04 Mar 2006

Episode 14: Land of My Fathers

Got Monks?
Got Monks?

This special St David’s Day episode is for the people who think I talk too much about knitting, and feel there should be more monks in the podcast. I aim to please.

‘Knother KnewKnitting Podcast! Time2Knit – Let Sister Sara explaiknit all for you – Last episode of the season, will there be a cliff hanger? – Coming Soon… Dave knits, Sage crochets, Franklin writes. (I made that up about Dave knitting, hoping he’ll cave to peer pressure.)



Special thanks to Gemma Morris and Pete Stacey, Of Coleg Sir Gar (Carmarthen College) for Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, the Welsh national anthem.


  1. Tracy wrote:

    You know, I never realized I needed more monks in my life (and podcast listening)… you’ve managed to fill a void I didn’t even know was there ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  2. Jeanie wrote:

    Great episode Brenda! And what a great idea for your next series — I am totally excited about it! I’m also excited about your guest hosts who will be filling in for you while you take your break. I’ve been crocheting for about 24 years now (since I was about 18) so hearing Sage talk about crochet will be very cool too… hmmmm maybe I should think about that crochet pod-cast eh? And Frankly (augh!), he’s always such a hoot to listen to (and read). Great choices for guest hosts (imho).

    I’m also finishing up a pair of KVS Child’s first socks. Isn’t that the coolest pattern? Love the Trekking XXL too (although it’s not what I’m using for the child’s sock) and you’re right, I’ve always thought it’s very Noro-esque. Take care, enjoy your break, but hurry back!

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  3. Jeanie wrote:

    OH! I just noticed your new banner!!! Awesome!

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  4. Hey Brenda, just finished listening to the podcast. Great as per usual. I’m laid up with a twisted knee and have been listening to all your podcasts from the beginning and enjoying them once more whilst I knit and grumble about the pain. Dh is a gadget freak, and we have our dvd player networked with our pc’s so I can just push a button and get the podcasts through my tv. So much better than listening to them on my iPod. I hope you enjoy your break, and am looking forward to listening to your guest speakers, although it won’t be the same without you.

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  5. Betty wrote:

    For some reason, I was expecting your break to be months. It’s only 3 weeks! I can handle that.

    I always enjoy hearing the today’s sweater segment. I have to say this time, I am in awe. You share with us a very momentous part of your life.

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  6. kim wrote:


    Thanks for yet another wonderful show. You will be missed over the next three weeks. Enjoy your creative time and we look forward to you return.

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  7. Margaret wrote:

    Thanks so much for your podcasts. They are thought-provoking and informative, but best of all, great fun. Hope you enjoy your well-deserved break, and that it is restorative and all wish it to be. The new season sounds wonderful!

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  8. Hey Brenda, noticed the reference to the new banner and wondered what on earth Jeanie was talking about. Opened up the site on explorer(usually use Firefox) and found it. Are those your own sweaters by any chance ? I like the look of the red writing too.

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  9. Yes! Those are my sweaters. Thanks for noticing. From top to bottom they are – The Red Edge, Ming, Kim, Rogue, Pumpkin, and Gaia Jacket. About time, I know…

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  10. Pensguys wrote:

    I started listening to this episode today while buying groceries….I got real annoyed when people wanted to TALK to me! LOL I didn’t get to finish listening but I will in a couple hours. (But I’ll start from the beginning AGAIN!) Have you ever been in radio? You just have one of those soothing voices…LOVE it and can’t wait to hear more from you!

    Posted on 3.4.06 ·
  11. Pensguys wrote:

    Update: I just finished listening….Have all the COOKIES you want, honey! I think your professionalism shows through EACH time you create a podcast.

    Can’t wait for the next season and I’ll certainly enjoy the guest hosts!

    Posted on 3.5.06 ·
  12. Jeanie wrote:

    Hey again Brenda — Okay, so I went ahead and (I think) made a podcast today called CrochetCast. I’ve registered the domain name of Crochetcast.com and forwarded them to the blog address which is http://crochetcast.blogspot.com/.

    Let me know what you think.

    Posted on 3.5.06 ·
  13. Miriam wrote:

    Hi Brenda! I just wanted to tell you that I’m SO excited for your muse pieces! Since I was a wee little thing I’ve had this crazy obsession with Greek mythology. Have a lovely break!

