10 Mar 2006

Episode 15: Working Up a Sweater

This week it’s Dave from Chub Creek behind the Cast-On microphone. Other than that, it’s business as usual. Music. Knitting. Today’s Sweater. It’s all here. Surprise guests, surprise packages and Kristen learns to read her knitting. Huge thanks to everyone who left audio comments this week and, of course, my eternal, grateful thanks to Dave, for all his hard work.
Please, send Dave cookies!



  1. Wendy DG wrote:

    Great job!!! The sweater segment is always one of my favorites, but I must say that your bathrobe anecdote moved me to tears. I may be a knitter, but I’m likely to throw a shirt or pants away rather than sew on a button. I could feel the epiphany in your voice when you ultimately realized that your bathrobe could be saved. It inspired me. Thanks to you and Brenda for including my little blurb about leaving knitting. I’m truly honored because I enjoy the show SO much.

    Posted on 3.10.06 ·
  2. Thanks Wendy. I threw it out the next day because the stitches all came out. (kidding) Brenda, thanks for peer-pressuring me into doing the show it was lots of fun. Please don’t make me do it again. (kidding) Can you tell I’m lurking in here now? Actually this isn’t very good lurking. I need to be less obvious.

    Posted on 3.10.06 ·
  3. Kri wrote:

    Does it count as lurking if you actually make your presence known? :p

    I enjoyed the show Dave, and it was wierd hearing my own voice.

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  4. Judy wrote:

    Good job Dave! Nice choice in music. Now…if we can only coerce you into picking up those pointy sticks…and knitting like the wind!

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  5. Christa wrote:

    DAVE!!! What a great job you did, filling in for our beloved Brenda! Well done, have a cookie πŸ™‚

    I was listening while sitting in front of my computer (and knitting too).. so popped notes in as it went along:

    Talking about the mechanics of podcasting is part of the CastOn charm… and knitting a popcover for your mike is totally do-able!

    Hm… I was on the receiving end of a “hey, your posts are really cool, and I feel drawn to you, can we be friends?” email just today, which was pretty sweet… but of course, there really needs to be a similarity of view on somethings… like reading material, for example πŸ˜‰

    LOL – loved the Addi Turbo sketch.. oh, and just picturing the dishes piled up in MY sink… (guy stuff? Huh? There’s a gender requirement for this?)

    And, you’re a meanie! We love Brenda, and want her to take breaks so she can come back.. pressure is nasty…

    LOL… sewing bathrobe story with background music was awesome.. and reminds me of the two vintage leather coats (used to be my dad’s) that are hanging in my closet waiting for arm seams..

    Wow, that last song was beautiful.. love her voice, thanks for sharing it.

    Kudos, Dave.. that episode might just get you a knitted popcover too πŸ™‚

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  6. Irie wrote:

    Way to go Dave, talk knitting to me! You did a great job hosting Cast-On even though you’re not a knitter! Knitters like to laugh and this show was a hoot.


    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  7. Pensguys wrote:

    Dave, You did a SUPER job!!! I was laughing so hard!! I LOVED it! I hope you can fill in for Brenda again when she needs you! I’ve even decided to take a listen to your podcasts now. Have another cookie!!!

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  8. Jackie wrote:

    Dave, This was a hilarious episode! The only problem is that it is hard to knit when you are laughing so hard. I really enjoyed the Ed and Ethyl skit and the bathrobe sketch. The music was lots of fun. You have a future in the knitting world!

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  9. Brenda, I sent Dave a donut, didn’t have a cookie gif. Loved this podcast and laughed out loud on more than one occassion. My hubby thought I’d gone mad.
    Thank you Dave for being so funny and keeping the flow going for Brenda.

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  10. Jeanie wrote:

    Wow Dave!!! What an awesome episode! I was laughing hysterically (okay, well not HYSTERICALLY, but definitely outloud) within the first 30 seconds of the show and enjoyed the entire show thoroughly.

    I’ve just started a new pod-cast myself for crocheters (the first and only one so far) called CrochetCast (pretty original, eh?) so SEND ME CLIPS TOO, WOULD YA!!!!

    And lastly, in response to the “steroptypical knitter” phenomenon, I started a club about 4 months ago called The Sexy Knitters Club (www.SexyKnittersClub.com) to help eliminate the misconception that knitting is for old ladies in rocking chairs once and for all! Check us out sometime!

