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24 Mar 2006

Episode 17: The Muggle Show

Raconteur. Now there’s a word we don’t see enough of. This week’s guest host, Chicago writer, artist and raconteur extraordinaire, Franklin Habit, simply dazzles with his characteristic style, wit, and charm. Also in this episode: Guido explores his knitting issues in It’s a Purl, Man – Essayist Christopher Barton – Colorado Knits – The Knitting…

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17 Mar 2006

Episode 16: Steel Hooks

This week’s episode is dedicated to crochet. I don’t crochet, but Sage, from Quirky Nomads is an expert at it. Lucky for us then that Sage is this week’s guest host. Sage likes to crochet small things. Very small things. She’ll suggest ways to do that without going blind, say a big howdy to the…

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10 Mar 2006

Episode 15: Working Up a Sweater

This week it’s Dave from Chub Creek behind the Cast-On microphone. Other than that, it’s business as usual. Music. Knitting. Today’s Sweater. It’s all here. Surprise guests, surprise packages and Kristen learns to read her knitting. Huge thanks to everyone who left audio comments this week and, of course, my eternal, grateful thanks to Dave,…

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04 Mar 2006

Episode 14: Land of My Fathers

Got Monks? This special St David’s Day episode is for the people who think I talk too much about knitting, and feel there should be more monks in the podcast. I aim to please. ‘Knother KnewKnitting Podcast! Time2Knit – Let Sister Sara explaiknit all for you – Last episode of the season, will there be…

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24 Feb 2006

Episode 13: On Gauge

This week’s show is better than a poke in the eye with a pointy stick. Tell me a Storynory – Podiobooks – She’s punk. She knits. Get over it. – Storytelling, with bunnies, at Knitwit – Live Long, and Craft – I’m Damned Sick of Knitting the Same Damned Thing Olympic Moment – Plus… all…

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