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07 Jul 2015

Mood Ring: Confessions of a serial dyer

In this episode: We begin with a trip to the slow city of Pollenzo, the Albergo dell’Agenzia, and the Slow Movement. A weekend studio tidy leads to much musing on the subject of stashing materials ahead of using them. I meant to mention how this way lies madness, but never quite got around to that.…

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02 Apr 2015

CODA: Equilibrium

Gwlana is happening! Sign up here! I’m counting on you to help me tell All the Knitters about gwlana. Here are some ways you can help: Tell every knitter you know about this podcast. Write a blog or Facebook post about the retreat, with a link to Stop by the Gwlana Facebook page, and…

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26 Mar 2015

It’s best not to stare

It’s been a few months. How ya doing? How’s your knitting? I’ve missed you. In fact, that’s what today’s post is all about. I just thought I’d take a moment to tell you that I’ve missed you since the last ever episode of Cast On hit your earbuds last October. I’ve missed talking with you,…

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07 Nov 2014

A sweater knitting story, in three acts.

ACT I: A truth universally acknowledged about sweater knitting, is that just-off-the-needles garments with fit issues are unlikely to be worn. It’s too big. That, my knitsibs, seems to be the general consensus. The sweater featured in Today’s Sweater, the one I talked (and talked and talked) about in Epic Bind Off, is just too…

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01 Nov 2014

Episode 132: Epic Bind Off

In this episode: Milestones. Nine years ago today Cast On began, and today is the day that Cast On comes to an end. A special extended edition of the podcast, in which I talk at great length about my knitting, in Today’s Sweater, look back as well as forward, get by with a little help…

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