22 Sep 2007

Episode 56: Other People’s Voices

What began as a slight sore throat a little more than a week ago, morphed over the next several days into a raging case of tonsillitis. I’ve been in bed most of the week, only moving to the sofa as the drugs kicked in. This sucks in so many ways, but especially so as Autumn officially begins today (in the northern hemisphere) and we are still at camp. Summer is over, and it’s time to move on.

The good news is that I have friends who answered the call to arms and helped me get out the final Camp podcast this week. Also, through the miracle of antibiotics, I am on the mend. Don’t ever diss the Auntie B’s. My great grandfather died from pneumonia at the age of 47, because antibiotics weren’t invented yet. A sobering thought…

Anyway, Tonia says she can sense a return of health by the increase in the general level of my bossiness. (I don’t know what she means. I’m not in the least bit bossy. My ideas are just the best.) Nevertheless, I am still quite easily tired, and would never have been able to get this episode out were it not for the extraordinary kindness of these people:

Huge thanks to my guest this week, Laurie Perry, of Crazy Aunt Purl, and to writers Holly Spinner, and Erin Hastings for their wonderful essays.

The Tyrtle Family Players, comprising Todd Tyrtle from Quirky Outtakes, and Sage Tyrtle from Quirky Nomads; Zabet Stewart from The Anti Craft; Guido Stein from ItÒ€ℒs a Purl Man; David Reidy from Sticks and String; Violet, from Lime and Violet; Heather Ordover from Craftlit; and Katherine Matthews from Purl Diving. Thank you all so much for coming to my rescue this week on such short notice. I owe you.

Music for the podcast was provided by, and used with the permission of these artists:


  1. Maureen wrote:

    I haven’t listened to the episode yet, I’ve just downloaded it. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Posted on 9.22.07 ·
  2. Get well soon Brenda! Your cast of fine friends made for a lovely podcast! Thank you for the truly wonderful interview with Crazy Aunt Purl. I have been inspired by her blog for some time and I really enjoyed putting a voice with the writer!

    Posted on 9.22.07 ·
  3. Susan wrote:

    Very sorry to hear about the tonsillitis; hope you’re back in fighting trim soon. It’s great to have weekly episodes again. Thanks a lot. I’m downloading now.

    Posted on 9.22.07 ·
  4. Renee wrote:

    Ooh, I’ve had a lot of tonsilitis, please take care. Off to listen to the podcast.

    Posted on 9.22.07 ·
  5. I’ve *just* finished catching up on all 55 previous episodes – got a lot of knitting and spinning done during the month or so that took, too.

    Thanks for doing this great podcast. You totally remind me why I love radio so much. I hope you feel much better, really-really soon!

    Posted on 9.22.07 ·
  6. Dear Brenda,

    So sorry to hear you’re down in the mouth! I know how bad tonsilitis can feel. I had it last year and it royally sucked. I mean really.

    I hope you’re on the mend soon, my dear, and thank you for rallying the troops and getting the show out. Can’t wait to listen… sounds like a “who’s who” of knit podcasting!


    Posted on 9.23.07 ·
  7. glittrgirl wrote:

    I hope you get better soon, I loved the Crazy Aunt Purl interview. Thank you.

    Posted on 9.23.07 ·
  8. Sittenknitten wrote:

    Hope you’re feeling much better today, amazing how antibiotics can turn things around.

    Haven’t been able to download the podcast either from the web site or from i-Tunes: website gives a file not found message, and i-Tunes says the URL cannot be found on the server. Bummer… but I’ll keep on trying.

    Chicken soup, more chicken soup!

    Posted on 9.23.07 ·
  9. Heather Lynn Lindon wrote:

    Hello Brenda,

    I also hope you get well soon, it’s no fun being sick, especially if you don’t even feel well enough to knit. I’ve been listening since last summer but have just now got the initiative to say how much I love the Podcast. I move a lot and it’s nice to feel like I can take some of my friends with me, especially knitting friends. I’m also a biologist, and I remember in one of your early episodes you talked about scientists which I thought was pretty neat.

    I also have been having trouble downloading the lastest podcast. my Itunes can’t find it and I couldn’t get it directly from the website. Anyone else able to download it recently?

    Posted on 9.23.07 ·
  10. Kala wrote:

    Get well soon Brenda!!!