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  11. …frantically… typing.. URL… into… web browser…

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  12. Julie wrote:

    Dave — Great job!

    We miss you, Brenda, but thanks for sending Dave to fill in!

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  13. Pensguys wrote:

    Dave, this is the first time I’ve actually told my husband what was going on in a KNITTING podcast! LOL

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  14. Heather D. wrote:

    Good job robe boy. I knew you could do it!

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  15. verandie wrote:

    In addition to all the cookies & donuts, I’d like to throw in a Caramello and a Snickers bar. Great job, Dave! Loved every bit of it!

    Posted on 3.11.06 ·
  16. Caren wrote:

    Great job Dave. I still miss Brenda but at least now I can miss her a teensy bit less. Congrats on a terrific episode. Loved Ed & Ethyl! I think Brenda needs to make them a regular part of her show! πŸ™‚

    Posted on 3.12.06 ·
  17. Great job Dave!!! 2 thumbs up for you. I really enjoyed listening to you fill in for Brenda. Ed & Ethyl had me cracking up in while I sat in Starbucks, the people must of thought I was crazy. In fact when the show first started,you doing that falsetto cracked me up. I’d listen to you anytime as a fill in for Brenda. In fact just so you now I love Chubb Creek, that is my 2nd favorite show behind Cast-On.!

    Posted on 3.12.06 ·
  18. patricia wrote:

    Best episode of Cast On yet!

    Just kidding, Brenda, but it was a good one. At least in the top 15.

    Posted on 3.12.06 ·
  19. Amy Weber wrote:

    Wow Brenda! Your voice sure was deep this episode…perhaps all those cookies have scratched your throat and you need more herbal tea.

    In spite of the deep voice this episode was great. I am certain that Ed is a closet knitter just like that Dave over at Chubby Cheeks.

    Posted on 3.12.06 ·
  20. Carol M wrote:

    You are so goofy. Loved it, thanks.

    Posted on 3.12.06 ·
  21. teresa wrote:

    Hi Dave! A knitter or not, you did a great job! I loved the Ethel and Ed dialogue; it never occurred to me that someone could actually READ me a pattern! (I’ll have to make some of my friends try it.) Well, just to tell you I loved the show, so I’ll probably give Chub Creek a peak.

    Posted on 3.12.06 ·
  22. Baigneuse wrote:

    Dave, congrats on a excellent show. The show kept me in stitches as I was driving and I’m sure I looked insane to all the other commuters.

    Posted on 3.12.06 ·
  23. pixie wrote:

    Heya! I was inspired to start a podcast after hearing all you podcasters talk about how more people should.

    I have no idea what I am doing lol, but here it is

    Posted on 3.13.06 ·
  24. Nancy wrote:

    Dave, that was awesome! (Oops! that just slipped out).

    The Ed & Ethel sketch brought tears to my eyes (dangerous, as I was driving at the time).

    You deserve a whole box of cookies (as does the lovely Brenda).


    Posted on 3.13.06 ·
  25. pixie wrote:

    okay that url didn’t work vert well err!!


    that link works, i swear! Still trying to get a proper RSS that itunes will like.. MEH!

    Posted on 3.13.06 ·
  26. Mia wrote:

    Absolutely Loved the show! And I knew I would πŸ™‚
    While listening to the intro and hearing you talking about that you were concidering Purchasing a sweater etc, I laughed out loud (walking in public- sort of embarrassing)- great job, Dave!

    Posted on 3.13.06 ·
  27. Aja wrote:

    Dave – great show, you were a good substitute, and wouldn’t ya know? MY addi turbos make that noise every time I use them. My boyfriend calls me Darth Knitter.

    Also, shout-out to Kristen, nice to have her thoughts.

    Posted on 3.13.06 ·
  28. Judy wrote:

    Aja – LOL!!!! Darth Knitter!! I love it.

    Posted on 3.14.06 ·
  29. Katia wrote:

    Hi Dave

    I loved the show. And no, I am NOT going to knit a “microphone cosy” (eek) for you – but if YOU would like to do so, I send you a pattern.

    I could imagine that this project would be the very only one where fun fur yarn actually could be a good choice.

