01 Nov 2014

Episode 132: Epic Bind Off

In this episode: Milestones. Nine years ago today Cast On began, and today is the day that Cast On comes to an end. A special extended edition of the podcast, in which I talk at great length about my knitting, in Today’s Sweater, look back as well as forward, get by with a little help from my friends, sing badly, play my favourite music, tell an amazing family story, and say a fond, heartfelt, and tearful farewell to my beloved knitsibs. A truly epic bind off. With this episode, nine years of love and joy and knitting and work come to a natural end, and this epic body of work is now complete.


This is Bea’s adorable dress, made using Simplicity pattern 1787, from the Project Runway collection. I want one.


Today’s Sweater is Baby Cables and Big Ones Too, by Suvi Simola, knit in Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK, that started to be an Autumnal Equinox (real name, Summer Solstice), until I frogged it.

Using the shaping in some of the sweaters in Rowan Magazine Number 44, I inadvertently created a Telly Tubby.

What to do next? Baby Cables is a really big sweater, and I am not entirely happy with the fit. Is it too long? Too short? Do I frog and reknit, or just live with it? I can’t decide, so I’m turning the decision over to you. Answers in the show notes, please.

Massive thanks to my friend, Franklin Habit, for all the words, pictures and support so generously gifted to Cast On these nine too-short years. Franklin’s little somethings and big somethings can be found here, here, here and here.


Turbo thanks to my friend, Felix, for sharing her experience of the A4074 in words, sounds, wool, and for being my balcony person.

The Knitsonik Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook, by Felicity Ford (aka Felix) is a gorgeous, ingenious and wonderful book, written by my gorgeous, ingenious and wonderful friend. Purchase the book here, and read about the process of making it here.

photo by Fergus Ford
Photo by Fergus Ford

I’m giving away my second copy of Felix’s book. To win the one without tear stains, leave a comment. The winner of The Knitsonik Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook will be chosen by random number generator at midnight, on November 7th, 2014.

Dave. There are no words, my friend. Except for these. THANK YOU. And SOCKS.

Thanks to Uncle Bob, and my dad, for giving me a connection to Amelia Earhart. Ive been obsessed with her ever since. Exciting as it is to think that a piece of her plane may have been found, the story is not without its detractors. As Uncle Bob says, “We just don’t know.” And may not ever.

Always and forever, love and thanks to Tonia, the Engels to my Marx; the Bernie to my Elton; the Teller to my Penn. You kept me fed while I made podcasts, and mixed perfect Manhattans when the hard work of making podcasts was done. I owe you. We ALL owe you.

The music I’ve shared in the podcast has been an important part of Cast On, from the very first episode. My life has been enriched by songs I’ve discovered in the making of Cast On. As with every episode, I’m grateful for the music shared in this last episode of the podcast.

Jim Fidler has wielded the magic fingers behind Merrigan’s Reel, the beautiful guitar work you’ve been hearing in the Cast On theme tune all these years.

The opening track, She Can Knit and She Can Sew, came to me on a Magical Felix Mix Tape.

The Today’s Sweater theme is a tune called Neighbor, and it’s by the Lascivious Biddies. The song is actually about Mr Rogers, the childhood friend of millions, who wore sweaters with great aplomb. Purchase Neighborhere.

The cover of the Indigo Girls song, Galileo, was performed by the Jeweltones, and came to me via a listener. I think they might be a show choir. They remind me of Glee.

Katy Wehr’s beautiful song about growing old with the one you love, played right after Franklin’s piece in the podcast, is called When You Are Old. Every time I hear it, I am reminded that true love endures.

Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight by Sessions Americana, is a cover of a old song from the 1930s. A year ago Tonia and I travelled all the way to Wexford, Ireland, just to hear them play. During the break I shared Uncle Bob’s story with Dinty Child, the man who sings the lead in the amazing song about Amelia. After the break Dinty shared my Uncle Bob’s story with the the audience, and then Sessions Americana played the Amelia Earhart song. Tonia and I sang along. It was magical.

Of course the podcast HAD to end with One Last Drink, by Enter the Haggis. How could I have ever thought otherwise?

Dearest Knitsibs, this last episode of Cast On was one of the most difficult that I’ve ever produced. I cried through most of the making of it. I cried while writing it, I cried while recording it (but cut those bits out of the recording, because I didn’t want you to be sad. So really, don’t be sad. Okay?) and I cried again while writing show notes and listening to the episode for the last time before the final export and upload. You and this podcast have been a huge part of my life, and I will miss making Cast On as much as you will miss listening to it.

Thank you, and farewell. It’s been a great ride. I love you.



  1. Carol wrote:

    Bye Brenda ………..thank you
    I will always remain a knitsib.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  2. Bonnie Rose wrote:

    Brenda, thankyou for the last nine years of listening pleasure. It has been a joy to have shared your world.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  3. Just read (quickly) through this post…not really believing it. Will download the podcast shortly. Not surprised…as your podcasts have become fewer and farther between, but oh! How I will miss them…for they are among the finest ones to which I’ve listened over the years. Of course, I want to know why and of course, you don’t have to explain. (Or maybe you do on the ‘cast and just not here on the page.) Explain or not, I will miss your voice, especially talking about knitting and about Wales, and walking the fields and forests there, and the sheep and your dogs.

    Now to pour my own wee dram, and drink to your health, and Tonia’s, and Felix’s and Franklin’s and Amy’s and Mr. Roger’s…and all the uniqueness that was your sharing with us. Lang may yer lum reek – and thank you.

    P.S. The skirt looks great on you, and I’d leave the sweater alone. Just wear it with something else…like those tights…or something very comfy…and let it flow around your hips.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  4. Leslie wrote:

    Thank you, Brenda, for all of it. I will miss you.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  5. Suzanne wrote:

    Well damn. How did I not know of this wonderful podcast?!

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  6. Thank you for Cast-On, Brenda. The last episode was just perfect.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  7. Linda wrote:

    I know I’m not supposed to be sad, but I am…. even though I guess I was anticipating this…
    Thank you for many, many delightful hours.
    Yours was the first knitting audio podcast I stumbled across and no other has ever got near. I will continue to miss you.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  8. Megan wrote:

    Sob…. Still – there’s a mighty back catalogue to return to. You’ll always be the first and the best. I walked down the aisle to Jonathan Coulton’s Skullcrusher Mountain thanks to you. Good luck in all that comes next. X

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  9. Aurore wrote:

    Thank you for all these years, Brenda. I had bet it would end with this song. Well, the world is yours today πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  10. Christina wrote:

    Sorry to see it end, but am grateful for the archives. All the best.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  11. azterya wrote:

    I’ve really liked your podcasts (though I know I’m rubbish at commenting) and will be sad not to hear from you again. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  12. Flongstocking wrote:

    I only recently discovered your podcasts… oh well, the good thing about podcasts is that you can always look back and listen to them again! Thanks so much πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  13. alala wrote:

    Even though you said not to be sad, I think I will be, a bit. I rarely comment, but I’ve enjoyed the podcast so much. Thank you for these nine years. Looking forward to the book and whatever else comes next.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  14. donyu wrote:

    All change is hard, and most of its good. Enjoy the road ahead.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  15. Alicia wrote:

    The last nine years have been immense, you’ve held my hand through so much I will miss you so very much. My only regret is not commenting before to let you know how much I love your podcast. May you next journey be filled with success and happiness xxxxxxxxx
    Knitsib for life

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  16. Barbara wrote:

    Thank you Brenda for the nine years of wonderful listening. I will miss your podcast, but I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful writing in the world. Brava!

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  17. Juliann wrote:

    Thank you for teaching me that all knitters are connected-we are truly knitsibs. Thank you for teaching me about Wales and the part of Great Britain you call home.
    Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  18. LaurenS wrote:

    I’ve loved your podcast from the beginning Brenda, and will miss it very much. The music in your podcasts has been wonderful. There are episodes where I would just back up and listen to a song over … and over … again.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  19. NC Knitsib wrote:

    I will miss you. I have enjoyed your podcasts so, so much. Thank you. Wishing you much happiness and joy!

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  20. Oh Brenda! As I was going to bed last night I saw that a Cast On podcast had downloaded. Squeeeeee! And then I saw the title and I knew what you had decided. I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for all the words and wisdom. Thank you sharing and giving courage. For letting all of us know that it is OK if the knitting doesn’t go well, that there is humor in the yarn barf of life. Now I have to go and download all the episodes and listen from the beginning…again.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  21. Angeluna wrote:

    Thank you, Brenda, for nine delightful years of your wonderful podcast. It was perhaps the first I ever listened to…way back when. And all my best wishes to you going forward.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  22. Brenda, I’m so sorry that you have decided to end Cast-On but I have loved every minute, right from day one when it was just you and KnitCast.

    I know that it must have been a difficult decision but perhaps it would help to look at the legacy you have left behind. There are so many knitting podcasts out there now and many might not exist if you hadn’t blazed the trail. Also, you (and Marie Irshad) set the bar so high, in terms of quality.

    I will miss you. I will miss your beautiful descriptions of my homeland and your mellifluous voice. I regret never sending you the essay I had written in my head about my local craft shops when I was growing up.

    Pob Hwyl!

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  23. Nancy wrote:

    All the best for the next phase! Thanks so much for the wonderful podcasts. The first I came across and one I’ve never tired of. You’ve done it so well. Nice ending too.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  24. Gayle wrote:

    Brenda, I will miss you. that’s it. i will miss you very much. I wish for you all the best

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  25. Andrea D. wrote:

    What a pity that I have discovered your podcast just recently. I will listen to the old episodes and miss you. Thank you and all the best!