    Posted on 9.23.07 ·
  11. Loved the podcast, Miss D! I am also glad you have such friends, as this made for such a fantastic hunk of dark chocolate for my ears. I hope you feel so much better, and do remeber the wonderful powers of chickenbroth and garlic.

    Also, I am a singer, and if you want a great herbal recipe to heal a soar throat;

    Brew some chammomile tea as strong as you can

    2 tablespoons of any types of citrus juice. I personally love lime.

    Two tablespoons of honey

    Stir untill EVERY SINGLE BIT is dissolved

    sip (not drink, or guzzle) throughout the day. I cup should last atlest 4 hours. It tastes nasty, and the chammomile will make you drozy, but I SWEAR by this. Along with being a singer, I have very sever allergies. This is a fantastic post-nasaldrip infection preventative.

    Hope it helps!!!!

    Posted on 9.23.07 ·
  12. Feel better soon Brenda!!!

    Posted on 9.24.07 ·
  13. Andrea wrote:

    Just hit my ipod today, and I’m looking forward to listening to the who’s who of guest ‘casters.

    Hope you feel better soon, and I’ll second the tea therapy listed above. πŸ™‚

    Posted on 9.24.07 ·
  14. Liz wrote:

    Score! It’s Monday morning, it’s chucking it down, and I’ve got a four hour train journey back to work! But I have a new podcast from Brenda to listen to! It’s all looking so much better.

    Posted on 9.24.07 ·
  15. Brenda, get well soon! The episode is still as delightful as always, even though we don’t get to hear much of your voice. πŸ™‚

    Posted on 9.24.07 ·
  16. boodely wrote:

    Heal soon!
    Just want you to know that I survived packing everything I own by listening to early episodes of Cast On. You kept me simultaneously sane and distracted. Thank you!

    Off to listen to the latest…

    Posted on 9.24.07 ·
  17. Bevae wrote:

    I have come VERY late to the Cast-On party, but am enjoying each and every podcast. Recently I was given a new assignment at work involving hours and hours of data entry. Thankfully, I now have your lovely, soothing podcasts to assist me with the project! I’ve learned so much from you. Take care and get well quickly.

    Posted on 9.24.07 ·
  18. Emily wrote:

    Brenda –

    Thank you for the interview with Crazy Aunt Purl! I have been a sorta long time stalker of both you and her and have been wondering what her southern twang sounds like.

    Way to go, making her cry and all πŸ˜›

    ….when does your book come out? I would absolutely come to your signing at MOA πŸ˜‰

    Posted on 9.25.07 ·
  19. Emily wrote:

    btw – how does : P turn into :P… oh wait, I kinda see the tongue now.

    Posted on 9.25.07 ·
  20. Trish wrote:

    I’m in awe that you went through the trouble of getting all these people to pitch in, just so we could have the pleasure of a new show to download. Thank you. That’s above and beyond the call of duty.

    NPR’s “This American Life” just rebroadcast a show they did a couple years ago and the 3rd segment was something I thought you and your listeners would appreciate. It’s about getting in the flow while crafting and whether or not crafting loses its pleasure when it becomes your job. You can stream it or download it from http://www.thislife.org/Radio_Archive.aspx The spisode is called “Meet the Pros”

    Get well soon.

    Posted on 9.25.07 ·
  21. filambulle wrote:

    What a nice episode! I loved it all.. and felt compasionate about your voice, as mine is gone too (but seems to be coming back shily).
    As my tree children thought funny to be sick too, I haven’t got a chance to rest in bed. bouououhhh
    I hope you get well soon.
    xo from Switzerland

    Posted on 9.25.07 ·
  22. What a Great Podcast! Thank you to everybody, and I hope you are feeling much much better very very soon.

    Posted on 9.26.07 ·
  23. Francine wrote:

    Great ‘cast and great cast! Only you could pull it all together so as not to disappoint a starving public.

    Posted on 9.26.07 ·
  24. Cathy wrote:

    Episode was great!! Good luck for a speedy recovery!

    Posted on 9.26.07 ·
  25. Laura wrote:

    I had tonsillitis this time last year – it sucks doesn’t it! Mind you, I didn’t complain – it meant I could lounge around all day in my pyjamas and knit in front of daytime TV πŸ˜‰

    Hope you’re on the mend.