    Greetings from Switzerland,

    And a PS to Brenda: Just an idea – an Harc-Core-Addi-Turbo-Knit-Along could be fun: Knit what you want – but it would have to be done with Addi Turbos, and you would have to use really slippery yarn…

    Posted on 3.14.06 ·
  30. janice wrote:

    Hi – This is for Brenda. I was just listening to Gauge and I realized how lazy I have been. I have no excuse except to say that I get the podcast from itunes and never go to your site. I was jolted out of my laziness this week after hearing your essay. I have been a listener from the beginning but never a commentor. I thoroughly enjoy your podcast, music, essays, sweaters, dyeing adventures, family stories etc. It is the most professional caste out there in my opinion and I do listen to all the fiber related casts. Your voice and sound quality are fabulous. It’s like an audiobook that I can’t put down. Please feel free to continue to talk about whatever you like – whether it’s knitting related or not. I am grateful and fortunate to listen to what you have to say on any subject that if you need any pins for the bad ju ju doll – I’m you’re girl. Off my butt and on the sopa box – You Simply Rock.

    Posted on 3.14.06 ·
  31. Mary Ellen wrote:

    Great job with the podcast, Dave! You had me in fits of giggling on the subway this morning!

    Posted on 3.14.06 ·
  32. A knitting podcast by a non-knitter. Interesting, for fairly low values of interesting.

    Sorry, not my thing.

    Posted on 3.14.06 ·
  33. Rachel wrote:

    I loved Ethel!!! Oh how I wish my needles had the power to zap knitting enemies from afar–I guess I’ll just have to keep poking :)Dave, you did a great job.
    Brenda, thanks for setting up this podcast. It is something I look forward to every week. Good luck with everything.

    Posted on 3.14.06 ·
  34. Crimson wrote:

    Dave, I totally loved the podcast Ò€” the humor is exactly what I needed for crunch time at work today. Thanks for sharing the anecdote about your beloved bathrobe. Peace out!

    Posted on 3.14.06 ·
  35. Ooooh. Now I know what you mean, Brenda, about how that stings. Well congratulations to Janice in GA. It’s the first truely negative comment I’ve ever gotten in over a year of work. Ahhh I’m savouring it. I did check out her blog though… It’s fantastic. Great work. Way to go.

    Posted on 3.14.06 ·
  36. Candace wrote:

    Dave, you were the perfect host. The show was a riot. The Ed & Ethel skit was priceless…almost uncanilly real…
    Anyway, thanks for taking the sting out of Brenda’s hiatus!

    Posted on 3.15.06 ·
  37. Mary Ellen wrote:

    There’s always got to be at least one rude person… the balance of fan mail you’re getting here should take the sting out, Dave!

    Posted on 3.15.06 ·
  38. Way to go, Robe Boy! (Sorry, I really like Heather D’s name for you, and have decided to start calling you that, whether you answer to it or not.) I hope you’re happy. Janice now has a pin in the Bad Juju doll, and it’s all your fault. Clearly, you should have learned to knit before hosting the podcast.

    Janice, Dave crafts his podcasts with all the care of a hand knit sweater. Your comment was the equivalent of refusing a hand knit gift, because green isn’t really your color. Whether it’s wanted or not, the polite thing is to say: thank you.

    Posted on 3.15.06 ·
  39. Patty wrote:

    Oh I’m so proud!
    A fellow furry-knitter and the fill-in fella’s fascinated mom

    Hello Brenda!

    Posted on 3.15.06 ·
  40. Christa wrote:

    I’m practicing being polite by not going to Janice in GA’s blog and pointing out how much it isn’t my thing. Nice, eh? πŸ™‚

    (note proper Canadian usage of “eh” in a sentence, along with requisite politeness… Canadian substitute podhosts named Dave rock!)

    Posted on 3.15.06 ·
  41. You know, I don’t think I was rude at all. I just said Dave’s podcast wasn’t my thing.
    When did we stop being able to say what WE like and what we don’t? If everybody (and every podcast) is GREAT, then no one (or no podcast) is great.
    Just my opinion.
    The quality of music Dave played was fine. The rest of it, not so much. For ME.

    Posted on 3.15.06 ·
  42. I was just a stand-in. For a much better experience I suggest you listen to any other epiosde of the wonderful Cast-On podcast featuring the show’s star, Brenda Dayne. it’s not only interesting, but fairly high values of interesting. And for the next episode I truely hope you manage to give Sage (another stand-in who is kindly taking a hell of a lot of time out of her week to do it) the kind recognition she deserves. Or if it isn’t your thing, maybe go somewhere else and find your thing.

