Brother Amos, redeux

by Brenda on February 16, 2010

As you may have noticed, I have been paying rather a lot of attention these days to the design of things. The new website is the most visible of the design projects, but there are many others happening quietly behind […]


The woman makes my head explode

by Brenda on September 4, 2009

httpv:// Cat Bordi’s new sock book looks amazing.


How to wear a shawl

by Brenda on September 2, 2009

httpv:// Loads of nice ideas for draping, folding, and wearing great swathes of lace.


Louise Fairburn, an award-winning breeder of rare Lincoln Longwool sheep, used the fleece from her very own flock to create her gorgeous and unique wedding dress. The accompanying article states the dress was created by a spinner and a dressmaker, […]


Knit like the wind!

by Brenda on August 10, 2009

A student at the Royal College of Art, Merel Karhoff, brings attention to the free energy source all around us in her final RCA show. Karhoffs installation makes wind energy visible by attaching paper windmills to unlikely surfaces – trees, […]

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