07 Sep 2007

Episode 55: Play Ball

Thanks this week to writer, Donna Bowlin, reader, Sage Tyrtle, and Cast On Mobile Unit, Syne Mitchell.

Knit your own Magic Blanket – Mitered Square Afghan patterns can be found here and here. I like this one so much I may rip mine out and start over.

Mags Kandis’s Modern Quilt Wrap can be found in Folk Style (Interweave Press).

Much as love Brother Amos, I’m really happy to be knitting Latte Lace Socks.

InnocentTime again to knit teensy hats. Gwaaan. You know you want to. Learn how here.

Have you seen these delicious little lovelies?

Get it right, with My Cuppa Tea
Don’t miss the Coolest Clock Evah!

There are only a few Stitch and Pitch games left this year. Find out where here.
Grateful thanks to Seattle Knitters Guild, Debbie Macomber, Seattle Yarn, and all the knitters and vendors who took time out to speak with Syne at the Mariner’s game.

Cast On won a thing (sort of), and got nominated for thing. You can vote. If you want to.

The Cast On Honors for Grownups beads this week are Sports and Games and Business. Earn one for your blog by doing something “in the spirit of”…

Music for the podcast was provided by, and used with the permission of these artists:


  1. Angie wrote:

    I listen to CBC’s Best of Ideas, your other opponent and, girl, you are in good company. This is our national broadcaster with a huge budget and many stations. I have always said that your show is as good as any professional. Now I wonder if they will pay you to broadcast your podcast on their network?

    Posted on 9.7.07 ·
  2. Emily wrote:

    Hooray! As soon as I got home from school the first thing I did was check for a new episode, and here it is!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 9.7.07 ·
  3. Kathleen wrote:

    Great episode. I, too, am no sports fan, but have a soft spot for baseball. When I was a kid, one of the only outings my sibs and I got to go on with only my father was our once a summer trip to a night baseball game in the big city, Boston. It was heaven because my father had much broader notions of what constituted a real meal than my mother. Yes to hot dogs! Yes to soda! Yes to ice cream bars and peanuts in bags tossed down the row by the vendor. It was also exciting to be out and about long after our usual bed time, and to see in real life and full color the games we had only heard on the radio or watched on our tiny black and white television.

    Especially loved the music this time–a wonderful variety, and plenty of humor.



    Posted on 9.7.07 ·
  4. Thank you so much for including us on your podcast!

    Posted on 9.7.07 ·
  5. I rented the Elizabeth Zimmerman videos from the library when I started knitting (about a year ago) and thought they were so, so funny! And super helpful. So glad to see you back for two weeks in a row. 🙂

    Posted on 9.7.07 ·
  6. Lorri wrote:

    Thanks again for another great podcast. I was so prepared not to like the song Galileo by The Jeweltones because I just love The Indigo Girls version, but how wrong I was. It was wonderful and a great contrast to my ususal track.

    The next time you come to visit Pam, you’ll have to take in a St. Paul Saints game. It’s not your ordinary boring baseball game. Where else can you get your hair cut (in one of the best seats in the house), receive a back massage from a nun, watch the Ball Pig deliver new baseballs to the umpire (I think she’s technically a piglet) and enjoy the game from a hot tub in the outfield (although this might make for some soggy knitting)? In addition, they provide between the inning entertainment with such fun and games like sumo wrestler (those foam costumes) races. Best of all, you can have a six-pack of Pigs Eye beer delivered to your seat.

    Posted on 9.8.07 ·
  7. Sasha wrote:

    Thanks for another brill episode Brenda! Your search for ball game music certainly played off – the ball park song was great!
    The other music was excellent too – I’m in luuuurve with the Jewel Tones, and think I’ll have to gift them to a few people this Chrissie – and how’s the rich timbre of Peter Mulvey?! Goosebumps! Good luck with your black lace, and enjoy your mitered mission – now I’M feeling sheepy from hearing the mitered virtues extolled!! =D

    Posted on 9.8.07 ·
  8. Natalie wrote:

    You sound terrific, it’s always great to hear your voice. I haven’t heard the Galileo song since college and the Indigo Girls version. I really did love the song. Thanks for the terrific podcast. I look forward to hearing your podcast while I do my Saturday morning knitting. I get up at an ungodly hour for the weekend, and I swear I knit faster when I listen.

    Posted on 9.8.07 ·
  9. Deborah wrote:

    It is so great to have you back on a regular basis. I am a baseball fan and find knitting a great way to pass the time when watching my Bosox.

    Posted on 9.8.07 ·
  10. Melissa wrote:

    This episode was a grand slam out of the park! Great music and essays as always, but as a baseball fan/knitter/crocheter that lives far away from a MLB park, this episode made me feel like I was participating in a Stitch and Pitch event.I crochet a lot while watching Chicago Cubs games on tv. The former Brownie in me also loves all the scouting stories in this series. I think you have definitely earned a Podcasting bead.