    Posted on 3.5.06 ·
  14. Bridget wrote:

    What a terrific show! You never fail to inspire, and today you inspired me to continue on the elliptical machine for far longer than I usually go.

    Thank you SO MUCH for bringing to my attention the inside politics of many corporate retailers. What an awesome article, and one I hope everybody reads and takes to heart. Now more than ever, our voting is done with dollars rather than in a booth in November.

    Enjoy your time!

    Posted on 3.5.06 ·
  15. Rusty wrote:

    I keep meaning to post a quick comment telling you how much I enjoy your show. I started to panic a little when you started talking about a break, but I think I can handle it for 3 weeks! ๐Ÿ˜‰ As a newly obsessed knitter (and iPod owner) that doesn’t know anyone who knits (yet), I relish the time when I can pop on my headphones (after work, after the little ones have passed out and my husband is parked in front of CSI) and listen to you. I so love your cleverness and insight. If I could bake, I’d make you a big fat cookie. Thanks.

    Posted on 3.5.06 ·
  16. Time2Knit wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    Great show as always! Thanks for mentioning my podcast and for all of your kind words. I really appreciate it. Can you add my link to your list of knitting podcasts? That would be so great! http://www.time2knitpodcastblog.blogspot.com
    Don’t worry about your break…we’ll all be here when you get back, excited for season 2. Best Wishes,
    Donny Thulson, Time2Knit

    Posted on 3.5.06 ·
  17. Mhairi wrote:

    Hi Brenda – what a great Podcast, I really enjoy them, especially the music. This is the first time I’ve managed to respond, and I’m looking forward to Series 2 (ER eat your heart out!)
    I have to agree with you on comments people post to Blogs etc – they really should adhere to some form of etiquette.
    Challenging comments are constructive but sometimes, certain folk post down right offensive comments (I think poor Franklin got some over his medal button!) Ignore Ignore Ignore, I say.
    I also love the American perspective on Welsh(British) life (Good grief, I’m British and I’ve not included any negative comments so far!!)
    Have a great break – can’t wait to hear more on the Muses !

    Posted on 3.5.06 ·
  18. Brenda, what a great idea for Season 2! Have you looked at ‘The Knitting Goddess’ by Deborah Bergman? There’s a great knitting muse story in there.By the way (quiet whisper) Mnemosyne is pronounced Nuh-MOZ-in-ee.Just sayin’

    With hugs and virtual cookies (I don’t cook!), love Heather xxx

    Posted on 3.5.06 ·
  19. Amanda wrote:

    This was an especially good episode. I loved the music so much, especially The Drovers. And the sweater story had me all choked up, being in a long distance relationship right now. Enjoy your break!

    Posted on 3.6.06 ·
  20. Caren wrote:

    A fabulous episode as always, and I love love love the essay on the nine knitting muses. Have a great break — we’ll miss you. Looking forward to Age of Innocence too. BTW, I’d love to hear the story of how you and Tanya first met. Virtual cookies headed your way as we speak…

    Posted on 3.6.06 ·
  21. Gayle wrote:

    Really loved the music this episode. It’s always good, but it was super this time. I was knitting along on the miles and miles of stocking stitch in my (unfinished) Knitting Olympics project cardigan and boy, did I increase the pace with the ‘The Drovers’! I’m inspired to make up a knitting playlist of upbeat Celtic favorites to listen to while knitting, especially the purl rows! Here in Kansas, where I live, there is an area nearby that was settled by Welsh people in the 1800s. They always have a tea for St. David’s Day. No druids, though, alas.
    Enjoy your break – and whew, only 3 weeks. I too, thought you were talking months. Looking forward to the Muses. Thanks!

    Posted on 3.6.06 ·
  22. Lauren wrote:

    Now that I’m finally caught up, it’s break time! Well, that’s OK, you deserve it and like everyone else I’m surprised and relieved that “break” is measured in weeks, not months. Obviously I’m a knitter or why would I bother listening, but actually I usually listen to your podcast when I’m working on my research, which is with aquatic insects. This means hours at a time with tweezers in hand staring through a microscope at all the things you never knew lived in your creeks. Podcasts are perfect for this because you can’t watch TV and you get bored listening to the same old iPod playlists, so thanks for giving me so much entertainment! I’m looking forward to your return as well as the guest recordings in between!