    Many greetings from Germany

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  26. Julie Ridl wrote:

    Thank you and thanks to Tonia for all the love, energy, intelligence, humor, time, care, craft. The show is a perfect jewel of a thing. A great life’s work and gift that has touched so many lives in so many ways and will keep on doing that. It has geometry, this kind of goodness and affect. Well done all. Wishing you well. Rest now. You deserve lots and lots of rest.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  27. Judy11 wrote:

    Discovered your podcast a year or two back and have loved them ever since. So enjoy your sharing your wonderful tales of knitting, Wales (visited in ’99 want to go back), family and love. I will miss your delightful voice. I will g back and relisten to earlier ones and enjoy your latest book. You have been a delight in my life. I wish you joy and peace.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  28. Anna wrote:

    I will miss your podcasts, and I’m glad that you did so many that I can go back and listen to again. Thank you for the stories you’ve shared and all the music and the knitting. I hope whatever new adventure you’re starting on will be wonderful and amazing!

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  29. Judy wrote:

    Thank you Brenda, for sharing your knitting life with us for all this time. It’s been an awesome 9 years, listening along with you. I am so grateful for what you have shared with us. Hugs from a knit sib…

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  30. Megan wrote:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. The radio silence will make me a little sad but I have been listening from the beginning and all good thing must come to an end. Hope to still see you and your knits on twitter or the blog or somewhere. Much love and best wishes for all future things.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  31. Penny Kyle wrote:

    It is a chilly, damp, November 1st, near the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.
    My favourite thing to do as I cast on for a new project is to listen to you.
    Today it is a dark brown Alpaca cap sleeved vest; drinking tea and listening to your last Cast-on podcast. I will continue to listen to the archived shows, especially if it is a cold and snowy day.
    Thanks for the inspirations, the stories, and the companionship. Looking forward to “seeing ” you on Facebook, and finding out what comes next for you….

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  32. moey wrote:

    nonononono! I am sad.

    Best of luck to you. Thanks for the great listen. I hope you will be leaving the old podcasts up !

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  33. Karen wrote:

    Wow, has it really been nine years? What a bittersweet way to mark the anniversary. Thank you for 132 truly great episodes. You set such a high standard for yourself and the podcast, that I have a tough time watching or listening to others and I am sure it took a toll on you. To say that you will be missed is an understatement. There are so many episodes that I listen to repeatedly, Start as You Mean to Go On, comes to mind. You have a gift with words.

    I wish you the best of luck in all endeavours.

    Regarding Baby Cables, I like that length and colour on you. There just too much ease even under the arms and in the sleeves. I’d suggest knitting a smaller size. My two cents.

    I’ll lift a glass to you and Cast On tonight.


    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  34. Erica wrote:

    I literally sobbed when the final song came on. I know you hear this a lot, but your podcast had a huge impact on me over the last 9 years (I was with you almost from the very beginning). I’ve moved continents, changed careers and my life is now all about knitting, and you were there for it all. A profound Thank You.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  35. Sylvia wrote:

    Best wishes for your next act. Thanks for 132 bytes of big fun.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  36. Cathy Arcanum wrote:

    Dear Friend – Congratulations! A lovely, enduring and appreciated body of work is completed. The generous giving of your time, talent and knowledge has touched so many, but none more than me. You grace the world and my life. Heartfelt thanks for that. Now on to the next success!

    Your Baby Cables sweater seems a bit too big but I love the neckline.

    Big Love,

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  37. tricotbelle wrote:

    Dear Brenda,
    Thank you for Cast On. Thank you for a truly wonderful body of work. You are an inspiration and a treasure.

    Regarding the sweater, I think it’s fine, but the bottom cuff needs to go! A finished edge that does not add bulk would be best, IMHO.

    Listening to your last episode, I finished a pair of self-striping socks that had been languishing for a couple months. You always inspire more knitting, even through the failures!
    Navarre (tricot-belle

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  38. Bernice wrote:

    Thank you for all your podcasts, and such a gracious cast off. And…sadly, my suggestion for the sweater is to go back to the armholes, if you can stand it.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  39. Dez Rock wrote:

    Brenda it’s been … well hard to sum up. Thank you for your work it has been very much appreciated. It’s something unpredictable and in the end its right, and yes I’ve had the time of my life.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  40. Chery wrote:

    Brenda, It has been wonderful listen to you all these years. I have to admit I have not heard every podcast (yet!) but I have gone back and re-listen to my favorites many times. Thank you for introducing me to Franklin Habit and Dave of CubCreek and the other guest pod-casters you have had over the years. Good luck in all your future endeavors and I will be watching (and cheering) for you through Facebook.


    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  41. Rose wrote:

    Thank you Brenda for being my knitting companion through your wonderful podcast. I was also very happy to meet you in person at P3 in beautiful Wales back in 2012.
    Rose x

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  42. Darlene wrote:

    Thank you Brenda for the years of laughter, learning and tears you have brought me and all our knitsibs! I look forward to hearing about all your great adventures on your blog!

    A knitsib forever!

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  43. Casey wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your life, your joys and sorrows, and your unending love for our community via the mic. I look forward to being a part of your life in the chapters ahead in whatever form your path takes you. Many blessings.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  44. Clarayarna wrote:

    I sobbed at the end. Properly cried like I’d lost a dear friend. You’ve been with me throughout some of the most challenging years of my life and helped me cope with many issues, whilst inspiring me to keep running my own Stitch & Bitch group in Hertfordshire and challenge myself with new knitting projects time and time again.

    I love you dear friend, and I wish you such happiness in all you do from this point on.
    I am one of those people who, if I ever got to meet you would just hug you, cry, and thank you for all that you’ve done that you’re not even aware of.

    In the meantime, huge congratulations on concluding an amazing and inspiring collection of podcasts, which I will be replaying and savouring right from the beginning.

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  45. Tanja Frau van der Woll wrote:

    OMG! I will miss your podcast FOREVER! Thank you, Brenda!!! <3

    Posted on 11.1.14 ·
  46. Vickie wrote:

    Thank you, Brenda for 9 great years. And, I like the Baby Cables – I just think it should be 10-12 cm shorter.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  47. SallyWool wrote:

    I have to confess that there was a time not so many years ago when I had no idea who Brenda Dayne was but once sucked in to the Cast On clan that velvet voice makes it impossible to check out. Luckily there are at least 100 podcasts that I haven’t listened to.

    You have touched so many lives with your thoughts about life, love and knitting and you have given us all the courage to dare to try new things, not to worry if they don’t turn out how expected because they can always be ripped back and started over.

    So glad there will be more retreats and I can thoroughly recommend them even if it will mean that I have to fight for a place on the next one.

    Love to you and Tonia and I can never put on a sweater without thinking of you.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  48. Sarah S wrote:

    The podcast will be truly missed.i guess I’ll just start over from the beginning and listen to them all again to cheer myself up.
    Thanks for all the amazing inspiration Brenda. I know you will find another way to inspire all of us in the future!!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  49. Corddrymum wrote:

    Dear Brenda, I will miss your podcast & your lovely voice. I wish you and Tanya joy & love for years to come. Live happy, knit sib!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  50. Jane wrote:

    Brenda, Thank you for the gift of the Cast-On podcast. I have so enjoyed listening over the years. “Epic Bind Off” is as beautifully written and produced as your many other episodes. Your work is beautiful and will continue to be so. I am looking forward to reading more of your writing and your new book about sweater construction.

    My advice about the sweater is (if the yarn will hold up) to rip it out and knit it over. The pattern is really interesting and the yarn is a beautiful color. When I rip out a large amount of knitting, I look at it as another opportunity to knit with yarn I love and getting even more value for the money I spent on the yarn. In the end, it is all knitting.

    All my best to you, Jane

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  51. Dear, Dear, Brenda,
    As one who had crossed over from the 9-5 grind to the scary world of the retired and doing what she loves, I applaud you for the difficult desicion of moving to beyond the Cast On podcast! Congratulations!

    As one, of many, who has looked forward to each episode, your lovely voice, your beautiful English diction, your knitting and above all, wise words, I will be selfishly sad about the end of the Cast On podcast…my first discovery to this podcast world I love.

    I wish you well, my podcast anonymous friend and hope for you a long and healthy life, full of what you love now, and what you will love in the future, such as grandchildren (in their proper time, of course!)

    This “last” episode of Cast On is, as usual , great! Thank you, for putting your heart and soul into its production and bidding your knitsibs farewell in your eloquent way!

    Great life, healthy life, and happy knitting…ALWAYS!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  52. Doreen MacL wrote:

    Thank you for so many fabulous podcasts, you are one of a kind. Thank you also to Tonia for being your rock. I will miss you but will enjoy your “occasionals” when they come. And now to decide what to knit from Rainbows… I like the sweater but maybe too bottom heavy. How about shorter and a rib bottom? Love the colour, you want to be happy with it I am sure. Hope you make it to Madrona again, it was fun to meet you there in real life. Where ever your path goes now, enjoy!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  53. tess wrote:

    The thing about binding off is that it’s a chance to cast on something new – best wishes for a wonderful adventure!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  54. Sam wrote:

    I will miss you and your warm, gorgeous voice more than is probably reasonable, so I just want to say thank you so very much for all the years that you have given so much of yourself to us all. Cast-On was such a wonderful thing to look forward to through some really challenging times for me. Thank you again for your very eloquent goodbye. I’m a bit verklempt and quite misty! I wish you so well in your future endeavors and hope that someday, maybe I’ll hear your voice coming from a stall at a fiber festival and be able to give a hug. πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  55. Lynn wrote:

    Mahalo, Brenda, for all the wonderful hours of your podcast! I’ve listened to every one, on my walks, on my way to and from work, going about my day at home, and tonight was the first time I’ve actually sat down I knit while I listened! So sad that I won’t hear your voice in new episodes! Wishing you the absolute BEST in life, wherever it takes you from here.
    Oh, and I think you’d look fab if the sweater fit closer to the body–I vote for ripping back to the pits, which is the pits, I know…..