    Posted on 3.15.06 ·
  43. Kelly wrote:

    Great job Dave, I really loved the podcast (I’m also a fan of your podcast so maybe I’m just a little biased). I loved your story about your house coat – really reminds me of my dad. Finally this year I had to get him a new one, a dark colour as requested so when he got stains on it you couldn’t see it.

    Posted on 3.16.06 ·
  44. Kathy wrote:

    I’m sorry, but I agree with Janice. It’s a “knitting podcast”, meaning it is aimed at a specific special interest group. I can’t believe I wasted the time downloading and listening (hoping that eventually someone would talk about knitting.) I understand Brenda’s need for a break…she deserves it. At least warn us that there is no knitting in knitting podcast. Sorry, Dave. Maybe you could just interview some knitters instead of struggling to ramble on about nothing.

    Posted on 3.16.06 ·
  45. Kelly wrote:

    I don’t understand people’s need to get all upset and complain if something isn’t what they expected it. I love Brenda’s podcast too, but I think Dave did a great job – it was entertaining, and there was knitting content, it’s not like it was completely knitting-less. If you didn’t like it, why did you sit and listen for 45 minutes? You could have turned it off with a simple click of a button.

    Posted on 3.16.06 ·
  46. anje wrote:

    I am still laughing.
    And here’s an idea for a future topic: (to quote Dave) “Knitting to Exhaustion” or maybe “Hazards of Knitting” – since Dave (and perhaps others) don’t realize there actually ARE hazards to knitting! All part of the good fun, of course.

    Posted on 3.16.06 ·
  47. Shelby wrote:

    Great job Dave! I haven’t laughed that many times in a podcast before- my cube-mates must have thought I was crazy! Thanks for keeping it going! I now must start listening to ChubCreek!


    Posted on 3.16.06 ·
  48. sfmommy99 wrote:

    MORE ETHEL!!! OMG – I was walking down a major San Francisco street laughing my head off. Dave, you did a brilliant job. Thanks for filling in so so well. You and Brenda – and us – sympatico. Can’t wait to hear the next Chubb Creek.

    Posted on 3.17.06 ·
  49. sfmommy99 wrote:

    ps – send those darling little Dave and Gary dolls this way, I’ll take them to the golden gate bridge personally! Chinatown gate? Transamerica pyramid? anything you want. That’s the way I’ll give you your cookie! (ps – Brenda, miss you too, ya know).

    Posted on 3.17.06 ·
  50. anne wrote:

    thanks dave! i really loved your guest hosting.

    Posted on 3.17.06 ·
  51. Can I just say that I’ve never gotten so many lovely comments for anything I’ve done…ever. Thank you so much, I feel rather embarrassed. There were a couple of negative comments here, and I have no serious problem with it. I’m a graphic artist and I deal with harsh critique often, and I have to deal it out. The difference is that it’s usually constructive. I think the negative comments I see here and in past blogs of Brenda’s are really intended to cause hurt feelings more than anything else, and I feel for Brenda having to put up with this, even once in a while. I mean, after all, we do this for free, and for fun. But the huge support everybody’s shown on here for my dumb episode of Cast-On has made my month. Thanks so very much.

    Posted on 3.17.06 ·
  52. utilly wrote:

    Kathy, just a small point of order. Cast-on is not called Ò€œknitting podcastÒ€ it’s billed as ‘a podcast for knitters’. There is no rulebook that states that knitting content has to make up the majority of the ‘cast. If there was a rulebook that said must contain n% knitting content, Brenda would ignore it anyway, she’s like that.

    Posted on 3.17.06 ·
  53. Hey Brenda / Dave,

    What a GREAT show! I saved it to listen on the 9 hours plane ride back to Thailand….and then I forgot to comment. Now that iTunes’ downloading #16, I remember to comment.

    I LOVE that part with Ed and Whatshername…with her Addi Turbos! *LOL* It cracked me up so hard I woke my slumbering seat neighbour up laughing out loud in the middle of the night (well, on the plane, it was)! Great job, Dave! BTW, I think I said hi to all of you (i.e. Brenda and also including Dave & Gary) on one of my vid-cast HERE. πŸ˜‰ Might take a bit to load though….just be patient.