    Posted on 3.6.06 ·
  23. Jenn wrote:

    While I understand the bit about the anthropologie sweaters, isn’t it kind of undermining their profits if we look at the sweater and make up the pattern? Such that we can acheive awesome style without supporting evil people because we knit. What power! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted on 3.7.06 ·
  24. Kim wrote:

    Hi Brenda! Just wanted you to know that as a relatively new knitter (just under a year) and a new ipod owner, I love your show….just the way it is! Though I love hearing about the knitting, I also love hearing about people’s lives (I guess because I’m nosy as hell). I find it all very interesting, plus I love your sense of humor! I have also fallen in love with so much of the music you play!

    Enjoy your few weeks off! I’ll miss you!

    Posted on 3.7.06 ·
  25. Carol wrote:

    Love the show and so glad that your break is only a few weeks. Enjoy yourself! BTW – did you always drink tea or was this a convert to your life in the UK? (I ask this as an ex-pat myself from Philly to Surrey)

    Posted on 3.7.06 ·
  26. none wrote:

    brenda, your podcast could be so good if you weren’t such a total bitch about certain things. you are so condescending it isn’t even funny. i totally dislike your “trying to be funny” sarchasm. your tone of voice (not only excessively nasily and annoying “smooth voice??? what?are you people listening to?) is extremely “know it all” and greatly takes away from the other parts of you podcast which are really really good. too bad this happens because i think otherwise you’d be a great addition to the knitting community, so please drop the inherent bitchyness to your podcast and take it easy. I heard you on knitcast year episode and you sounded so loud and obnoxious, i was embarrassed that you were american in a foreign country. (maybe your mike was up too high) but you were totally overbearing. cool it. stop trying to be so perfect and just relax. and don’t argue with nay sayers over your podcast its so juvenille. no i’m not trying to get attention, you REALLY NEED TO HEAR THIS OPINION, THERE’S A REASON PEOPLE SAY THESE THINGS TO YOU.

    Posted on 3.7.06 ·
  27. Dear None,

    Your comment could have been almost useful if you hadn’t been a total bitch about nearly all of it. Your overly snarky tone, general vileness, combined with a “know-it-all” attitude, and lack of gratitude for the hard work that Brenda puts into each show really is not working for me. Which is too bad, because if you had posted a half-way reasonable comment you might have made a contribution to the knitting community. If you are an American, I am embarrassed for my country that one of us would post such groundless vitriol in a World-Wide forum. Brenda’s voice IS lovely and smooth (perhaps you need new speakers, or a hearing test.) Stop trying to squelch someone else’s creative venture with your bitterness. If you can’t express yourself calmly and lucidly, hit delete instead of send. You REALLY NEED TO HEAR THIS OPINION, THEREรขโ‚ฌโ„ขS A REASON PEOPLE SAY THESE THINGS TO YOU.


    (Holy Smokes! I had wondered why Brenda felt copelled to discuss negative comments on her show. Where the heck did THAT bit of ugliness come from?)

    Posted on 3.7.06 ·
  28. Aidan wrote:


    First, my mother — may her memory be for a blessing — upon hearing me utter my first blue words, made me write 500 times:

    “Profanity and vulgarity are no signs of intelligence; they are but the attempt of a week and evil mind to assert itself forcibly.”

    Enough said on that count.

    I can’t imagine what could have prompted you to write such ugly things — you must be a very unhappy person — but I am certain, no matter the cause, it is not Brenda Dayne’s fault.

    Brenda doesn’t seek to stifle debate, as you imply, but she has does ask that criticism be constructive and not animus based. Since your comments fail to meet both criteria, Brenda should have deleted your post. I, for one, am surprised that she didn’t. But, again, she probably does not want to stifle free expression.

    Brenda Dayne works very hard to put out a high quality program that is enjoyed by a growing number of people. It saddens me that people feel free to trash her work. If you don’t like her show, this is a free country — don’t listen to it.

    I wonder, too, about anyone who leaves anonymous comments. How cowardly. If you believe in what you have to say, why not put your name and e-mail up instead of hiding like a sniveling weasel? I’m pretty sure it’s because you are pretty good at dishing it out, but you are poltroonish when it comes to standing behind what you say.

    What a pity talented artists like Brenda have to open themselves up to attacks from every picayune psycho and petty nutcake out there. Feh.

    Oh, for future reference, bitchiness is not spelled with a “y”.

    Posted on 3.7.06 ·
  29. Franklin wrote:

    Brenda! Congratulations! You have arrived! Bitter, mentally unstable people with poor communication skills are leaving you anonymous comments!