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  56. Ceri wrote:

    I don’t usually make comments on podcasts I listen to, but yours was the first podcast I ever listened to! So I really had to say thank you. Through your podcast I connected with new knitting people and things, to glimpses of Wales and many fascinating stories. It made great listening and was the benchmark by which I judged many other podcasts which I tried.

    The last episode was a fine example. I appreciated the setting to music of the W B Yeats poem ‘When you are old’ which was always a favourite of my late mother. Good luck with the re-working of the sweater: I fear there will be no easier solution than a lot of ripping back, and good luck with whatever you turn your talents towards in the future.

    Who knows, I may recognise your voice sometime, either in the lanes of West Wales or at some knitterly event in the future, and I will be sure to say hello.

    Diolch yn fawr iawn.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  57. jackie wrote:

    Really sad that I will no longer hear your voice in a podcast. I have been listening from the beginning when it was just you and Marie Irshad. I wish you and Tonia well in the future. Thank you so much for the hours of listening pleasure that you have given.
    Hwyl fawr

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  58. patty wrote:

    Brenda Dayne! You totally rock and will be sorely missed here. Larry and I just enjoyed every word, every note of every song, especially the duet with our Dave, fantastic! We were forewarned but still loved it. Ed and Ethel too, aka his mum and dad, he can’t fool us. I don’t know if Dave told you I’ve been knitting since I was in primary school…we had to learn back then didn’t we? It all started with a cotton dishcloth. I still do, not close to your standards but for the new babies in the family and such. It’s a dying art though your huge number of knitsib followers would dispute that. Your wonderful pod-voice will resonate forever, I felt like playing the Welsh National anthem after it was all over. Is there one? Googling it right now. Cheers Brenda.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  59. patty wrote:

    oh boy, Land of my Fathers, fabulous.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  60. Avila wrote:

    Brenda – Thank you for the countless hours of distraction from life and company while knitting!

    As for the sweather – frog it back and re-knit the body smaller & I think the length and added a-line shaping is worth trying again. I’m in the process of re-knitting half of a vest that was finished but never worn for almost a year due to the fit & proportions. It’s always worth the time to re-knit something that you want to love.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  61. Eileen (emsres on Ravelry) wrote:

    Brenda – THANK YOU! You were my first and favorite podcast. You helped this, then newbie, knitter to find her way. You were my knitting group when I was home with a baby and all my friends were working. Thank you so much for the last nine years—they went so fast, didn’t they?

    Wishing you well in all that you do!

    Eileen (a knitsib forever)

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  62. As I only discovered the podcast about 4 years ago I have 5 years of archive yet to go! I’m sorry there will be no more (even for me to listen to eventually!) podcasts but glad you are planning more wool gatherings – in fact I’m very excited and will be there!. Lots of love, Catherine

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  63. Lydia wrote:

    Brenda, I haven’t listened yet but it seems that this will be the final…. so, I would like to just send these thoughts to you from Over Here in Western Australia. Thank you for all the hours of companionship you have given me through many a sleepless night and more, thank you for getting my brain moving, thank you for the wonderful tales about Wales, the music, the knitting, the spinning, the beaches, the dogs, the weather, the shawls and most of all thank you for just being you. I wish you the very best and happiest of times wherever your life may lead. Waving from Afar…….

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  64. Ühltje wrote:

    Thank you so much for all of the hours where I knit whilst you talked.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  65. Vera wrote:

    I put off listening to this because I don’t like goodbyes, and I’m still stinging from an unexpected loss earlier this week. This morning, I sucked it all up, and listened. Lovely as usual. I really needed to hear Franklin Habit’s piece today. I’ll miss the music, essays, weather updates, and the knitting, of course. Somehow, I feel inspired to restart my long lost, but well loved blog, Vera’s Crafty Blog. Looking forward to your new endeavors. Thanks for everything.

    Oh, and frog that sweater back to the arm holes and re knit it to the fit you desire. Life is too short for a fit you aren’t pleased with. πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  66. Barb Thames wrote:

    Brenda, Cast On was the first podcast I found and I’ve loved every episode of it. I will definitely miss the ‘cast’ and you, though you can certainly make changes in your life without my permission πŸ™‚ Scanning through the lists of podcasts for new editions without having Cast On among them will be most strange.

    I wish you well with whatever and whomever you fill your life. I’ll won’t forget that you’ve shared your life with the knitting world — the good and the bad. All of us will miss our conversations with you.


    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  67. shirley wrote:

    Hi Brenda…I would love to have this book to inspire and develop my knitting skills. It looks wonderful and your description on the podcast was so inviting.
    Love the dress too……couldn’t wait to wake up this morning to get on the computer and view it. The description was right on and the black piping makes it special.

    Take care,

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  68. Gale wrote:

    Thank You Thank You !!! I have enjoyed your podcast so much sitting here in Maine, knitting and listening to you. Have FUN enjoy life and Mybe we will meet so day. ????????????

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  69. Cindy Holben wrote:

    Thank you for entering my home and sharing you knitting and your life in Wales. Podcasts have their life cycle and yours had come full circle. I will to continue to follow you in your new formats, whatever they may be. Congratulations on your achievement.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  70. Nerissa wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your knitting with us. It has been a pleasure to listen you. I’m going to miss your podcasts.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  71. Sara wrote:

    Brenda – your podcast is sooooo going to be missed! Although I cannot wait to see what else comes from your well πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  72. Sue wrote:

    As soon as I saw the title, I just knew. I put off listening until just now and managed not to shed a tear until the last few minutes. I have listened to every episode, some more than once during some of your time away from the show. Thanks to Cast On, I am now an everyday knitter not an occasional one. For that alone I thank you. Over the years it was always a happy day to see Cast On appear in my feeder. I shall miss it greatly as I have missed it as it became less frequent. I shall not miss you dear Brenda as I know you will stay in touch with us all in some wonderful way.

    As far as the sweater is concerned, do what makes you happy with such a precious yarn. It sounds as though the thing to do may be to frog it and use your own formula. Perhaps you can go back the the yoke and continue with the size in the pattern that matches your upper torso rather than your bust. That usually makes a smaller garment.

    Best wishes to you in whatever direction life takes you.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  73. Lilianne wrote:

    Yours was the one podcast I would listen to the minute an episode was available. Listening to podcast was the main reason why I got myself an iPod. The first couple of episodes, I downloaded and burned to a CD so that I could then listen on the stereo and knit in comfort on the couch. I will miss it. Good luck, and I hope we get to hear from you again in the knitting world.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  74. Carol wrote:

    Where hve I been, under a rock? I just found your podcast when you are no longer going to podcast. Well, now I will go bck and listen to all of them. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your last episode, beautiful music! I wish you joy and happiness in all you do in the future, I am so glad I found you even though I am late to the party.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  75. Brenda C. wrote:

    Thanks for all the knitterly love all these years.
    Re the sweater, you might try blocking it to your desired dimensions. It’s wool, you should have some leeway to get it smaller around the body. I would also suggest not increasing so much towards the bottom. Once it’s the right width for your hips, don’t increase any more.
    Since garter tends to like to expand horizontally, I would knit the garter section on slightly smaller needles to keep it from flaring out. And/or, decrease the number of stitches by 5% or so.

    good luck!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  76. Jill (CityMinx) wrote:

    Thank you Brenda – I haven’t listened yet, but thank you for my first knitting podcast, for meeting Dave through you and the friends I’ve met through him, for glimpses of the Welsh countryside, for 9 years of listening to you while knitting, cleaning, riding the subway and walking the streets of New York. Thanks, and please let us know if you come to NYC. xo

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  77. Peg wrote:

    Brenda…simply said..thank you and I will miss you.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  78. Rissa wrote:

    Firstly, I’m going to miss hearing your voice. You are technically a stranger but listening to your podcasts felt like talking to an old friend. I’ll be listening if you want to talk again.
    I’m a process knitter. I do everything three times. Mostly because I don’t listen to the pattern advice. So wear it a couple of times and if you want to reknit it don’t feel bad. Feel free to rip it!
    The dress looks a lot like the Lisette portfolio dress. Have you seen it? I wonder which came first. You should check it out.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  79. Patti wrote:

    Thank you for all the hours of amusement, laughter and tears. Yours was the first podcast I’d ever listened to, and it has remained a favourite of mine. Oh the music! I got to introduce my 20 yo DD to skull crasher mountain………Momma rocks, lol.

    Your thoughtfulness, turn of phrase and velvet voice will be sorely missed. I’ve listened to you in so many situations, times and places. Some great, some very, very sad. You were always a comfort. Thank you for leaving the podcasts up for us to download. The back catalogue will help.

    You really rock that lanesplitter. I’m so glad you made it!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  80. Marisa wrote:

    Hi Brenda,

    Thank you so much for the countless hours you have given to us of listening but even more for all the time you spent working on producing them. Yours was the first podcast (and possibly the only) that I’ve ever been hooked on. You are the only person I’ve ever listened to who could make knitting into an audio activity. I can only hope to be able to continue to follow your work through ravelry and, dare I hope, blog posts here? Now to re-download the entire anthology (which I would totally buy on a cd collection btw)…I am currently on maternity leave and would love to listen to a friendly voice.

    Wishing you and all of your family love, health and happiness now and always,

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  81. Lou wrote:

    Thank you. For reigniting my desire to knit and craft. For keeping me company when I’ve been sad. Of making me want to visit Wales again! For teaching me that it’s only yarn and it can be done again. For making me love podcasts. And for making me realise that I really did need a hound in my life.

    Best wishes for the future. You will be missed dearly in this house.

