21 Oct 2007

Ready for Italy, mostly.

Just getting ready to unplug the laptop and pack ‘er up, and there’s time for a quick post. I have been thinking about packing for weeks, but now that the actual day of packing is here, I find myself surprised at how much stuff needs to go in one little bag. It looked a lot smaller when it was a list.

The travel knitting I left until the last possible moment, and then dithered. I decided to give Pomotomus another go, this time as mitts. I’m using Posh Yarn’s Emily, a gift from, coincidentally, Emily. Also making the trip with me, the Modern Quilt Wrap, which I am not actually enjoying knitting much, due to all the weaving in of ends. It looks so pretty in the bag though, all those little tufty balls of Kidsilk Haze in a million colors. Also, the bag is really cool. A gift from my mom, and far more urban than the lifestyle I now lead. It doesn’t get out much. It had to come. Hopefully knitting on the ferry around the Italian lakes will make the project easier to work on.

I have new socks for the journey, Latte Lace by Diane Mulholland. Hopefully I’ll find a nice balcony overlooking somewhere picturesque, and be able to prop feet and snag a shot tomorrow.

I have a five hour layover in Amsterdam, more than enough time to get into the city and see… something. I know I should, but honestly, after weeks of sewing, the idea of five hours of uninterrupted knitting time, a latte, a new pattern, the “quiet zone” upstairs at Schiphol, … who needs to see Rembrandt?

Finally getting excited. Didn’t seem real until today. Next time I post, it’ll be from Italy. Ciao, bellas!

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  1. Carol wrote:

    There is a rather nice Champagne and Seafood bar at Schiphol….and there are a very few comfy, feet-up loungers which would display the new socks to perfection. Have a good time!

    Posted on 10.21.07 ·
  2. Star wrote:

    Have you considered the weave-in-ends-while-knitting method that the designer recommended? It was mentioned on the Knitting Daily discussion of this pattern, and I think the designer (I’m blanking on her name) even provided this link to a tutorial on her method: http://sockpr0n.blogspot.com/2006/10/how-to-weave-in-ends-while-knitting.html

    I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but you bet your socks I’m going to — it looks pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it, and I hate hate hate weaving in ends!

    Posted on 10.21.07 ·
  3. tina wrote:

    Have an incredibly wonderful time——— I’m most jealous!

    Posted on 10.22.07 ·
  4. Michelle wrote:

    Have a wonderful time!!! I wish I were there!

    Posted on 10.22.07 ·
  5. Emily wrote:

    Hey, you chill out at Schiphol if you want! Just ensure you have Dutch coffee, and Dutch whatever-deliciiousness-you-fancy-and-is-available, and boom! There’s your Netherlandds experience right there!
    No point arriving in Italy knackered –

    Have fun, whatever.

    Posted on 10.22.07 ·
  6. GaietyGirl wrote:

    If you find yourself in the mood for abandoning the airport (Schiphol is great for passing a few hours in) there’s a fabulous yarn shop in the city centre called Maglia. It’s at 1e Bloemdwarsstraat 2, 1016 Amsterdam. It’s run by a male knitter of exceptional taste, and is near enough to the main train station to walk easily!
    It’s just off Rosengracht, which is one of the main streets in the city.

    Enjoy Italy 🙂

    Posted on 10.22.07 ·
  7. Beverly wrote:

    Have a safe trip! I vote for spending the 5 hours knitting. That seems like a long time, but it goes by really quickly, especially when you are doing something you love.

    Posted on 10.22.07 ·
  8. Chrissy wrote:

    Have a great time! my fiance lives in rome and i am always back and forth from boston to there- italy is wonderful 🙂

    Posted on 10.25.07 ·

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