09 Dec 2005

Episode 3: The Sharper End of the Needles

Knitting for love. Chicago writer, Franklin Habit, wonders if anyone is truly worthy. – Knitters in Stockholm take the Manifesto global. – Mrs Beeton Lives! at Knitty.comDave of Chub Creek and Marie of Knitcast say hello – Some really nice Musicians write back – Break out the mince pies and crack the sherry!

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  1. jules wrote:

    Another great episode, thanks! I was up till 1.30am listening through my i pod, in bed, knitting with hubby snoring away!!
    Kept thinking, “2 more mins and i’ll turn it off”, “Oh just listen to this song then thats it”….”Oh not long left, might as well get to the end!”
    Looking forward to hearing the next episode.

    Posted on 12.10.05 ·
  2. Margarita wrote:

    I love your IPOD. My husband travels during the week and I am alone with my 9 month old baby. I listen to your Podcast as my baby sleeps on my bed (I know one of these days I’ll teach him what his crib is for) and I sit next to him with my ipod and my knitting. It is a great time of my evening, to unwind, knit, and be thankful for my new life as a mom. Now if I can only keep my laughter from waking my son…

    Posted on 12.11.05 ·
  3. Courtney wrote:

    I really like your podcast. I typed in “knitting” on the podcast search page on iTunes and was pleasantly surprised to find Cast On. I listened to episodes 1-3 this weekend and I look forward to the next one.

    Posted on 12.12.05 ·
  4. Katia wrote:

    Hi Brenda

    I love your podcast. I commute 2 hours a day (it is my daily knitting time, yes, 2 h of public knitting every single working day), and with cast-on, time goes by very quickly.

    After heard the latest episode, I just want to say, you do also have listeners (at least one) in Switzerland.

    Greetings from the Alps

    Posted on 12.12.05 ·
  5. ok, now i feel very pedestrian. i’m only in omaha, nebraska, usa, but i enjoy your show as well. i actually discovered you through franklin, so for you to have a piece by him seems kismet, or some such. bobbles, indeed! i listen on my computer (don’t own an ipod, and probably never will (i know, extremely old-fashioned, but hey, that’s me, lol)) every time you put up a new episode, and i love every single one of them. keep up the good work (do you take donations? i would truly be willing to do so to keep these lovelies coming)

    Posted on 12.13.05 ·
  6. Rhonda wrote:

    I love your podcast and have taken your advise about a creating knitting podcast.

    My first episode of the Knitting News Cast is available at:

    In each episode, I hope to bring the latest knitting news along with reviews of knitting websites, knitting patterns, knitting books, yarn, stitches, and more!

    Hope you check it out!

    Posted on 12.15.05 ·
  7. Diane wrote:

    Brenda, I’m growing accustomed to your voice, your breathing out and breathing in….

    Last time I knit to Episode two. This time I did 40 minutes of stretching.

    Very nice.

    … going off to knit a sweater for George.

    Posted on 12.10.05 ·
  8. Randy wrote:

    Listened to your latest podcast yesterday on the ferry from Stockholm to Gotland–loved it as much as the manifesto! Sure, men in Sweden knit–knitting is not infrequently taught in school, and there’s no distinction in the curriculum between what boys learn and what girls learn. Two other comments – first, it’s probably impossible to write a manifesto without the f-word. Secondly, about the Al Franken link–is it there to advertise for him, or to provide access to people who don’t know that his type of political insight exists? Now that you know that you have listeners in Europe (and thereby probably around the world) why not let them know that the American media offers alternatives to Fox news and the like, if the messages sent out by those alternatives are important to you? The US’s reputation out in the rest of the world would certainly be improved if people understood that the American government certainly doesn’t speak for all Americans. Moreover, an American knitting granny in 2005 is as likely as not to have marched in her share of protest marches. Why not wear your political heart on your (knitted) sleeve? As the line goes, “you can’t please everyone so you just gotta please yourself.”

    Knit for Peace!

    Posted on 12.17.05 ·
  9. Christy wrote:

    I loved the holiday music. I am starting to feel, after listening to all of your episodes over the past week, as though I am knitting with a friend.

    Thanks for talking to us!

    Posted on 12.17.05 ·
  10. Christine wrote:

    Hi Brenda! I am the new owner of an Ipod and your podcast is also my first and I love it. I listened to episode 3 last night before going to sleep. Imagine: dark room, dogs, cats surrounding me in their respective spots and me, laughing out loud randomly while listening to Franklin’s piece on knitting for loved ones. It tickled my funny bone before drifting off to sleep! Keep up the great work! Thanks and Happy New Year!!

