11 ·
  11. Jeremy wrote:

    BRENDA. That over-dyeing is beyond gorgeous. The gold overtones are stunning. I look forward to seeing that all knitted up, especially if you’re going to keep going with the Summit shawl. Mandie does good work. πŸ™‚

    Posted on 8.19.11 ·
  12. StephieJo wrote:

    Thank you so much for this and all previous episodes. I’m always happy to have a new episode show up in my player as I know I have a special treat in store. The audio is always amazing and feels like a bit of a vacation in the midst of my busy life. Your voice is soothing and happy to me, and I can’t wait to see where the journey takes you and the podcast next.

    Posted on 8.19.11 ·
  13. Bongomama wrote:

    Happy 100th podcast! This last episode was *really* well-done and such a gift! Thank you!!

    Posted on 8.20.11 ·
  14. Josie wrote:

    Yes you’re like a dog with a bone on that yarn rescue, and the result is gorgeous! Thanks for the Dylan Thomas segment, very moving.

    Posted on 8.24.11 ·
  15. Jane Adair wrote:

    While listening to the intro this time I threw confetti, blew a whistle and had a balloon launch. Happy 100!

    Totally understand about the money. If we were chatting alone I would commiserate more. As it is I am knitting my stash, period. This years gifts included. But I’m a stay at home mom, so mostly it’s worth it. *g*

    Seemed to take a 180 from the architecture idea. I am very happy about this, but still wondering, what happened on your end? Have only been listening for 6 months (back episodes…of course), soooo glad you will still be around and casting more.

    I’m very much looking forward to this “new” cast-on. I hope the workshop trips become a staple. I would LOVE to go on one, but need to pay off school, a car or two, maybe even the fridge…you know, in the future I *always* have more money.

    DT and the reader were BRILLIANT (say that part in a sing-song).

    Love all of it and you and all involved (as someone with a supportive spouse I know that behind every great woman is another great woman–mine is actually a man, but he doesn’t pee on the rim of the bowl so maybe we can count him).


    Posted on 8.29.11 ·
  16. Rae wrote:

    Sigh. I put it off as long as I could, listening to #100. It was very satisfying but it feels like an end of an era. Endings generally make me a little sad. Luckily I know I will love the NEW Cast On as much as the old. Good luck next month teaching with Amy Singer!

    Posted on 8.30.11 ·
  17. Vandy wrote:

    I’ve just booked onto the October workshop. Am so looking forward to meeting everyone and learning new techniques.

    Posted on 8.31.11 ·
  18. hamsterlaugh wrote:

    Hi there,

    I just discovered your podcast through the Stitcher app for iPhone, which promptly placed your podcast at the top of the list when I told it I like to knit.

    Absolutely LOVE the podcast. The knitting chat, news and events, poetry and music are artfully entwined and very conducive to a delicious and fulfilling knitting experience.

    Thanks for doing it.

    Posted on 9.1.11 ·
  19. hamsterlaugh wrote:

    P.S. – It was lovely to hear the Dylan Thomas piece this way. I had performed that poem as part of my “oral interpretation of poetry” program for the US college national forensics tournament in 2000, without knowing much about the Author. It was really great to hear it interpreted with such depth and geographical insight. πŸ™‚

    Posted on 9.1.11 ·
  20. twinsetjan wrote:

    Great episode! And I have to say, the artist’s editions of A Knitter’s Manifesto is marvelous…I’m very, very much enjoying it!

    Posted on 9.2.11 ·
  21. Eleanor wrote:

    That was a wonderful 100th episode – I just finished listening to it a second time. I’m really looking forward to the new sound Cast On and hearing about the same old yarns being re-dyed and re-knitted in new and interesting ways!

    Posted on 9.4.11 ·
  22. Nichole wrote:

    Hi Brenda.
    I’ve known about Cast-on for a little while but only recently downloaded my first ever episode (incidentally your 100th)
    Already I know I’m hooked! Within the first few minutes I was. I’m looking forward to going backwards through the last 100 and also to see your new direction!

    Thanks for being so awesome!!
    Nichole πŸ™‚

    Posted on 9.7.11 ·
  23. Sandy wrote:

    I, too, have listened to this episode twice. Excellent job! Thank you for all your hard work in the previous 100 and I look forward to more Cast On, regardless of the direction you take it. Once again, you included a song from one of my favourite Canadian bands, Great Big Sea. Thanks. I just moved to Europe and am missing home.

    Posted on 9.11.11 ·
  24. Juliann wrote:

    Two thoughts- (1) I always, always tell others in my knitting group, “If you don’t like the yarn, just overdye it.” And they look at me strangely. Thanks for letting others know it is okay to overdye something. (2) How lovely to hear the Dylan Thomas piece. I have just been discussing this very topic with a group of knitters. How I think all the wonderful knitters there are “out there” somewhere, but we only hear discussion of those that have a “name”. And there are a LOT of lovely knitters that never get any recognition, but keep on knitting just to be knitting. You know the discussion. They never get the praise or the recognition, but they do such lovely work. Thank you for your podcast.

    Posted on 9.11.11 ·
  25. Denise wrote:

    I was there for the very first Halloween episode. Thank you so much for making many hours knitting so much more pleasurable! I’m looking forward to listening to your next venture.

    Posted on 9.15.11 ·

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