28 Sep 2007

Bad Blogger

Three months without a post officially qualifies me for the title. I’ve been thinking these past few weeks why I do not feel driven to blog more often. Most people who do it on a regular basis seem to enjoy it. To me it walks the line between delight and duty. I love the wordplay; I love the satisfaction that comes from a well crafted piece; I love the afterglow. I just don’t like doing it. I like having blogged better than actual blogging.

As Zach’s wedding approaches, and Cast On prepares for Milan, Lake Como and Turin (is Italy prepared for Cast On, I wonder?), I realize that podcasting will probably be sporadic at best over the coming weeks. I have a ton of sewing to do lest I wander the streets of Italy buck nekkid. My parents are coming for the wedding. Plans are being made, and podcasts will be thin on the ground for a few weeks. I have one planned for next week, and that will probably be it until the end of October.

Part of the reason I’ve been such a bad blogger is, of course, that I am lazy, and would rather talk than write. Talking, as we know, isn’t podcasting, which requires writing first, before talking, then editing, uploading files, writing a feed, and creating shownotes. Still, in my head they are the same, talking and podcasting. No podcasting means no talking, and since writing is what’s left, I guess I’ll have to be a better blogger.

I have this other idea that maybe a different kind of blogging might be, if not easier, at least less of a chore. Blogging perhaps not so many words, perhaps just cool links, and pictures and captions. Pictures of the garden and exciting images of algae from the pond cleanup in progress. Pictures of the wedding dress in progress. (Yes. I offered to make the gown. The wedding is ten days after I return from Italy. Proof, if proof is needed, that I am certifiable.) Maybe pictures of the myriad home improvement projects that need doing before my parents arrive. (I am just sure I have time to paint the hallway, don’t you think?) Once in a while there may be some knitting, and that’s my plan for being a better a blogger.

In other news, Emily came for a visit this week, and I got to talk about knitting for three days, and have the same talked back to me, which was bliss. I taught Em to spin, and we went to Swansea and looked at wedding dress fabric and ate lunch in a really nice little cafe, just around the corner from what is probably the first real haberdashery I have ever been in. A haberdashery is very much like a fabric store, only without the fabric. A place that sells things which are Not Fabric, some of which are Yarn. I was quite restrained, and only bought a little yarn that Tonia doesn’t yet know about. (No, not that yarn, honey. That was Thursday’s yarn. Wednesday’s yarn is in the white bag beside the sofa. It’s for gifts.)

Twilley’s Freedom SpiritI bought five balls of this, which look remarkably like this, except they are 100% wool instead of the 70% wool/30% soy, but are also fully half the price. Lovely, lovely colors; all five different, they are slated for one skein holiday projects to be named later. I snagged the picture from Get Knitted, but as clicking the picture will take you there, I hardly think they’ll mind.

Oddly, a flickr search for this yarn (Twilley’s Freedom Spirit) didn’t yield as many images as I’d have thought, given the extreme wonderfulness of the yarn. I tend to think of myself as one who routinely catches the last wave of a trend, and just assumed this stuff had been around forever, but as there are so few images, possibly it’s new-ish. If so, I predict big things for it in the UK. It’s wonderfully soft, great for beautifully coloured small projects, and it even makes nice sweaters. There are but few sweater images on flickr at present but, oh, aren’t they pretty?

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  1. I had very little space available when I was making my wedding dress, so I hired out the local village hall for an hour or so to do all the cutting out. It only cost a few pounds and I was able to make use of the long tables that they had. It was definitely money well spent, it made everything so much easier.

    Posted on 9.28.07 ·
  2. Saralyn wrote:

    So nice to have a post from you! Links, pictures, and only minimal text is my favorite kind of blog entry to read, and I find them more fun to write. By all means, simplify so that it’s fun for you and not a chore. It doesn’t need to be a fabulous essay every time (though I love those too).

    Posted on 9.28.07 ·
  3. Kathleen wrote:

    When I saw the title, I could only think of the old tag line “Bad Cop, No Donut.” So, Bad Blogger, No Yarn Ball? Hmm-mm-mm, that won’t work, look at that stash enhancement.

    Even sporadic Brenda is better than no Brenda at all. I will just keep busy listening to the older podcasts I haven’t heard yet and starting on the Hellfire socks.


    Posted on 9.28.07 ·
  4. Beverly wrote:

    Don’t feel bad for not blogging. All of us bloggers have dry spells occasionally. I’m just glad to read a bit from you now and again.

    The yarn is quite lovely. Score!

    Posted on 9.29.07 ·
  5. Anne wrote:

    I just got some Twilley’s a little while ago. It was really surprising how few images/projects turned up in a search for it.

    Posted on 9.29.07 ·
  6. Brenda wrote:

    Emily! The village hall! Fantastic idea. I never would have thought of that. Thank you!

    Posted on 9.29.07 ·
  7. Anne wrote:

    Channeling your inner Dorothy Parker? (I think she gets credit for, “I hate writing. i love having written.”)

    Posted on 9.29.07 ·
  8. Yvonne wrote:

    There are a ton of projects in the Twilley’s on Ravelry. I had to look it up when you said there wasn’t much out there online. There is actually 68 projects and 78 stashes as of when I looked at it!

    Posted on 9.29.07 ·
  9. Emily wrote:

    Lovely to see you here again, and I had a wonderful time talking knitting incessantly for 3 days too! And tehre you go, linking to my blog, and I haven’t posted for weeks. Bad blogger indeed. Guess what I’m off to do!

    Posted on 9.30.07 ·
  10. Christine wrote:

    Hm… need a wedding photographer? I mean, I do adore Wales, and I still have airline miles, and lots of new camera equipment to try out. Man, wouldn’t that be a ton of fun? Plus I could stay up late with you while you sew like a mad woman. 😉 GOOD LUCK!

    Posted on 10.3.07 ·
  11. Sandy wrote:

    Best of luck with the dress! And enjoy yourself in Italy. 🙂

    Posted on 10.4.07 ·
  12. Bonnee wrote:

    Bad blogger? Geez, you really do push yourself to be great at everything. Life just won’t be as warm and fuzzy without a new pod or a new blog, but you have Italy and a wedding to enjoy. If the chores get done, terrific! If not, I always tell people that they better come over to see me and not my house… Brenda, enjoy the coming weeks and know that we’ll be here when you return. BTW, I simply have to comment — late, of course — that you’re not the only one who isn’t overly thrilled with Socks That Rock. OTOH, I have a yarn that you simply must try. I’ll try to find you — oooo… stalker!!! Help!!! — so I can mail it over or drop me a line with your address. My treat for the hours of enjoyment you’ve given me.

    Posted on 10.4.07 ·
  13. Miss Purl wrote:

    Very pretty. I must go look for it now.

    Posted on 10.8.07 ·

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