22 Dec 2005

Episode 4: Holiday on Ice

No, those aren’t sleigh bells. That’s the sound of ice tinkling, merrily, in my glass of scotch. – Holiday knitting with Franklin Habit and the boys – Chilling with holiday KniTunes; subverting the genre in Houston Texas; waving a big hello to another new knitting podcast and a newly discovered (by me anyway) craft podcast; Dave from Chub Creek plies me with the demon liquor, and makes me sing – some excellent feedback from my fabulous listeners, Today’s Sweater and cool knitting stuff.

Knit Tunes:


  1. Christy wrote:

    Another great episode.

    I woke this morning, the first day of my Christmas vacation, poured myself some coffee, cast on for my final Christmas gift, and listened to the podcast.

    Again, it’s like knitting with a friend.

    Can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you’ll be podcasting once a week.

    Merry Christmas to you.

    Posted on 12.23.05 ·
  2. Robin wrote:

    Today, instead of baking christmas cookies (my oringail plan), I have to work a very long shift. I am so greatful to have your podcast now, so when I’m closing up the store tonight (and working with a coworker that I really dislike), I can happily listen to your podcast. It makes me very happy.

    Thank you! And Happy Holidays!!!

    Posted on 12.23.05 ·
  3. susoolu wrote:

    You always sound like you are having so much fun – which makes me have fun listening.

    Thank you for helping to make a perfect xmas eve – I got an empty house, the chance to sing lustily along with the King’s College, Cambridge carols, then a podcast to help speed me on my way to not quite finish gift knitting (I think a New Year present will be much more appreciated), and feeling all American (its that voice, you know), chuck some cranberry muffins in the oven. Absolutely perfect.

    Posted on 12.24.05 ·
  4. minnie wrote:

    thank you for doing what you’re doing. i will be listening to your podcast while i wrap presents after i send the kidlets to bed.

    merry christmas!

    Posted on 12.25.05 ·
  5. Ted wrote:

    This was great Brenda. I listned on Christmas Eve. Thanks so much.

    But a question. You told us you’d like some “interesting sock yarn”, but didn’t tell us what would make it “interesting”. So what would make it “interesting”?

    Posted on 12.26.05 ·
  6. Rebekkah wrote:

    I just wanted to pop my head in and let you know how much I enjoy your podcasts. I’m particularly fond of the sweater segments, in which you decribe sweaters you’ve knit. One of the reasons I love reading knitting blogs is to hear the small details of what people go through to make a sweater just right. You paint such a wonderful picture with just your words, and I really love imagining what you’re describing. I have to say that I’d love to see photos, too, but maybe delayed by a month or two. That way I can really let the visuals I create in my head set in, before seeing what the sweaters actually look like.

    Can you have Franklin on every week? Okay, I suppose not. But I think you should urge him to start a podcast of his own. I could listen to him all day. He’s the David Sedaris of knitting, and believe me, I think that’s a wonderful thing.

    Posted on 12.27.05 ·
  7. Janet wrote:

    Franklin is amazing. He is the James Thurber of knitting cartoons, too!!

    Posted on 12.28.05 ·
  8. Denise wrote:

    Thank you for a wonderful podcast — again! I am so glad to hear you will be gifting us weekly with your podcasted presence. And, yes, I agree… wear your political heart on your knitted sleeve … not only because my political heart agrees, but because what makes your podcast so wonderful is that we experience so much more than just your “knitting self.”

    Posted on 12.29.05 ·
  9. Hi, Jay from Uncle Seth here! Thanks so much for playing our tune on your ‘cast!

    – J.

    Posted on 12.29.05 ·
  10. Whit wrote:

    Hi Brenda. Still loving your podcast! Also still loving hosting the KAL for the Mrs. Bs on my blog. Some beautiful ones have been knit!

    Hey, I decided to try my hand at a podcast. You can check it out HERE and let me know what you think (I DID get a new mike – so hopefully my voice will be a little better next time – also a few clicks, etc. But, hey nobody’s perfect their first time, right?).

    I’m going to try to put together a promo this week. Thanks for supporting the newbies!!!

    Posted on 12.30.05 ·
  11. I’ve discovered knitting podcasts a couple of days ago….and your podcast’s one of them. I really like it! It’s sooo witty and funny! Am sitting here knitting away at my new scarf and listening to this episode while doing so. 😉

    Posted on 1.5.06 ·
  12. Jake wrote:

    Do you have a link to the sweater from this podcast? I was really looking forward to seeing it, but by the time I listened to this podcast, number 5 was already up and the Rogue was in the Today’s Sweater box.

    Oh, and psst!

    Posted on 1.5.06 ·
  13. Diane wrote:


    I’m replying to this podcast, but I’ve listened to most of them by now; my husband downloads them for me and I play them when I have a chance.

    I’ve listed to several knitting podcasts; in fact, I was one of the first (I believe) to listen to Knit Cast when it first hit the “waves” several months ago. I think your podcast is one of the best out there (at least so far). I, for one, ENJOY listening to you talk about knitting; your sweater of the day, your family “stuff”, and whatever comments you may have to make. I think you are funny, a bit cryptic; (I enjoy that), and although I don’t identify with all of your liberal politics, I certainly enjoy hearing what you have to say. And the music — perfect! I appreciate the time and effort you obviously put into finding interesting and unusual music,and I’ve enjoyed every song. Please keep up your format. It’s wonderful, and I think it works just fine.

    THis podcast (with Franklin Habit’s piece, particularly) was wonderful. Thanks so much!

    I hope you stay on for a long, lont time.


    Posted on 1.15.06 ·
  14. Jay wrote:

    Thank you for the wonderful music. I particularly loved Allison Crowe singing ‘Silent Night’. Sitting on the grass by the water on the Gold Goast in Sunny Queensland, in the middle of January, where the weather is 39-degrees, it still made me feel festive and sent chills up my spine at the same time!
    I am loving the show and, you’ll no doubt be happy to know, knit for much longer now because I want to listen to the whole show! And, yes, I DO listen to it while I knit… very relaxing!

    Posted on 1.22.06 ·
  15. Noah Campbell wrote:

    To fix the scrolling “crackle” you should invest in a wireless mouse. Or a trackpad.

    The wheel, unlike the optical eye under the mouse, is using an electrical contact that is most likely not grounded and causeing an electrical anomaly.

    Hope this helps…my wife loves your podcast!!!


    Posted on 1.24.06 ·
  16. Celeritas wrote:

    Wow the houses associated with murderesses sound really interesting.

    Posted on 4.12.08 ·

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