    Posted on 3.17.06 ·
  54. Okay…I hope this is not going to show up double…because it seems like a lot of commenting functions on blogs are eating my comments and not giving it out.

    Anyhow, LOVED the show. Dave, you did a great job! I saved the episode to listen to on the 9 hours plane ride back home. I laughed so hard at the part with Ed and Whatshername and her Addi Turbos. *LOL* I woke my slumbering neighbour up. *haha*

    Anyhow, I said hi both to you, Brenda, Dave (and also Gary and other podcasters) on one of my vid-casts HERE! It takes quite a while to load, so you’ll have to be patient with it. πŸ™‚

    Posted on 3.17.06 ·
  55. Theresa wrote:

    Big Kudos to Dave for all his effort, the podcast was both funny and well done. It would definitely be nice if Ed & Ethel stopped by for a visit every now and again. And I think it would be a real hoot if someday Brenda and Dave did a podcast together.

    Thank you to both of you for sharing your time and creativity!

    Posted on 3.17.06 ·
  56. anne wrote:

    brenda, i already posted once, but then all day i caught myself laughing again about dave doing cast-on. he was HILARIOUS and i hope you let him do it again.

    Posted on 3.18.06 ·
  57. Paula wrote:

    I loved your podcast Dave…and I went and subscribed to Chub Creek, I can’t wait to explore all of those. You are a truely wonderful, funny person and I’m glad to have the chance to listen to you!
    Great job!

    Posted on 3.18.06 ·
  58. Deb wrote:

    Cookies to you Dave! Loved the podcast! Made me want to put on my bathrobe whilst listening to “Today’s Sweater”. I’m heading over to Chub Creek to subscribe = }

    Posted on 3.18.06 ·
  59. may wrote:

    Cookies for you! Thanks for keeping us company and for going through the trouble of researching knitting. You’ve made this knitter smile. πŸ˜‰

    Posted on 3.19.06 ·
  60. Anna wrote:

    Dave, you did a wonderful job of hosting. It’s always nice to get the new knitter/guy/”outsider” viewpoint on how quirky us knitters can be.

    I just subscribed to the Chub Creek podcast, and I can’t wait to listen to the fun!

    Posted on 3.19.06 ·
  61. jill wrote:

    I was walking thru Washington Square Park and laughing so hard at the Ed and Ethel sketch that I had to open my phone and hold it to my ear so that people wouldn’t stare at the crazy girl laughing at thin air. Tho, this being Wash Sq Park, maybe that’s not so unusual…….Loved the podcast, congrats Dave!

    Posted on 3.21.06 ·
  62. Beverley wrote:

    Brilliant stuff!

    Posted on 3.21.06 ·
  63. Sunshyne wrote:

    VERY ENTERTAINING. . .My husband must’ve thought I was crazy wandering about the house laughing with my headphones on. . . good job Dave!

    Posted on 3.22.06 ·
  64. Alliesw wrote:

    Okay, I was driving while listening to this, and let me tell you, I was getting some looks from people at the lights–I was laughing so hard I think my car was rocking–I didn’t even get to pick up my own pointy sticks on the longest red light. Thanks for filling in, Dave, (I am heading over to itunes to subsribe!) and thanks Brenda, for taking such good care of us while you’re away (but I still can’t wait to have you back!)
    Peace, all!

    Posted on 3.23.06 ·
  65. Robin wrote:

    Um? Can we get the knitunes links? Please? πŸ˜€

    BTW, While I know I’m just chimming in, Dave you did an awsome job.

    Posted on 3.25.06 ·
  66. Yes I’m still lurking. Pathetic.

    Thank you again, kindly knitters. Here are the kniTunes Brenda:

    Whipped Cream by Monkey Shine
    Swing Low by Bill Furner (seems to have disappeared from the Podsafe Music Network
    Missing Piece by Meg Allison
    Geez I hope I’ve rolled up my HTML sleeves properly. If this all looks like gibberish after I hit “send” just pretend it’s a page of knitting patterns.

    Posted on 3.25.06 ·
  67. Jeanne wrote:

    Great podcast, Dave. Very funny, and I enjoyed your bathrobe section.