    I’ve been chilling a bottle of Veuve for just this occasion, which comes to all who have the audacity to put something good out there before the public.

    Be thrilled, my dear.

    Can’t wait to listen to the show now. Must be a really good one to push the nutjobs into USING ALL CAPS.

    Posted on 3.7.06 ·
  30. Judy wrote:

    Dear None,

    What a hypocrite! Nothing could be more juvenille than to post anonymous snide and bitchy comments like yours.

    Go take your meds, unsubscribe, and let the rest of us enjoy Brenda’s wonderful knitting podcast.

    Frankly, I think her voice is lovely, smooth and just like buttah.


    Posted on 3.7.06 ·
  31. Marsheila wrote:

    None sounds remarkably like my late mother-in-law, who died old, bitter, ugly and alone. It could not have happened to a nicer gal. (Think about it — the transcripts of our Thanksgivings and Christmases read like None’s comment!)

    When I relayed the news of my mother-in-law’s death to my sister, her only response was “Good things come to those who wait.”

    Get out that bad juju, Bren, and let’s make real low mojo. My mother-in-law can probably use the company.

    Posted on 3.8.06 ·
  32. Gail wrote:

    I made a tiny little 8 minute podcast. It took me 5 HOURS. Now, part of it was that it was my first attempt, I didn’t know what I was doing, but its actually a ton of work. I wish I could sound as great as Brenda. Heh.

    I can’t imagine doing an hour podcast, and the amount of time it must take. That isn’t to say folks shouldn’t give input, but it should be respectful.

    And I love the sarcasm. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted on 3.8.06 ·
  33. Pam in CT wrote:

    If you don’t like the podcast, DON’T DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN. You can’t tell people how to create.
    There are plenty of different flavors of podcasts out there and surely, there is one for every taste. That said, I wish I had the technical skills to do one; it is not easy to even create a blog (I still can’t figure out how to personalize the header)and you must respect the time committment Brenda is putting in to entertain us for FREE.
    Enjoy your break and come back ready to rock ‘n roll.

    Posted on 3.8.06 ·
  34. Kelly wrote:

    Great podcast Brenda! I cannot wait for the new season, it sounds so interesting, and I absolutely love the muses idea, it’s really got me thinking who my muse(s) are.

    Posted on 3.8.06 ·
  35. Rebecca Fisher wrote:

    Love your podcast! This last one’s Sweater essay was so moving, with just the perfect music cue following. Also wanted to say I feel sorry and indignant about posters who have inspired you to get out the pins for the ju-ju (sp?) doll. I have so enjoyed every one of your podcasts – thank you so much for this service (of course no need to reply)

    Posted on 3.8.06 ·
  36. Dear Syne, Aidan, Franklin, Judy, Marsheila, Gail, Pam and Rebecca,

    Thanks so much for your wonderful responses to the nasty commenter who, I suspect, was simply not slapped hard or often enough during those all-important formative years. One day there will be a special place on the website for people like this, featuring Bad Juju dolls, and a pin counter (over twenty-seven nutjobs served!) with prizes for Flame of the Week. Just now, however, I’m trying to finish my arts grant application, and avoid keeling over from gall bladder pain (should have had it out years ago) while magazine deadlines make that lovely whooshing sound around my head as they fly past. I have no time for the bitch-slapping of assbeagles, much as I would have enjoyed it. Thank you all for doing it for me.

    Franklin, I will hold you to that offer of Veuve!

    Posted on 3.9.06 ·
  37. Colleen wrote:

    Wonderful show again, Brenda. Like Franklin said, you must have “arrived” when you begin to receive the bitchy comments. Truthfully, constructively or even non-constructively, I would have nothing to criticize about your show (“your” being the operative part, here).

    To me, it’s just like people complaining about the content of the free online knitting mags like Knitty, MagKnits and MenKnit.net. It’s FREE. That means there are a lot of people putting out a lot of time, effort, and their own money to give us something for nothing.

    How can one do anything BUT appreciate that?

    Looking foward to the next one, and the next!

    Posted on 3.9.06 ·
  38. Beverley wrote:

    Hi Brenda, a great podcast again as usual. I think when you put yourself out there, so to speak, people feel they own you and have the right to criticise without appreciate the time, energy and effort that goes into producing these things. I think people forget that your time is given free, the podcast is free (to us listeners) and people are free to decide whether to listen or not. Hopefully those of a bitter and twisted nature that cannot leave a “room” without having the last word will put their comments somewhere safely where the sun does not shine!