    Love Lou xxx

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  82. Lou wrote:

    Just finished the podcast. Cried laughing at your duet with Dave!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  83. Cathy Wood wrote:

    Dear Brenda

    I’m sorry that you wont be doing the podcast any more. I have really enjoyed it. I will also miss listening to the only knitting podcast that I have found that is based in Wales (as I am). Good luck with all your future ventures.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  84. Rebecca wrote:

    Love to you as you move on. Make do and Mend willbe on my playlist forever.

    For me, love is in a hand knit. So go, knit something and cover someone you love in a long distance hug.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  85. Anita Dodds wrote:

    Thank you Brenda for all those wonderful hours of Cast On. You were my first podcast and honestly so good that others could not compare. Cast On has always had a special place in my heart. I love that you are in Wales. My mom is from Abertillery and as a child we visited whenever possible which was not often. She lives in Colorado, I am in Wyoming. She taught me to knit at about 4 years old so knitting as always been a part of my life.
    Best wishes in all that you do. Please keep in contact with all your loyal fans. You are loved.
    PS: As my youngest daughter would say
    “Suck it Up, Buttercup” and reknit that sweater. Put it in time out for awhile and then start again. Or reskein it and give it away. The yarn deserves to be in a sweater that is loved not just tolerated.
    Take care……..

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  86. Jeanne Bjork wrote:

    Thanks so much Brenda for sharing your love of knitting, life and Wales with us for nine lovely years. Your voice has kept me company on many a cold winter night or a long road trip. I will miss you and the podcast.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  87. Marcia wrote:

    “She Can Knit and She Can Sew” is from a recording by the Clancy Children, yes those Clancys…. A wonderful compilation of kids songs sung by that Irish family. I bought a copy for my daughter Siobhan when she was a wee one! Enjoy your new adventures!!!!!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  88. Carol wrote:

    Dear Brenda, I have loved your podcast and looked forward to new podcasts when they came along. My fellow knitters use “knit sibs” to refer to each other. Thank you for the fabulous 9 years!
    Your current sweater needs to be ripped out and re-knit with your own top down instructions. I am sorry but your sweater not fit or flatter. You know ripping is part of the knitting process, so have a glass of wine and do it!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  89. Barbara wrote:

    Oh, Brenda! So sad to know that this is really the last Cast-On podcast that will magically pop up in my iTunes library. I will miss sharing your adventures and hearing your keen insights. Good luck and take care of yourself and Tonia.

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  90. Julie wrote:

    Thank you, thank you for all of the wonderful listening you have given us through your podcast! Cast On was the first knitting podcast I ever listened to, found through a chance comment made by a teacher in a knitting class where I was knitting my first sweater. I went home, downloaded it, and was entranced. Six years later, I still am, and I’ll miss hearing your voice very much.

    Best of luck and much happiness in all you do, my knit sib!

    Posted on 11.2.14 ·
  91. Laia wrote:

    I’ve been a listener for nearly 8 years, and I’m going to miss your voice. But I can’t remember most of the early episodes, so I may go back and start listening over from the beginning! Because that’s the beauty of podcasts, they stay around.

    I enjoyed meeting you when you came to Corvallis, OR a few years ago (coming back to OR for a visit again any time soon?).

    As for the sweater, while it does look OK, if it isn’t what you wanted you’re never going to be happy with it. Every time you go to put it on, you’ll envision what you wanted and be disappointed. You’ll put it on less and less, until finally it’s just living in your closet drawer (or wherever you keep your sweaters) and that’s a sad fate for such a lovely yarn and a delightful pattern.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  92. Missy wrote:

    Brenda, thank you for all the wonderful podcasts. I’ve listened to every single one, and had the pleasure to take a class from you in St Paul, MN a couple of years back. I found Cast On in my early days as a knitter, and listening to the show made me even more enthusiastic about my new craft. Thank you for some great memories!

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  93. Susan M. wrote:

    Thank you Brenda for all you’ve done for so many. Every minute has been enjoyable. Can’t tell you how many many projects that have been accomplished or at least started while listening to your lovely voice. Including hand-tiling the 28 steps in my home. We’ve shared lots of grout time. And knitting time of course. I’ll think of you often, I’m sure. My best to you and yours always.
    Susan (sigh)

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  94. Sarah Punderson wrote:

    I have enjoyed your podcast over the years, your soothing voice and quick wit. I was lucky enough to take a class with you. Maybe you are continuing to teach?
    The book sounds fantastic, I would love to win it since I have put a hold on buying anymore books because I have way too many. But it doesn’t count if I win it, right?
    You will definitely be missed!

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  95. Ann P wrote:

    Thank you for a wonderful nine years!! Yours has been my favorite podcast!

    The sweater- beautiful yarn, reknit it.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  96. Stephanie wrote:

    Thank you for all your time and love! Re:sweater – reknit from the unde-bust

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  97. Jessica Peled wrote:

    Thank you for 9 great years of podcasts! Good luck in the future!

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  98. Carol D. wrote:

    Farewell Brenda* Really Loved your Wonderful Podcast & will so miss hearing from you.
    Best Wishes for A Future Filled with Love, Knitting/Sewing & All things Wonderful!

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  99. Stacy B wrote:

    Thanks Brenda and bon voyage. Love and miss you……??????

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  100. Amanda Wallace wrote:

    Brenda, it has been a lovely 9 years. Even though I have only been listening for a year or 2, I have listened to the entire backlog. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  101. Joan Domingo wrote:

    OMG! I can’t believe you are finally binding off! Farewell and good knitting!

    Thanks for everything!


    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  102. Joanne Moulden wrote:

    Well done, you rock!!!
    Thank you!

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  103. Mary Beth wrote:

    Your podcast has been the gold standard of knitting podcasts! Many thanks for all the wonderful episodes, and I hope to meet you in person some day.
    And for the sweater–if you’re not thrilled with it, then my advice, to paraphrase Devo, is to rip it, rip it good.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  104. Janet Melcher wrote:

    I started knitting 7 years ago and found you, thank you for your encouragement. I’ve now come out of retirement and purchased a yarn store so that I can share knitting in my own way. I’ll miss you!

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  105. Toby wrote:

    Ah darn, for only this week I discovered you. I will have to go back and listen to the old episodes.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  106. nancyg wrote:

    I’m so sorry to hear the podcast will be ending. I listen on my commute to NYC and looked so forward to each new episode. I only started listening about a year ago, so I can go back and listen to the archives. Thanks for a great podcast and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  107. Shannon Y. wrote:

    Brenda, thank you for a very entertaining and enlightening couple of years. I only wish I had found you sooner but then there is always the archives! I wish you the very best and look forward to hearing from you on your blog.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  108. Keran wrote:

    Brenda, thanks for the nine years, many good memories, and I smile when I find myself quoting you “if your cold, put on a sweater, that’s what its for”.


    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  109. Anne Baron wrote:

    Wonderful Cast Off! Your 9 years have been a great accomplishment =) God bless you in the years to come!

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  110. Lisa Lee wrote:

    That was an epic show! I will miss the podcast but look forward to what comes next.
    And I am touched by what change really means in our lives.
    Wishing you the best,

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  111. KittenWithAWhiplash wrote:

    For 9 remarkable years, what a valuable part of our lives you’ve been. Best wishes for the future. KittenWhiplash on Rav.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  112. spinunlady. (Leona) wrote:

    Sad that this is ending but we can always find past podcasts when needed.
    Thanks so much for all of your hard work.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  113. Cricket54 wrote:

    Thank you, Brenda, for your wonderous podcasts. They will be replayed again and again as I knit the stress out of my dreary day-to-day life, I assure you. I would treasure a copy of Felix’s book and hope that the Random Number Generator smiles upon me. Please take care and remember how many friends you have out here in the cyberworld.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  114. Mary Humphrey wrote:

    Thanks for your wonderful podcast. I’ll miss them. Not every knitter can make a podcast that is such a pleasure to listen to.
    Mary (Msvantes on Ravelry)
    p.s. I live about 50 mi from Drain.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  115. Carrie wrote:

    So sorry you’re ending podcasting – they have inspired me to be a better, more adventurous knitter. And I was really disappointed when I downloaded other podcasts and discovered they aren’t all as well produced, planned and executed as Cast On. Good luck with whatever comes next for you. (And I won’t deny I have my fingers crossed that I get the book – looks fantastic)

    Carrie x

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  116. Barbara Heinrich wrote:

    thank you for all the hours of enjoyable and enlightening listening. I will miss you.

    Posted on 11.3.14 ·
  117. Shannon B wrote:

    I finally got time, today, to sit down and put on your Cast On swan song. Just last night I finished off my current sweater project while watching Buffy, so today was a day to cast on. A friend had asked me for a pair of slippers — the dreaded DROPS ‘Red Riding’ slipper boots that non-knitters have been squealing about on Facebook — so I picked up my 6mm double points and some bulky alpaca.

    Around the 10 minute mark of the podcast, you said that you are honoured to have been a part of our car journeys, sleepless nights, childbirths…and then you said “hospital beds”.

    I don’t think I ever got around to writing you about this, though I meant to. My best friend was diagnosed with cancer in August 2007. She was 42 at the time…she had an 8 year old daughter and an 11 year old boy.

    The next few months were a nightmare of radiation, surgery scheduling, and late-night crying sessions with her family. I helped as much as I could, bringing meals to her family when she was 3 hours away in the city for treatments, looking after her daughter, driving her to dance classes and picking her up from school at odd hours when the anxiety got too big.

    In October, my friend went into the hospital for her surgery. It took a few hours, but it went well and she was taken to ICU for a day or two to recover. The next few days, I came to sit with her whenever possible. I brought, on her request, my knitting. She wasn’t able to talk, and spent most of the time with her eyes closed, listening to my needles. Unthinkingly, I originally brought bamboo, until she asked me, surprised, why my knitting didn’t sound right?

