21 Aug 2009

No sheep were harmed in the making of this wedding dress.


Louise Fairburn, an award-winning breeder of rare Lincoln Longwool sheep, used the fleece from her very own flock to create her gorgeous and unique wedding dress. The accompanying article states the dress was created by a spinner and a dressmaker, and took 67 hours to make.

Posted on August 21, in News


  1. Gina wrote:

    Absolutely stunning! I love it!

    Posted on 8.21.09 ·
  2. Jasmin wrote:

    Ha, I’d be too tempted to spin off of my dress during the ceremony… Wait! Is that a drop spindle I see, hidden away?! 😉

    Posted on 8.21.09 ·
  3. Sonja wrote:

    I hope it didn’t rain!

    Posted on 8.21.09 ·
  4. Angeluna wrote:

    WOW!!! Just WOW!

    Posted on 8.21.09 ·
  5. Connie wrote:

    What a wonderful story – thanks for sharing.

    Posted on 8.23.09 ·
  6. Rodger wrote:

    I would love to see how you might translate this into fabric, as I think that it would be difficult to match the variations in color and the texture. A really interesting dress, and she looks like she feels beautiful in it which is of course the best thing a dress can do – especially on your wedding day!

    Posted on 9.2.09 ·
  7. Joleen wrote:

    If anything would make me want to get married again, its this dress. Glorious! I also love that shes holding a rams horn shephards hook.

    Posted on 9.23.09 ·
  8. candis wrote:

    Holy moly!!!!! That is so beautiful… gosh, I just can’t stand it!

    Posted on 1.10.10 ·

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