    Posted on 9.9.07 ·
  11. Kristie wrote:

    This was a fabulous episode! I really enjoyed it and it’s obvious you are feeling much better. Keep on keeping on and I hope you continue to improve until the thyroid problems are just something you take medicine for, but don’t really have any trouble with!!
    And thanks again for the great music. I’ve discovered a lot of artists I wouldn’t otherwise have known about by listening to your podcast!!

    Posted on 9.9.07 ·
  12. Back in the early sixties, I made several “teensy hats” that resembled ski hats. While spending a few summer months in Germany, I showed them to my sister-in-law and she suggested that they would make great egg cozies for soft boiled eggs that are placed in egg cups. Just another use for “teensy hats”. Love your podcast. Catherine

    Posted on 9.9.07 ·
  13. cici wrote:

    Brenda, I have been listening to you for about 9 months now. I just wanted to let you know, you inspire me and your show is the only one that I anxiously wait to hear your music selections.(most of them I just fast-forward). They have all be great. I now have added some great new music to my collection because of you.. Also your shows keep getting better and better, You are the example of a great Podcaster, thanks so much and thanks for your consistency! Cici

    Posted on 9.9.07 ·
  14. Alison wrote:

    Great to listen to you as always and loved this episode – just perfect for a Sunday to stop the ‘tomorrow’s Monday’ feelings!

    Does anyone know any more details of the rucksac that was mentioned at the stitch n pitch? I just thought it sounded really good and great for taking knitting out and about.

    Many thanks for your shows.

    Posted on 9.9.07 ·
  15. Aura Perez wrote:

    I enjoyed listen to your last podcast. I have re-listen to it several times trying to get the name of the bag of Elizabeth Garson? , she spoke during the stitch and pitch session. Could you please tell me the name of that bag and where can I get it?



    Posted on 9.9.07 ·
  16. Adeline wrote:

    Dear Brenda,

    Thank you so very much for mentionning the Innocent hats… Hopefully we will be well on target!

    Now off to listen to the podcast (yeepee!!)

    *BIG inappropriate hug* keep well!!

    Lots of love,


    Posted on 9.10.07 ·
  17. Erica wrote:

    Awesome episode! Kudos 🙂
    I want the Mets to host a Stitch & Pitch event! It sounded like a great time on the podcast. I go to several baseball games every season, but have never brought my knitting along with me. Shame on me, I know.

    Posted on 9.10.07 ·
  18. AmyJ wrote:

    Thanks again Brenda for a fun podcast… and what a LOVELY rendition of the Indigo Girls “Galileo” you shared from The Jeweltones.

    Posted on 9.10.07 ·
  19. Diane wrote:

    Answer to laceweight knitting problems: laceweight crochet. I’m working on a little scarf and loving it.


    Posted on 9.10.07 ·
  20. Sara in WI wrote:

    What a treat to turn on itunes and have it download Cast-On! Thanks for another fantastic episode, Brenda!

    Posted on 9.11.07 ·
  21. Tracy wrote:

    I listened to this episode (my first!) on my way to work this morning while knitting a very simple little scarf. It was wonderful to feel so connected and I really enjoyed the episode. I came online tonight to see if you had posted a link to the tutorial for the magic loop socks — does anyone know how to find that? I may finally be able to overcome my fear of sock knitting!

    Thanks for the great podcast; I’ll definitely be listening to more!

    Posted on 9.12.07 ·
  22. Karen S wrote:

    Hi Brenda
    I really like listening to your podcast, it’s actually the only one I listen to. I’m currently working my way backwards in your episodes (taking one season at a time) 😉

    Last season you spoke a lot about a knitting wiki, and just now I’ve found this wonderful site with a lot of stuff like a stich lexicon and so forth. I instantly thought about you, so here is the link:


    Thanks for a wonderful podcast

    Posted on 9.12.07 ·
  23. Samantha wrote:

    Do you think the new Kaffe Fasset sock yarn in Mirage Fire would be good for the Brother Amos socks?

    Posted on 9.12.07 ·
  24. Debra wrote:

    How nice to hear the Biddies again on your podcast! I downloaded this song after hearing them first on an earlier podcast. Love them! Thanks!

    Posted on 9.13.07 ·
  25. Maureen wrote:

    I loved hearing about the Stitch and Pitch (love all the episodes really). I never heard about Stitch and Pitch until about a month ago and realized too late that I missed one at the Washington Nationals. I was a baseball fan before I started knitting and I find it easy to knit and watch baseball at the same time. After listening to the podcast, I am going to make sure I don’t miss the Pitch and Stitch next year.

    Posted on 9.13.07 ·
  26. Ann wrote:

    This is a general “Cast On” comment, since I’m still a couple of episodes behind (I’m Southern, I’m slow) but you must know that I think you’re evil :). Because I listen regularly to your podcast, I have become a compulsive sock knitter. I’ve only tried one pattern, but boy, everybody in my family is getting socks!! And because of you I’ve branched out to the Fiber Trends felted clogs – as soon as I finish that last pair of socks, everybody will get clogs too. I’ll eventually work my way up to sweaters, because it can get pretty cold in Colorado. Thanks, Brenda, for your sense of humor, for your soothing voice, your encouraging words, your snoring dogs, etc.