    Posted on 3.25.06 ·
  68. Ali wrote:

    Your episode made me laugh so much Dave I had to listen to it twice! Thanks for entertaining us “knitters” while the beloved Brenda is away – also love your show at Chub Creek – your humour brightens a dull day (at work) no end. Cookies coming your way (if I actually knew what they were – anyway I’m sure you deserve a whole truck load).

    Posted on 3.26.06 ·
  69. Linda wrote:

    Dave, you did a fabulous job on this episode. Loved Ed and Ethel! I hope they show up on Cast-on again. I’ve also subscribed to Chub Creek. Podcasts really are gifts, as Brenda said. Gifts where the creators are giving (and expressing) of themselves. I’m surprised that a few listeners seem to think that they have some kind of entitlement to the podcasts being a certain way, or that it’s acceptable to be hurtful about it. It’s the same thing with personal websites; if someone sent me a nasty email that they didn’t like my site, my response would be, “Then don’t visit, please”. Anyway, the music was great, your skits and dialog were hilarious, and it was very generous of you to sit in for Brenda, so lots of cookies from me!

    Posted on 3.26.06 ·
  70. sophie wrote:

    I just listened to this again for the second time and it’s even funnier than the first time I listened to it. I love that you and Brenda work together so well on each other’s casts, and still retain your own distinct personalities. Thanks for all your work and efforts!

    Posted on 3.30.06 ·
  71. Franklin wrote:

    Ed and Ethel didn’t make me spit coffee on my computer or my keyboard. Ed and Ethel made me fall off the elliptical machine at the gym. Thanks a whole lot.

    Posted on 3.30.06 ·
  72. Renada wrote:

    I din’t think the two “negative comments” were that bad. I’ve been listing to Brenda from the beginning, and while I know Dave spent his precious time creating a podcast for us to listen to, for free no less, I admit to being caught off guard, and turning off the episode after 15 minutes. I think he was trying to be funny, not being a knitter and all that, but..I was just caught off guard, I guess. I was expecting to hear about a knitting conquest, or something about knitting, and instead, I had a different type of podcast on my hands. Literally!

    I get the impression people feel “negative comments” should be constrcutive, but in this case, I think the production was fine, I just wasn’t prepared for the content. And, that’s what “comments” are for right? Comments!

    So to Dave, I don’t have any constructive criticism as to why I couldn’t listen to this entire episode, but I appreciate you filling in for Brenda, and I plan to check out YOUR podcast very soon…

    Posted on 4.12.06 ·
  73. Can’t wait. haha

    Posted on 4.14.06 ·
  74. Lynnette from Eagan, MN wrote:

    Great Job Dave. This was my 1st listen. I was entertained while I knitted. I sent a link to my favorite yarn shop, so you might have even more listeners!

    Posted on 5.31.06 ·
  75. Kimberly wrote:

    Hello! I am really really really late commenting on your stand-in piece Dave. I’ve downloaded all the Cast-ons and just got to Episode 15 last week.

    Anyhoo, thanks for doing a fabulous job filling in for Brenda. And thank you for playing Meg Allison… I fell in love with her song on this podcast the way I fell in love with Sarah MacLachlan & Fiona Apple 10 years ago. I promptly bought Meg’s album on itunes.

    Thanks again! Next time Brenda needs a break, I hope we get to hear you again. πŸ™‚

    And Brenda, lest you feel neglected, I am very much enjoying all of your podcasts. I may even get up to date here soon.

    πŸ™‚ Cheers!

    Posted on 6.17.06 ·
  76. Jessica wrote:

    I normally love Cast On but I couldn’t make it through this episode? Why, you ask? It’s not because you were terrible, you weren’t! It’s because I couldn’t hear you. I had the volume up all the way on my iBook but I just couldn’t hear you and the strain was too much for me to get through the entire show. Hope you’ll be back next time Brenda takes a break, but hopefully that time you’ll be able to speak into the mic a little more or do whatever it is you podcasters do that makes you louder. πŸ™‚

    Posted on 6.20.06 ·
  77. Stephanie wrote:

    Please please put the music links up on the web page. Dave, GREAT choice of tunes.

    Posted on 7.18.06 ·
  78. Thea wrote:

    One year later….Love this episode. Creative people need to be recognized and I totally “get” why Brenda chose these guest hosts for her superb podcast. “Suffer the fools”!

    Posted on 5.25.07 ·

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