    I switched the project over to steel.

    When I had to leave the hospital, I left her with my iPod. She wasn’t sleeping at night, she had told me, and didn’t like having to hear what was going on in the rest of the ICU.

    I had made sure my iPod was fully charged, and fully loaded — with Cast On.

    My friend was not a knitter, but for days she lay in her bed in the hospital, slowly recovering from a 7″ bowel resection, and listening to Cast On. The music was interesting, and new to her, and she loved the sound of your voice. She’d often fall asleep but made sure to rewind if she woke and found she had missed “Today’s Sweater”.

    In January 2010 my friend learned that her cancer had returned, and had spread throughout her body.

    She died in September. She went into hospital at 5 AM and was gone by 8. I was with her when she died, and as I held her hand I remembered those hours I spent with her after her surgery, knitting. And I thought about the iPod full of Cast On and the way it comforted her at night.

    Your podcast was a gift to many people, Brenda – to me, a knitter and a fan from the first time I downloaded, to my friend who never touched a skein of yarn but spent time with you in the ICU.

    When I heard you say ‘hospital beds’, I had to press pause because I started to cry. I thought about it all — Sandy in the darkened ICU listening to Today’s Sweater. The Snow Day. The Snatchel. Ed and Ethel, 56 Coupons, I Speak Jive. The Dave and Gary dolls. The tiny crochet of Sage Tyrtle. Dame Candle Company, the wonderful, impromptu pub singing. And my favourite, the National Wool Museum. (“Stitch and bitch!, she laughed, “That’s a new one on me!” And, “You, sir, are a good spinner.”)

    And I wanted to thank you for every moment.

    Thank you so much for being there, and for the great care you took in every part of Cast On…it showed. And it meant a lot.


    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  118. Linda wrote:

    well, I am sad. I only listen to your podcast and will go out there and try to find another. I loved sharing your stories and life in Wales. I will miss you and Tanya but I am glad you will continue your blog.
    I wish you both all the best and hope to see you in a class in the future. I would like to make that sweater..

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  119. Caroline wrote:

    Well done! and of course it had to end with that song!
    I would LOVE to win Felix’s book although I will probably just admire it as I am creativity-impaired.
    I say frog the sweater. If you love the yarn you don’t want it tied up in a sweater you don’t think is beautiful and won’t wear. I think it’s too poofy and lumpy in the middle although to me the yoke looks fine….

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  120. terri wrote:

    how sad that i’m only finding you now as you’re ending…

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  121. Eleanor Cavin wrote:

    Thanks for the podcasts. Perhaps the original knitting podcast.
    Best wishes on your writing and other pursuits.
    And I think you like knitting enough to frog the sweater and knit one you like with the yarn like.
    Thanks! And I look forward to the Occasionally newsletters.

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  122. Jessica Steele wrote:

    Thanks, Brenda, for sharing yourself over the years and for the classy finale. Onward!

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  123. Mardi wrote:

    Brenda, Thank you for 9 wonderful years of podcast companionship. Saw the title of this last contribution and didn’t want to play it just knowing you were signing off and wanting it not to be true. Gonna miss your brain …. And all that comes with it. Adieu. Will follow as you avail us of your new plans Mardi

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  124. Dani wrote:

    Brenda, thank you for all the time you spent with us, with me. Yours was one of the first podcasts I discovered when I started listening about 5 years ago. I laughed with you and cried with you. I loved your stories of Wales, of travel, of walks with the dog, and the joy of a cup of tea and a warm spring morning.

    Best of luck in your travels and future adventures. I hope to meet you someday to be able to say thank you in person.


    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  125. Lynda wrote:

    Sad for us listeners!
    but happy for you X

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  126. Jorun wrote:

    Thanks for all the inspiration and smiles you’ve brought me. Your voice and your superb music selections have kept me company on many long walks.

    My very best wishes for everything that lies ahead.

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  127. Fran wrote:

    Best wishes in your new endeavors! Your voice and insight will be missed.

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  128. Char wrote:

    Brenda…like everyone else I want to thank you for your 132 episodes. You have been with me thru some very difficult times. The story of you and your knitting mentor touched my heart because it so connected me with my knitting mentor who was so much more to me. The quality of your podcast was always stellar and you paved the way for so many others. Thank you Brenda for sharing your life and knitting and being a part of mine. I will miss you knit sib. Remember if you’re cold put on a sweater (but only after you’ve ripped back…the sweater is too big…and if you don’t like it now you won’t like it any better all your winters to come. Being done with something is a Siren’s tempting call but if you’re not going to wear it with pride or at least satisfaction…what’s the point? Best wishes Brenda for all that is in your future.

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  129. Nancy wrote:

    I join the many here who are sad, but wish you the best. Your podcast was one of the best! You are intelligent, articulate, interesting and I loved listening. Thank you! You will be missed! It’s hard to let go of you…

    As for the sweater, I think you should keep it. Then I think you should make another using your own method and seeing if the new one makes you happier. Then frog the other or keep it for around the house for cool mornings. I wear the one I made for my husband often just until I get moving enough to warm up.

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  130. Citabria wrote:

    Thank you Brenda for getting me through so many late nights of work and the ups and downs in my life. I have been revisiting the series while working these days and I look forward to your next adventure. Thank you everything!

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  131. Liisa wrote:

    Rip it out! Start again, you deserve to love it since you are a sweet knitty woman.

    Will miss your podcasts very much. Look forward to what comes next from you though.

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  132. Rachel wrote:

    You ran two half marathons, finished my master’s degree and flew countless times between home & Toronto with me. I loved listening to your show and early on, listened immediately when you put out a show. I will miss your show’s high quality, your sense of humour and passion for knitting. I know you’ve had a lot of life happen in the past year and I wish you & Tania all the best going forward. Happy knitting!!! Keeps your needles clicking always πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  133. marta wrote:

    Brenda, Brenda, Brenda…
    I wrestled with listening to this episode. Should I wait and savor it? Should I listen right away and have a good cry?
    I waited three days. Pretty good by my standards. I’m not very good at waiting.
    As always, I loved it and love you. You, of course, wouldn’t know me from Adam, but please know you and your beautiful words are loved, very much.
    Thank you.

    Oh, and, I’ll be watching and waiting for the next project πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  134. Lynda Thompson wrote:

    Happy to be bribed for a comment, I would love a copy of Knitsonik. So sad you won’t be podcasting anymore, I love your voice and have learnt a lot and enjoyed hearing how much you love living on our island. My first thought when I saw the photo of you in the sweater was, how lovely is that skirt?! But I also thought the sweater was lovely but then decided its a bit baggy around your tummy. If you’re anything like me you won’t be able to live with it and will eventually rip it out…

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  135. Grace wrote:

    First time commenting (I was late to the party) and I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely hours of knitting talk. I am in the middle of an epic bind off myself (Nuvem, by Martina Behm) and I thought that was a little appropriate. In regard to the sweater… it is too big on you and I agree that negative ease would be better. Rip it! You deserve to love this sweater after all the hours already spent on it. Take care and best of luck in the future.

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  136. Emily wrote:

    I’ve been a listener since almost the beginning. Congratulations on a job magnificently done. I’ll miss the podcast, but you should be so proud. Thank you.

    Posted on 11.4.14 ·
  137. Nikki wrote:

    Oh Brenda, I only discovered Cast On this year! I started at the beginning and listened all the way to the end. I am saving this one for an extra special long knitting session with a very large cup of tea. Thank you for this lovely podcast, which I will definitely be revisiting often. Thank you for introducing me to other great podcasts (like the Knitmore Girls – almost through their back catalogue), to Franklin Habit and Knitty and Felix and Enter the Haggis.

    I hope you’ll still be blogging!

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  138. Tobie wrote:

    My first time listening to you was your second episode and I’ve been listening to them all since then. I want to thank you for many hours of listening and I will miss you.

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  139. honeybee33 wrote:

    Thanks so very much for binding off properly and weaving in the ends so tidily – it would’ve been sadder if you’d just walked away and left the UFO. If I could put into words what you and your work has meant to me in a way that did it justice then I’d have enough prodigious talent to have just created the podcast myself, but I don’t. Just … thanks. Thanks, and thanks yet again. And happy trails!

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  140. Altadenaknitter wrote:

    Thank you for so generously sharing your knitting life with all of us. When you first cast off into the podcast ocean, it was a lonely place, but because of you there are now many, many knitting podcasts that we can enjoy. But none, I have to say, whose episodes have been as eagerly awaited as yours have been, at least in this Altadena knitter’s household. I will miss you and your wonderful stories.

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  141. Margie Foster wrote:

    Thank you so much for all the hours of knitting entertainment and inspiration. I will miss you and that little sheep at the start of your podcast.
    As for your sweater picture, I think you are being a little hard on it. I think it looks good. But, if you do not like it now, you won’t wear it. So maybe you should do the changes you want. Or put it up for a little wile and look at it again later.

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  142. Larry Fenske wrote:

    Your podcast has but a part of my life for so long, I’m going to miss it. I do understand that life must progress (even celebrities like you), but I’ll miss hearing your voice talking about knitting and other parts of life. Thank you for nine wonderful years and all the hard work you’ve put into talking to us. You have my best wishes for everything else you are or will be doing.

    Oh, and the sweater. It’s lovely, but I don’t think you’ll be happy with the fit unless you rip it back, even though vast tracts of boring will be, well, boring to do again. Everyone needs a low-attention project? I love the color and the combinations of cables.

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  143. Larry Fenske wrote:

    Oops, “your podcast has *been* a part of my life for so long”.

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  144. Erika wrote:

    Knowledge and
    Necessity through
    Triumph in
    Sanctuary for

    …with lots of love from Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  145. Maritza LM wrote:

    Brenda, you have my best wishes for an exciting new chapter, as you close this one. Many thanks for having given us your Cast-On gift for so many years. I loved your show. Many, many cheers to you. Regarding the sweater, I agree with an earlier suggestion that you make it a little longer so you can wear it with tights. Love the color!