    Posted on 9.13.07 ·
  27. Liz R wrote:

    Hi Brenda!!

    I hope this note finds you feeling well!! I too struggle with chronic illness and frankly, it sucks!! I take every good day I can!

    I LOOOOOOVE Laurie from Crazy Aunt Purl.com and saw on her site that you interviewed her for the podcast. Isn’t she adorable?? Do you know when you’ll be featuring her interview??

    I am a loyal listener and put aside time on Saturdays to knit and listen to your calming and delightful podcasts. With two teenagers in the house (HORRORS!) I need all the calm I can get!!

    Liz R from Richmond, Virginia

    Posted on 9.14.07 ·
  28. Wannietta wrote:

    I’m a new listener but I think that you’re wonderful.
    I totally had to check out the clock – I love me a gadget!! – and if you click on the tab at the bottom “buy online now” a price of 100lbs comes up. A pricey toy, but worth keeping in mind.

    Posted on 9.15.07 ·
  29. TeresaB wrote:

    I’ve been listening to you awhile. Love your podcast. I’ve been working on Print o’the Waves for my mom for a year now. It’s not all that hard, I just have knitting ADD. Plus other things have come along that just HAVE to be done. I think it’s a great lace pattern.

    Posted on 9.16.07 ·
  30. Trish wrote:

    I’ve heard about Stitch n’ Pitch for a while now, but never really understood what makes it different from just bringing your knitting to a game until today. I wonder if they set aside beer and peanut free sections for the knitters!

    Posted on 9.17.07 ·
  31. Erin wrote:

    As the wife of a baseball fan, this was my favorite episode so far. My hubby was less than thrilled and maybe even slightly embarrassed when, on accompanying him to the ballpark, I whipped out my needles and some gorgeous homespun and started stitching away. But now that he knows it is a sanctioned activity in the major leagues, he is much more comfortable with the whole thing. Our little team in the Northern League has wrapped for the season, but you can be assured that next May I will be sending out word to fellow knitters in the area for a stitch n’ pitch.

    Posted on 9.17.07 ·
  32. Brenda, I’ve been listening to ALL the podcasts (I’m so far behind…). I have to say, I am always pleasantly surprised that you keep it fresh all the time! I wish you had a running list of not only the music artists you have featured, but also the blogs and podcasts you mention. I know you can go to each episode, but having them in one place would be lovely. Thanks for all you do. I’m glad to have something to listen to while I work (and daydream of knitting). I had knit 2 sweaters, but frogged both of them (just didn’t work for me) and am in the design stages for them. When I get them done, I promise I’ll let you know…you’re the sweater queen! Maybe in 2-3 years one will be a “today’s sweater”. 🙂 Thanks again for the podcast.

    Posted on 9.20.07 ·
  33. Donna Z. wrote:

    Great to have you podcasting again. There are many other knitting podcasts but Cast On takes the lead. I enjoy hearing about where you live and the local customs. It seems knitting trends are universal. We have a knitting group where I live in South Alabama. On hot days we just crack up the air since we have summer weather almost all year. I laugh at one of my friends who will only knit in cool weather. If I waited for that I would never finish a project. That is what cotton is for! I am working up courage to start socks. Thanks for sharing the sock pattern.
    Best wishes,

    Posted on 9.21.07 ·
  34. Brenda, I had to laugh at the portion of your podcast about baseball. My husband is a RABID baseball fan, and I couldn’t care less. When we go on vacation, we have to take in a ball game in every major league town we get anywhere near. We have all the baseball television channels, and all the baseball XM radio channels. We also have MLB.com hooked up to our flat screen television. I think you get the picture ….

    Anyway, I always take my knitting, stitch and pitch day or otherwise. My husband actually WATCHES the game, ALL the game, so he is not interested in making conversation anyway, so I get to converse with other people — all the people who ask me what the heck I’m doing! Once when I went through security and they were checking my bag, the security guy asked me if I even watched the game. I answered him honestly: no. He looked up at my husband and said, “Well, at least she’s honest.”

    So knit on at those baseball games. Here’s my hint for the game — take a travel size container of baby powder with you in case your hands get sweaty, and … stay well hydrated … hehehe.

    Posted on 9.21.07 ·
  35. Michael wrote:

    hey Alison! i too was looking for the rucksac mentioned
    i think you can find it here: http://www.egarsondesigns.com/content/home.php

    Yay! Brenda is back! 🙂

    Posted on 10.29.07 ·
  36. fuzzyballerina wrote:

    Who was the author that was interviewed briefly during the stitch n pitch?


    Posted on 2.19.08 ·
  37. AJ wrote:

    I’m playing catchup but enjoying every minute of it. I just had to comment about your blackmail tactic on Syne. Hope you got that woven item 😉

    Posted on 12.6.11 ·

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