    Posted on 12.31.05 ·
  11. Arlene wrote:

    Hi Brenda – Love your podcast. Listened to 4 and 3 on New Years Eve – love the music and the chat about knitting – your voice is very easy on the ears – at first I thought you where based in the USA then I realise you are in Britain – I need to get a MP3 player to listen to this show. Happy New Year Can’t wait for the show 4.

    Posted on 12.31.05 ·
  12. Julie C wrote:

    Brenda,I have been listening to you from the very beginning. I anxiously look forward to hearing your podcast, and I am disappointed when I realize I have to wait another week…I was a part of Whit’s Mrs. B’s knitalong. I made a pair of red cuffs for myself for Christmas. Not only were they the most gorgeous and frilly creations I ever made, but they were fun to make. I love that you blended so many different techniques into one small pattern. I posted a pic on my site. My daughter was kind enough to model. Thanks for your good humor-you make my day. http://www.jujuknits.com/

    Posted on 1.4.06 ·
  13. Nicole wrote:

    Brenda, I’m enjoying your podcast. All the way from Alexandria, VA. After listening to you describe your sweaters, I really want to see what they look like and so I hope you will post pictures for us to see.

    Posted on 1.18.06 ·
  14. Just found your podcasts on my new iPod, thank God for a hubby with a gadget fetish 🙂 I love listening to your endevours and ideas. Also Franklins knitting for loved ones was a hoot. If my neighbours saw me with my buds in and chuckling to myself they would think I’d lost it. I have a sweater with a pod sleeve so all you can see is the wires coming out of the arm. At present I am one of the honoured few who get to see Jean Moss’ new patterns before they are published and am making some items for a new book. I’m in north east Scotland and a member of Aberdeen SnB on Yahoo.

    Posted on 1.23.06 ·
  15. Jennie wrote:

    Wonderful stuff. I am just catching up on your podcasts–the nice thing is that I have many more to enjoy. I am a bit sad that I didn’t listen to this at Christmastime. I loved it.

    Posted on 2.20.06 ·
  16. Denelle wrote:

    I love your voice and sense of humor. I also appreciate the flexibility of the podcast downloads. It’s always nice to find “my people” when so few in my life understand my knitting obsession. I love all things knitting and your show appeals to that sensibility. Thank you for all the hard work. It makes for a seamless, professional, utterly “listen-able” program.

    Posted on 7.23.06 ·
  17. Robin wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    I just found your podcast yesterday evening while browsing the iTunes store. After listening online I had to subscribe. I love the online magazine concept and your musical selections are superb. Thank you for the time and effort you put into making Cast On so wonderful.

    Posted on 3.19.07 ·
  18. Sherrill wrote:

    I loved this one, Episode 3. I do love a good chuckle. I don’t think anyone has knit the President a sweater yet….LOL.


    Posted on 7.4.07 ·
  19. Celeritas wrote:

    This was a really funny episode. Go go the sweater curse!

    Posted on 4.11.08 ·
  20. Nicole wrote:

    I know I am way behind, but the world of podcasts has only just been revealed to me! Your’s was the first one recommended. I like “all my ducks in a row”, so I have to start at the very beginning.
    Will I be in trouble if I tell you I don’t knit while I listen?…instead I walk/run on the treadmill…who says knitting can’t help you lose weight and get fit! Only allowing myself to listen to your podcast motivates me every day to get on that treadmill…the only downside of this is, will I have to unravel my jumpers and reknit them in smaller sizes (but I won’t be complaining about that in a hurry!)
    Thanks for the links of the other podcasts, I am adding those to my list..I know I am way behind, but I will catch up.

    Posted on 4.14.08 ·
  21. pocketsize wrote:

    I’m new to the podcast audience but I’m starting at the beginning of the archive. Really enjoying it so far, especially the Today’s Sweater segment. My one disappointment though is that, despite promising not to bring it in much, this is the 3rd podcast in which politics has come up. I’m sorry but I couldn’t care less, and would rather not hear about politics. I’m listening for knitting interests, and I can’t be the only one that is longing for a reprieve from the constant political discourse in the U.S. Here’s hoping that this is the last time you brought it up…

    Posted on 7.14.09 ·
  22. Patricia wrote:

    I’m a late starter … after watching my ipod gather dust for a few years, I found audiobooks, and then knitting podcasts! Well, yours. I’ve been listening avidly for a while now, beginning at the beginning and listening to your shows in order all the way through, and finally beginning all over again. The perceptiveness and wit show solidly all the way through, even during the times when it’s clear that your health and energy are running low. What gems these are. Thank you so much for giving all of this to us.

    Posted on 8.23.12 ·

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