    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  146. Josefin wrote:

    Thank you, Brenda, for all the knitting, crocheting, spinning, needle binding, carding, walking and feelgooding in your wonderful audio company. And please come to Sweden for a big or small something!

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  147. I am happy for you and all of your possibilities to allow you to share fiber love with us in other ways. I hope to hear you again in person at one of your retreats there….and if you come to central Illinois you ha ve a place to stay!

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  148. Leez wrote:

    Thank you, Brenda!

    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  149. Andrea Walsh wrote:

    Thank you, Brenda, for 9 years of Cast On, my favorite podcast. I enjoyed each episode, some of them helped me pull through months of chemo (also your finishing music number, Enter the Haggis, was my pick-me-up tune at that time… and still is). I’m only sorry that I could never reciprocate adequately.

    Good luck and happy trails to you for years to come :))


    Posted on 11.5.14 ·
  150. Marla wrote:

    Thanks for thr memories, Brenda. We’ll keep knitting while you go on to your next venture – of course, I know you keep those pointy sticks nearby. Enjoy your retirement – I’m right behind you.

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  151. Cam wrote:

    Brenda, thank you so much for the company. Totally EPIC!!! Way to pull on people’s heartstrings! πŸ™‚ Have fun out there.

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  152. hotknitter wrote:

    Thanks for the last 9 years. I’m sure this episode was tough to produce, but, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Whoever said that? I will miss the sound of your voice. Best wishes with your new adventures.

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  153. Alison wrote:

    Thank you. As soon as I saw the name of this podcast episode, I knew what was coming. My children quote you when it is cold and they need to wear a sweater.

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  154. PipneyJane wrote:


    I just wanted to say Thank You. I found the podcast in 2009, went back to the beginning and have downloaded and listened to every episode. I loved your make-do-and-mend series and have those podcasts saved for all time.

    Thank you for widening my world. For most of my 25 years in the UK, I have been a solitary knitter – none of the Brits I knew knitted. You made me feel like I was not alone.

    Thank you also for introducing me to “Enter the Haggis”. I am now a Haggis-head. They were the perfect choice to finish your last ever episode.

    – Pam

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  155. Vivian wrote:

    Thanks for letting us ride along these 9 years. You will be missed.

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  156. teresa c wrote:

    I will miss Cast On! I listened to ALL single episodes with great delight. You’re a great writer and podcaster. All the best for the rest of your life, Brenda! And wow! It has been 9 years!

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  157. Kathleen wrote:

    Oh how I will miss your dulcet tones. But looking forward to seeing what comes next! Xx

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  158. Chris wrote:

    A fond and heart-felt farewell.

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  159. Laurilee wrote:

    Thank you for your podcasts, you will be missed

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  160. GinaC wrote:

    Dear Brenda, it’s been a great ride indeed – thank you sooo much for taking us along on it! I know all good things must come to an end, but I still balk and drag my feet coming to terms with that. When I need a cast on fix, I’ll go back and randomly select an archived episode…will be great to hear Merrigan’s Reel once again (The perfect theme music, thank you Jim!) as I pick up my pointy sticks and enjoy your ventures and adventures…and your few misadventures! I’ll stop saying ventures now. I wish you and Tonia a bright, cheery and blessing-filled future. Many thanks!

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  161. Melanie PL wrote:

    Thanks for the chance to win the book from your good friend. I will sorely miss your Podcast, but — who knows?– you may miss US, too, and decide to come back in some way! Once a knitter, always a knitter. Best of luck always. You’re an inspiration! MPL

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  162. Vielka wrote:

    Thank you Brenda! Enjoy your next project!
    BIG HUG!

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  163. Debra G. wrote:

    I will miss this podcast so much! Enjoy your next project.

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  164. christine wrote:

    hi brenda,
    i must have been listening to the entire archive ever since i discovered cast-on last year, thank you so much! it was a pleasure to hear your stories and your points of view. thanks so much for dave and sage, too.
    happy next steps!

    ps. i like the sweater like it is…

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  165. Toby wrote:

    Brenda!! I’m an infrequent commenter and sort of a late-comer to the podcast–I found it in 2011 when I needed something to listen to in the car on my way to work (at a yarn shop). I had just had a terrible, horrible, awful break-up and needed something to keep me from thinking too much while driving, and Cast On was the one podcast that stuck because I LOVED it. I still love it even now that I’m way over that break-up. I hope making it made you as happy as it made me to listen to it. I wish you the very, very best in all future endeavors and I look forward to reading about them on the blog.

    Regarding the sweater, I don’t think it looks bad at all, but if you want to shrink it a teeeeeny bit, maybe try wet-blocking it, rolling it in a towel until it’s just damp, and then tossing it in the dryer for like, 2 minutes. CHECK IT AFTER 2 MINUTES. (Scientific method: I recommend laying it flat, measuring the width beforehand and then measuring again after every 2 – 5 minute cycle in the dryer.) It won’t be totally dry, but it might be a little smaller and then just lay it flat until it’s totally dry.

    And also, I would be super thrilled to win the Knitsonik book. πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  166. Jeanie wrote:

    Well Brenda, I wish you well. You have been a great inspiration and I have enjoyed listening to you. Will miss the podcasts but look forward to what you will do next. Have fun.

    Posted on 11.6.14 ·
  167. Liz Rolle wrote:

    It’s hard to say more than ‘thank you.’ And very hard to keep from crying. And crying again as I read about your crying. Thank you for a true original – not just the idea of the podcast, but your wonderful speaking voice; your ability to describe what you see so that we, too, can see it; your imagination in making sweaters speak; your generous sharing of music we would never have heard; even sharing your friends and so much more.

    The skirt looks fabulous – I may have to make it. The sweater just looks comfy – sorry you’re not crazy about it. But what I really want to make is Bea’s dress – in my size!

    Thank you for sharing a train ride to New Haven after your class at Lion Brand Studio – I was nearly tongue-tied. (And I’m sorry you lost that white shirt.)

    Thank you.

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  168. Linda Kirsch wrote:

    I love the cable sweater. I’d leave it as is.

    I will miss your podcasts terribly! Thank you so much for all those wonderful years of listening. Wishing you everything wonderful going forward.

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  169. Denise wrote:

    I was very sorry to hear you won’t be podcasting anymore. I really enjoyed listening to them over the years. Thank you!

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  170. Sheila wrote:

    I’ve really enjoyed your podcast over the years and will miss it. This last episode was wonderful. I was dog-sitting earlier in the week and was listening while taking the dog for a walk last Sunday afternoon. Of course, we were walking right past the open doors of a church social hall when your duet with Dave, causing me to crack up laughing. I had to really struggle to contain my laughter and avoid disturbing their gathering. Thanks for all the great listening and laughs over the years!

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  171. Margaretk wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your stories for so many years and hours of listening on my part. I have heard them all, and will probably go through them again. Best of luck to you and Tonia going forward…..Margaretk in Portland, Oregon.

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  172. Linnea wrote:

    I stopped the last episode a few minutes from the end so it doesn’t have to over just yet. Thank you for such a fantastic nine years.

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  173. Beth R. wrote:

    The sewn dress looks great, and the sweater is not bad. Maybe a reknit of the bottom only?
    I’d love to win the Knitsonik book, as colorwork is a growing passion that could become an obsession with the slightest bit of encouragement.
    The past nine years have been an enthralling journey that it has been my great pleasure to share with you: the words, the music, the needles knitting it all together. May the road ahead take you to the most interesting places.

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  174. Andrea wrote:

    Still haven’t gotten around to listening to the last episode. I’m trying to find some quiet knitting time so I can really enjoy this last episode. Thank you for your podcast, it was always a pleasure to hear your voice! Especially as I also live in Wales and can understand the love you feel for this little corner of the Earth.

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  175. Stephannie wrote:

    Thank you, thank you for all the years of podcasting!

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  176. Jan Ribar wrote:

    I have enjoyed all your podcasts and especially loved meeting you in your sock class in Ohio. Glad to see you decided to frog your sweater. In my sixty years of knitting, I’ve never regretted reusing yarn in quest of a better sweater.

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  177. Khalila wrote:

    Thank you for all of your podcasts you have created! I’m so sorry to know there won’t be anymore but really appreciate what you have given. I have a 9 year old son now, and I remember listening to your first podcasts with him as a baby. I’ve listened at the park, walking with a stroller, late nights nursing, soccer practices, knitting, cleaning and everything else that comes in between. You and Cast On, will always hold a special place in my heart, as the first knitting podcast I ever downloaded. I’ve enjoyed every episode and will always be grateful for your generosity. A million Thanks!

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  178. Susan (sjanova) wrote:

    Ah, Brenda. So no more regular audio visits to Wales. I’ll have to re-listen, then, to all of them. One a month, perhaps. But this episode maybe a few times here and there in between just to remind me of where we’re going, for now. And to hear your special friend inserts a few more times. (Yes, Felix’s book is on my wish list.)

    And about the wonderfully cabled sweater, which you made me add to my own queue, perhaps. I think raglans don’t fit all bodies the same way and that may be part of the issue. I think I might rip back and make it a little more fitted, yes. And lighten the weight. I love that length on you, but maybe it’s too heavy. So maybe a lighter hem somehow so it won’t make it wider where you don’t want looking wider? (Like you, I’ve come to like garter a little more, evidence among my Ravelry projects, but maybe it isn’t right for that hem.)