    Posted on 3.9.06 ·
  39. aja wrote:

    Dear Brenda, I recently discovered your podcast and I really love it. I don’t know a lot of knitters and its nice to feel a little bit more “in the know” after a show. Also, I wanted to say I am very, very excited about your future guest (Kristen I think it is??) who is a new knitter who will be giving her opinion from that end of the spectrum. I am a newbie who is self-teaching and I think it will be so great to hear her thoughts! So thank you Brenda, keep up the good work and shame-on you to those sad, sad people who have nothing better to do than say nasty things about something they aren’t forced to listen to in the first place.

    Posted on 3.9.06 ·
  40. Hi Brenda. I loved your show as always…. I wanted to add to the dogpile of angry knitters jumping on “NONE” about the brainless comment he/she made. So I guess I’ll now direct the rest of this to “NONE”

    Dear “NONE”,

    You are an asshole. Go Fuck yourself.

    That’s all I wanted to say. Sorry about the profanity Brenda, but I know you need it done. Glad to help.


    Posted on 3.9.06 ·
  41. Dave, you are priceless. I could just hear you say it. Thanks for giving me a smile first thing in the morning.

    Posted on 3.10.06 ·
  42. Allie wrote:

    Thanks Brenda! I finally managed to get the links working right on my blog, and you are there as my FAVORITE podcast. Can’t wait ’til you’re back, and thanks for getting some cool “subs” to host in the mean time.

    Posted on 3.18.06 ·
  43. Marianne wrote:

    I just found your show and I love it. I am a new podcaster and I am always looking for great shows to plug. I was touched by your tale of your struggles to be with tanya and I am glad it has all worked out. I applaud your courage to talk about this in your podcast.

    My father’s family came from Wales and I love everything Welsh that you do-keep up the good work and I will continue to listen as I try to find where I put my knitting bag….hmmmm.


    Posted on 3.18.06 ·
  44. Ann wrote:

    Brenda, you may just have the BEST podcast out there. Your essays are sublime. “Land of My Fathers” really moved me. Enjoy your well-deserved break. I’m enjoying your guests very much.

    Posted on 3.22.06 ·
  45. Junebug wrote:

    I think it was in this podcast that you were honored to have the opportunity to provide this podcast for the knitting community. (I’m still trying to catch up!) Well, let me tell you, and I’m sure I speak for many knitters and non-knitting listeners, we are the ones who are truly honored that you take the time to share your corner of the world with us. What you give us each week is remarkably personal gift.
    Have a lovely break, rest up, drink some good wine, tackle those deadlines and don’t worry about us…we’ll be here when you get back!

    Posted on 3.30.06 ·
  46. Devon Nelson wrote:

    Hey Brenda!

    I just found your wonderful podcast a few weeks ago. A friend of mine had a button linking to your page and I’ve been listening ever since trying to catch up. The hour that I get to hear you talk about knitting and play music is so much fun for me. I look forward to the time when everything gets done so I can sit down to listen and knit. I also love the places on the internet that you have introduced me to. The Rogue sweater will be mine! Muahahahaha!

    I’m not sure if this comment will got under episode 14 or not, since it appears that either no one has commented on this episode since March 2006 or that comments are sent to a general list. In any case, in Episode 14 you mention how there are a whole bunch of new knitting podcasts out there and briefly you mention that maybe we’ll eventually get tired of hearing people ramble on about knitting or that everything will have been said about knitting that can be said. But that’s not why I listen to your show. I listen to hear your unique and creative voice. The today’s sweater for this episode illustrates this point. Your podcast is about knitting, yes, but it is also about you. I really enjoyed today’s sweater because your story moved me. The episode where you talk of making gloves for your son brought tears to my eyes because I knew exactly what you meant. Podcasting seems to be an interesting experience because it is a sort of performance where you highlight portions of your life. It is this that means even if every knitter grabs a mic we will end up with such different shows. We may say all there is to say about knitting (which I don’t think is possible anyway) but we all have our own lives to share as well. I think I’d just like to reassure you that despite however many knitting podcasts are born, I’ll still be here listening to yours. This is truly a remarkable show and I enjoy it SO much.

    Thanks again!

    Posted on 9.19.07 ·

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