    Posted on 9.27.07 ·
  26. Helen wrote:

    Hope you get better very soon and thanks for another fantastic show, which I enjoyed very much. Take care

    Posted on 9.27.07 ·
  27. angelarae wrote:

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well. I hope things heal up soon. Thanks for your wonderful interview with Laurie Perry. It was truly inspirational.

    Posted on 9.27.07 ·
  28. Oooh, I got the podcast playing (#56) and then tried to save it and then stopped it/stuffed it all up and now only that podcast will not download! I can download other ones. Sooo frustrating cos I am dying to hear Laurie Perry’s voice. LOL

    Posted on 9.28.07 ·
  29. Liz wrote:

    Love your podcasts – and my knitting is coming along so much better since I started listening to them! I live in Wales too, in Newport… Thank you. I hope you feel better soon. Take zinc lozenges as soon as the next sore throat starts… they’re brilliant! (Holland & Barrett sell them).

    Posted on 9.28.07 ·
  30. Kathy M wrote:

    I absolutly have loved your Camp series. It spoke to my heart. I put them on my mp3 player and have listened to them twice now… may one more time before I delete them. Thanks for your efforts and GET WELL soon!

    Posted on 9.29.07 ·
  31. Dom wrote:

    Wishing you get well soon!

    Thanks for thinking of us even when you’re down! Isn’t there a special merit badge for that?? Hmmm I wonder.

    Ciao for now!

    Posted on 10.2.07 ·
  32. Lisa wrote:

    I hope you’re feeling much better by now, Brenda! Just listened to this episode, while washing the pile-up of dishes accumulated from canning and cooking and other things that take knitting time … especially enjoyed the interview with Crazy Aunt Purl. I’ve done the divorced-with-cat-hair thing, although not particularly drunk…. Life gets better, fortunately! Looking forward to the next episode —

    Posted on 10.4.07 ·
  33. Pam wrote:

    Hope you are feeling better!!!!

    I loved the essay about a not so pleasant experience in Girl Scouts…I felt her pain. I joined because of all the cool things my brother got to do Boy Scouts, and was so disappointed. I think it was more my troop leader than the actual Girl Scouts. By the time of my “retirement” at the young age of 11, I was quite jaded about the cookie sales and babysitter badges. Having said all that, I LOVED going to sleep away Girl Scout camp in the summers (this series of podcasts brought back all those happy memories!)!

    Crazy Aunt Purl was fab, TOO!

    Posted on 10.4.07 ·
  34. mary wrote:

    get well, Brenda!
    we miss you!!

    Posted on 10.5.07 ·
  35. Kas D wrote:

    I had an idea for a knitting badge. And then a couple more and then decided I’d better just limit myself to 3. As a follow-up badge to ‘Loves Novelty Yarn’, a badge for ‘Loved Novelty Yarn, Came to Senses’. I’ve only been knitting a couple of years and bought lots of pretty ribbons and feathery fluffy stuff in the beginning. So did my knit sib Lori. After completing 2 projects (out of an attempted 5), I finally realized that the stuff is darn hard to knit with. And I haven’t kept a single item I made. I just don’t wear stuff like that. Lori’s made herself a very nice glittery scarf and I think she is now on a third. Family members keep asking for them and one just like the one she already made. Her comment was ‘God I am so sick of this stuff’. Anyhow, lessons learned. We are both currently committed to Alpaca.

    Also, “I knit for pets” and “I knit for other people’s pets” followed by “I knit for animals I’ve never even met”. (I get the first 2). Also, I didn’t see any charity knitting badges. You could have a general one and then special badges for specific events. I had no idea I liked badges so much.

    Posted on 10.5.07 ·
  36. J wrote:

    This was the first of your episodes that I’ve listened to, and it just knocked my socks off.

    Right after college I started going to French and Indian War reenactments in Michigan. I loved the big canvas tents and the woodsmoke from Day 1. I spent a few years going to events, sewing myself costumes, knitting by the fire. But I sort of wandered away from it, got interested in other things, moved to Germany..

    Listening to the ‘cast, as the description of Diced Hose got more and more detailed, I realized, “Heck, I must know these people!” and I do. Washing dishes in my German kitchen, I was transported. It was almost as if I could smell the cookfires.

    Special thanks to Holly and Laurie, who were both inspiring. Thank you Brenda for all of the entertaining hours.

    Posted on 10.16.07 ·

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