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  179. Elaine (P3 2012) wrote:

    You’ve been – and will continue to be – an inspiration to me. My knitting mojo has known no bounds since P3! Thank you Brenda, and very best wishes for the future xx

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·
  180. Mark W. wrote:

    I still can’t believe Cast On has been epically bound off after so many years. I’m still waiting for a good time to pick up my pointy sticks in order to listen to this last episode, but I know I can’t put it off forever. Thanks for all the great stories, Today’s Sweaters, songs, and people shared over the past 9 years!

    Posted on 11.8.14 ·
  181. Londa wrote:

    I was so thrilled to see a new Cast On podcast loaded into my iPhone. When I saw the
    title, I knew it would be the last. It took me a couple of days to begin listening. I truly
    did not want it to end. Again, you did not let me down. Yours has always been my
    favorite to listen to. Such a marvelous mixture of voice, knit stories, and music.

    Thank you Brenda!

    Posted on 11.8.14 ·
  182. Alanna wrote:

    The minute I saw the title and the date I knew the time had come. Grazie e Brava for a magnificent gift you’ve given to the world’s knit sibs.

    I would rip back and go for the original look. It would be a polished, sleek, cosi sofisticato…, and look fab w that skirt!

    Posted on 11.8.14 ·
  183. Veronica wrote:

    Oh Brenda, I’m going to miss you and your gorgeous voice! I know in your podcast you mentioned being hugged a good bit by complete strangers. Please accept another. A heartfelt virtual hug from me! Thank you for your outstanding podcast (thank god for the archive). Best wishes to you always!

    Posted on 11.9.14 ·
  184. karen wrote:

    I cried as soon as I saw the episode title, and cried the whole way through – even though you said not to. Thank you, sweet Brenda. My life is better, because you were in it. xo

    Posted on 11.9.14 ·
  185. Dear Brenda,

    Thank you for nine years of wonderful work. Your words and wisdom have been with me as I grew from a beginning knitter to a more confident one. Your voice has accompanied me on many a dog walk, car ride, and chore day. You have brought me to tears and to fits of giggles. You have made me feel welcome, wanted, and special, even though we’ve never met. I have listened to every single episode of cast-on and am glad to know that they will be available in the archive. It feels selfish to be sad, but I am. I am also excited for you and can’t wait to see what you choose next. Happy writing and many HUGS!

    Posted on 11.9.14 ·
  186. Kimberley wrote:

    Congratulations and thanks you for a superb last episode, and a superb body of work. Your podcast will be missed, but I wish you the very best with your future plans! With the sweater, I think you can wear it the way it is, but if you’re on the fence, you probably won’t. My advice, rip back and knit it so you’ll love – a little more fitted in the bodice and shorter! Bonne chance!

    Posted on 11.10.14 ·
  187. Jill wrote:

    Honored to be a knitsib. You have kept me company many hours as I tested specimens for TB alone in a room with a biohazard sign on the door. Thank you.

    Posted on 11.10.14 ·
  188. Thank you for all of your time and knowledge throughout the years. YOU WILL BE MISSED !!

    Posted on 11.10.14 ·
  189. Rachel Godfrey wrote:

    Wow, I’m feeling quite emotional after listening to your last podcast. I only discovered Cast On 6 months ago but I’m in the process of listening to all the old episodes, I especially liked the one on about Guy Fawkes night and the one about Dylan Thomas. Thanks for all the great audio content and best of luck with whatever you decide to do next.

    As for the sweater, I’d either make it a bit longer (tunic length) and wear it with full length trousers, or make it shorter (like, about 2 inches below the top of the skirt) and more fitted at the waist. I think you’d also look great in v-necks, can’t really manage that on this sweater because of the cable details but that’s the other thing that struck me looking at the photo.

    Posted on 11.10.14 ·
  190. Heather wrote:

    Been listening since the very start – yours was the first podcast I ever listened to, and while others, knitting and non-knitting, have come and gone from my iPod, Cast on is the only one I have stuck with, as I have always enjoyed it. In fact, ‘enjoy’ is the wrong word, really….I just loved it! Huge thanks and all the very best for the future.

    Posted on 11.10.14 ·
  191. Lynne wrote:

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful body of work. I will miss your podcast so much.

    Posted on 11.10.14 ·
  192. Wordbird wrote:

    Dearest Brenda
    Thank you so much for your companionship and sense of fun. Thank you for the music, for being a loving connection to my homeland when I was living far away, for getting me into knitting when all I could really do was cast on and off and plain and purl. Thank you for Knitting on The Plinth, for encouraging me to be brave and walk away from a situation that was crippling me, for Snow Day, for the recording of the old boys singing in the pub.
    Thank you for it all, knitsib. I wish you happiness, health, fulfilment and joy. Blessed be. x

    Posted on 11.11.14 ·
  193. Claire Graham-Smith wrote:

    Wow! So many comments. I loved Felix’s chapter. I have family in that area. I spent lots of time visiting and exploring. They lived in Culham on the Thames near Abingdon. I got drunk the fist time in Wallingford on hard cider. Though I didn’t know it till later. I was only 12.

    Posted on 11.11.14 ·
  194. Kelly wrote:

    I’ve only now just listened to the final episode. I put it off because I didn’t want it to be true. Thank you for this wonderful podcast. Thank you for sharing with us all. I’ve loved your essays and the music selected was always perfect. As was in this episode. I truly loled at yours and Daves rendition of ‘time of your life’. It’s hard not to be sad, but I’ll think of that song and I’ll be chuckling to myself for a while. I’ll miss hearing about your knitting and I think I’ll miss hearing about Wales just as much. Many thanks to Tonia too – as I know she has been such an amazing source of support for this podcast. I know this won’t be the last we hear from you. I’m sure there are more great works to come.

    Posted on 11.11.14 ·
  195. Tara wrote:

    I have procrastinated on listening to your last podcast because I just couldn’t bear that thought of hearing you say goodbye. I listened today, and I laughed and cried and felt so grateful for all the work you put into this amazing body of work.

    Thank you for being such an important part of this community. I look very forward to seeing what the next chapter holds for you.

    Love and Much Gratitude,
    (chavahsdaughter on Ravelry)

    Posted on 11.11.14 ·
  196. Nyss wrote:

    Hi Brenda, thank you for so many years of wonderful audio company, and for inspiring many of the other podcasts that we now enjoy. I re-listened to episode 1 after this last epic bind-off – the quality is so consistent from the very beginning of your show – and I am tempted to go back through the archives again. We will greatly miss your voice, but will enjoy following your future online endeavours!

    Posted on 11.12.14 ·
  197. Gretchen Garcia wrote:

    I will also be grateful for all the time and love you have shared with me and all your fans over the last nine delightful years. You have always been my favorite podcaster and I will miss knitting with you. If you are ever in Tampa, FL, know that you are loved and admired here. Your KnitSib, Gretchen

    Posted on 11.13.14 ·
  198. Mary Zammit wrote:

    Thank you Brenda, it’s been wonderful, I will really miss you. Hope to catch you at Wonderwool maybe…….. Tons of love to you both, and very best wishes for your future projects.

    Posted on 11.13.14 ·
  199. Katie wrote:

    I teared up and stopped dead in my tracks when the words left your lips into my ears that this was the last episode. Your voice is so comforting and your stories are fabulous. I only found you a few years ago, but managed to catch up and then listen as the episodes popped up. One of the songs you featured, is now my podcast theme song. So, thank you for that! I can’t read the comments, as they continue to reduce me to tears. This community is so loving and gracious… and we will miss you. Thank you for letting us into your world! Best of luck in your next endeavors!

    Posted on 11.14.14 ·
  200. Kathleen wrote:

    I was late to the party, but thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. Loved being called a Knitsib. The best description of all time for fellow knitters. All the best wishes for your future endeavors.
    P.S. Glad to see you’re still posting to the blog. I can “hear” you as I read. Cheers!

    Posted on 11.14.14 ·
  201. Chris E wrote:

    Brenda, yours was the first podcast I listened to, and the last knitting podcast I’ve kept downloading. No others compare, and I’ll miss it. I was with you the day you bought that yarn in Biella. The Zara I bought is still waiting for inspiration. Rip that thing back to the armholes and make it slimmer and much shorter! The more I knit, the more I appreciate ripping back… Best of everything for your next adventure.

    Posted on 11.17.14 ·
  202. quiltercaroline wrote:

    Dearest Brenda. Thank you so, so much for the gift of Cast on and of yourself for all these years. When I reflect when I started listening to you I had just picked up knitting and was looking for something… now this particular part of the story is ending I am now a Knitter and even a published designer! The soundtrack of the podcast and your knitting adventures have been great travel mates. I will miss listening to you, but look forward to all the fun things I am sure are in your future. Bless you c x

    Posted on 11.18.14 ·
  203. Jessica wrote:

    Thank you for doing this for so long. Ni have always loved your music choices.

    Posted on 11.21.14 ·
  204. Aisha wrote:

    I decided to pick up knitting again after so long and I haven’t listened to the podcast in a couple of years at least. But as I reached for my needles I kept saying ‘something is missing…’ And I realized that I had not listened to you and kept up and I felt like I was missing an old friend. I quickly came to check out your website to see if you still had one and was so grateful to see that you were still here. But imagine my dismay when I read that you were leaving me. But to be fair I did leave you first and I fully understand that this is how life goes. I just wanted you to know that even though I haven’t listened and followed you in ages I still felt like you were an ‘old friend’ I could pick up with where we left off. All the way from Canada, you will be very missed! (And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some catching up to do πŸ™‚ )

    Posted on 11.23.14 ·
  205. Raquel wrote:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. For all the insight and perspectives you have shared as well as the time and effort you graced us with while doing so. I started knitting as your venture in podcasting began and can honestly say you have made a huge impact on me. Hope you continue rocking out the sweaters, though I have not braved that type of commitment to my knitting projects, I am thrilled to listen to all your details and descriptions of said knitted loveliness. Best wishes and see you round the interwebs lady!

    Posted on 11.25.14 ·
  206. Elizabeth wrote:

    Thanks so much. Your podcasts are trips home for me as well as knitting fun!

    Posted on 11.26.14 ·
  207. Beaweezil wrote:

    I just swung over to see if you had time for a new podcast. I’m guessing by the post you had time for one, one last one to say good bye. I just can’t do it. Maybe I’ll never listen to it so there is one last one available for that day I just need to hear your voice. Thanks for the the years of entertainment and the friendship when it never occurred to me that someone would want to hear about my knitting. Thanks for all the fish!

    Posted on 11.26.14 ·
  208. twinsetjan wrote:

    Thank you, and farewell. It’s been a great ride. We love you.

    Posted on 11.29.14 ·
  209. KYle S wrote:

    Just returned from long Thanksgiving weekend jaunt, tired from the 3 hour drive I grabbed my IPad and checked to see if there might be a new Cast-on podcast, and there it was. So I picked up my pointy sticks and continued on my version of Winnowing ( which in my case is more like Harrowing ????) As I listened to you the stitches flowed and the time flew. So now it has come to an end (the podcast, not my version of Winnowing) and I am a bit blue. But am promising myself I’ll make a trip to Wales to meetup, knit and have a cup of tea with you one day. May many blessings continue to come your way.


    Posted on 11.30.14 ·
  210. hahna wrote:

    oh, man. listening to this podcast right now. *sniff* thanks so much for all youve given! wishing you the best in all your future endeavors! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    Posted on 12.1.14 ·
  211. Kathleen (justwantstoknit) wrote:

    Hi Brenda – I’ve only been listening to your podcast for the past year or so, but have really enjoyed it. Sorry to hear this is the end of your podcast journey, but I’ve learned with something ends, something new finds it way into your life. Best of wishes to you and yours.

    Happy knitting………..

    Posted on 12.1.14 ·
  212. Lizzy wrote:

    Thank you Brenda for all the hours’ work behind the scenes putting the shows together. The very best to you and your family. You have inspired me beyond belief in many ways. Big hug. X

    Posted on 12.2.14 ·
  213. Michele wrote:

    As soon as I saw the title of this episode, I knew that this would be the end. First Sticks and String and now Cast On. Another great knitting podcast bites the dust. And there isn’t really anything comparable to turn to. You stuck to the topic (unlike many other podcasts out there) and produced an intelligent, educational, and fun program. You will be sorely missed. I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for all the years you gave us. Thank you, thank you!!!

    Posted on 12.3.14 ·
  214. Mary wrote:

    I have so enjoyed your podcasts and am sad to see them end. Thank you for all your great work and good luck!

    Posted on 12.3.14 ·
  215. jae wrote:

    thank you!!

    Posted on 12.9.14 ·
  216. Ellen wrote:

    I don’t even knit – I mean, I’ve tried, but I never got any good at it – but, I’ve loved your podcast for years. Thank you for many years of entertaining and thought-provoking content. I know you will go on to other great things.

    Posted on 12.10.14 ·
  217. Barbara Fornoff wrote:

    Dearest Brenda,
    I am so glad I am one of the knit-sibs, and have loved every moment of your podcasts. For an hour or however long the podcast, I could be with a fiber peep, and could revel in our fiber nerdiness! Love your sense of adventure and for allowing us a window into your creative world and virtual world.
    I’ll miss you and your podcasts but want to be on the occasional list so will add to that.
    Hugs to you Brenda,

    Posted on 12.11.14 ·
  218. Bekah wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful podcast over the years – it has gotten me through much knitting, as well as the transition from high school to University (I was the girl you wished a Happy 18th Birthday to in Episode 111!)
    I shall miss your podcasts lots but I wish you well in whatever you do next!
    Happy Knitting!

    Posted on 12.12.14 ·
  219. Shannon B wrote:

    So sorry to leave this here; I tried to use the contact form but couldn’t work the CAPTCHA for anything!
    Coming back very late, Brenda, to thank you for the condolences you left on my blog, in response to my comment left on yours.

    The internet has its good and bad, for sure, but one of the good things is the opportunity to feel understood by someone you’ve never met — for me, that was a big part of Cast On, and thanks again for it.

    In other news, I wanted to alert you to this blog below, in case you hadn’t heard about it. It reminds me of all of us fabulous knitters and our endless, optimistic quest for challenge and style.

    Hope you have a great Yule!

    You can listen to this…

    While you’re scrolling through this:

    Posted on 12.12.14 ·
  220. Brenda! I’ve been listening since the very beginning and your podcast fueled my growing fascination with all things fiber. I even won a book from you a loooooong time ago. I’ll miss your podcast so much. I waited to listen to this one for as long as I could stand. Had to give in and let go in the end. πŸ™

    Posted on 12.13.14 ·
  221. Sue wrote:

    Thanks for the last eight years Brenda-eight because I found you when I got my first ipod, one year after you started podcasting, realised I’d discovered something and listened to your back catalogue in order. Your knitting journey inspired mine over this time. I loved the last episode which I heard today while out running-yes, I’m still a bit behind-and strange things happened during felix’s section. While I was running through the woods I heard her footsteps, not mine; her birds sang, and when she reached the road, so had I and I heard her cars. But thanks again. You have a real talent for story telling and a lovely radio voice.

    Posted on 12.14.14 ·
  222. Jina wrote:

    Brenda, I’ve been listening to you since the beginning and have spent these years appreciating your gift to us knitsibs. I feel like I have followed you through the changes in your life, and you’ve somehow been a presence in the changes of my life. Thank you for sharing your life and voice with us. I look forward to hearing from you…occasionally.

    Posted on 12.19.14 ·
  223. Lynsey wrote:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful love over the years. You saw me through a friendless time, a divorce, and the reconquering of my self worth. I’ll miss the show! I also know there’s an adult version of this dress from this podcast. I will look at the pattern number when I get home but I have made it. Not quite the same sleeve but the princess seamed pockets areally indeed the same.

    Posted on 1.6.15 ·
  224. Sarah Doty wrote:

    Brenda, I just listened to this podcast. I’m so sad, but happy for you. I didn’t know there were 9 years of podcasts so I’m going back to the beginning so I can be with you again. I so enjoyed your podcast and loved you soothing voice. Thanks for all the sharing of your life, your surroundings and knitting.
    One of the memorable parts for me was all the talk about the plinth event.
    I’ll be putting on my blog aggregator so I can keep up. I keep saying this, but thanks so much!
    Sarah in Houston

    Posted on 1.22.15 ·
  225. Sylvia wrote:

    I am just looking into your podcast for first time, from a recommendation and I will lsten to all your past episodes. The book looks awesome!

    Posted on 2.3.15 ·
  226. Pat Johnson wrote:

    Hi, Brenda-

    I hope you are well as you read this. As you can see, I am terribly late listening to this last podcast you put out. I have loved them all. I have listened over the years and believe yours to be the best podcast out there- at least the one that I liked best. Thank you for the many hours of listening pleasure…. the laughs….. the information…. all of it. You will be missed. Please add my email to your list. Thanks for everything!

    Posted on 2.13.15 ·
  227. Pat Johnson wrote:

    Hi, Brenda-
    I have to tell you…… while listening to this last podcast, and coming to the part where you guys were singing the parody on ‘Time of Your Life’…………
    I have chickens……. and hearing this song, they all started growling and singing along! It was so funny! I laughed and laughed and laughed….. thank you!

    Posted on 2.14.15 ·
  228. Caelidh wrote:

    I just wanted to say THank you Brenda
    I finally listened to your last episode and it made me sad.

    I am glad you are not going too far but I will say that your voice and podcast really were spiritually calming.

    I will miss those.

    Thank you so much and good luck in all you will be doing in the future

    Posted on 2.21.15 ·
  229. Janne Ellingsen wrote:

    Dear Brenda! I finally heard the last episode of Cast On, and I loved it as much as I loved the first ones. I have followed you since the start, and the journey has been a blast. Thank you so much!

    I live in Norway, and I can say from my heart that listening to you all these years have improved my english! Besides all the fun knitting talk, and the music, it has all been a good time!

    Maybe I one day will start over from the beginning, listening to your podcast? Time will show. In the meantime I follow you on Instagram and Facebook, and ofcourse there is the blog. Keep up the good work, and thank you again.

    Hugs from Janne in Norway.

    Posted on 2.24.15 ·
  230. Swissrose wrote:

    Although it took me forever to get to your last podcast (and sorry I am about that!), I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed all 132 of them! Many I listened to at bathtime (!) but they were always such good entertainment and superior to any of the others on offer that I soon only listened to yours, mourning the gaps. All those sweater stories, your pleasant voice, gentle (but not always too gentle) humour and general enthusiasm for what you do just shone through; thankyou! For introducing us to people like Franklin, Felix, Enter the Haggis and so many more, thankyou. For inspiring me to make a Lanesplitter skirt, among other things, thankyou. It’s been a great few years LOL
    All the very best to you and for your further – exciting! – activities, keep enjoying Wales!

    Posted on 3.4.15 ·
  231. Kathryn Gearheard wrote:

    Today, as I sit by the sea in New Jersey, I got up my nerve to listen to the (faux) last CastOn. It was delicious. I am so glad you keep shaving your head. I shall return to Wales to knit one day…..and to repeat that gorgeous Sunday pub lunch.

    Proud to be a knitsib


    Posted on 6.6.15 ·
  232. midj wrote:

    Brenda – words of thanks will not be enough for all your podcasts and what they have done for me. For the past 9 years I have not only become a better knitter because of you, but you have helped me come to a place of peace while knitting. Thank you so much for letting me sit and knit with you while you talked about your life of knitting. Thanks for the company. midj

    Posted on 10.10.15 ·

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