31 Aug 2007

Episode 54: Knitting Nature

Note: The Brother Amos sock pattern is is now (finally) available! Thanks for your patience.

Special thanks this week to contributing writer Katherine Matthews, of Purl Diving, and to my guest, Norah Gaughan, knitwear designer, and author of the fabulous Knitting Nature. Be sure to check out Norah’s latest designs on the Berroco website.

Knitting Nature

The Cast On Honors for Grownups beads this week are Science and Outdoors. Earn one for your blog by doing something “in the spirit of”…

Special thanks to Jim, for uploading a copy of XP Home, and to Heather, who made him do that.

Also, just discovered… look in the sidebar! >>>

Cast On has been nominated for Best Podcast in the Bloggers Choice awards! Thanks for nominating me. Go vote now, and I promise not to whore for votes on the next podcast.

Music for the podcast was provided by, and used with the permission of these artists:


  1. Samantha wrote:

    Thank You Brenda that was much needed……………………….did you say Brother Amos? Just going to cast off the BSJ and get those pointy sticks ready to cast on…………………………..life couldn’t be more perfect.

    Posted on 8.31.07 ·
  2. Nadine wrote:

    This absolutely makes my weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 8.31.07 ·
  3. BJ wrote:

    With this episode Brenda is really BACK!!! I hear the energy in the voice, the lightness of thought, and the creative juices flowing. Ahhhhhh, I am so thankful. Have already purchased “Imperfect” from Itunes as I think it is a great song! Looking forward to Brother Amos. I just finished my very first sock, so I may actually be able to do the pattern. Welcome back Brenda!!!

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  4. Toni wrote:

    Brenda, I’m an IT person by profession and I know Windows XP inside and out. If you need help, please feel free to drop me a line.

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  5. Whoohoo! I love Knitting Nature and it was a wonderful surprise to see that Norah Gaughan was your interviewee. Just finished Cold Comfort Farm a few days ago, so I’m looking quite forward to seeing the Brother Amos socks!

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  6. Lorri wrote:

    Of course I voted for you. You are truly the best podcaster EVER!

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  7. Sonja wrote:

    Brenda, I just received the Brother Amos sock pattern in my e-mail. I’m going to have to take some time to read through this, it looks great! Thank you!

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  8. kmkat wrote:

    Thanks for the Brother Amos sock pattern! and for the Norah Gaughan interview. Even though occasionally her designs make me think, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should,” I am in awe of her creativity and willingness to stretch the bounds of knitting. And some of her designs are so wonderful and beautiful that they stop me in my tracks, thinking “How does she DO that?”

    Hmmm, must add Knitting Nature to my Christmas list. Maybe in the meantime I’ll get her Berrocco book…

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  9. I’ve can’t download #54. I only get the title then nothing. Any body else having this problem?

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  10. BJ wrote:

    Just received the Brother Amos sock pattern. Thank you Brenda, it is beautiful!! I appreciate your sharing this pattern with us. And… I went and voted for the podcast! Let’s get those votes up everyone!!!

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  11. Barb,

    Several people have experienced trouble downloading this episode. There have been problems this last week at libsyn, where the podcast files are hosted. If you’re using iTunes, try unsubscribing from the podcast, and resubscribing. That often works. Or you click the download link above, save the file to your hard drive, and add the file to your iTunes library, via the File menu.

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  12. Sue wrote:

    Thank you for a) being there & producing a wonderful podcast & b) the brother amos sock pattern -just in time for Ravelry’s Anyomous Sock Knitters September challenge -Toe Up’s!. Must now go & vote!

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  13. Cindy wrote:

    Extreme Knitting!
    I think I’m an extreme knitting. I snap on my waste pack with 2 balls of sock yarn and go walking while I knit 2 pair of socks at once using the magic loop method. I’m also listening to a podcast (Cast On — of course) while I’m walking and knitting!
    The funny thing is that I’m an English knitter but can only knit Continental while walking. Got to be a right brain/left brain thing.

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  14. Marian wrote:

    Hi all

    What is the vote and where do I go to do it? Love the podcast – my only sadness is that I have now caught up with all the previous episodes and have to wait to download the next one. Once again Brenda – great podcast. Please, please, please keep them coming.

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  15. Marian wrote:

    p.s. thanks for the Brother amos sock pattern. Have only tried Opal free sock pattern up to now but maybe this will help me to branch out and try the toe up method!

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  16. Lorri wrote:

    Marian, go to the cast-on.com homepage and click on the Bloggers Choice Awards button (the middle column towards the bottom). It will take you to their site where you can register and cast your vote for Brenda and Cast-on!!

    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  17. Mishka wrote:

    No need to bribe me to vote for you. Yours is the gold standard of knitting podcasts. No, I take that back. Of podcasts. I started listening when you were posting intermittently because you weren’t feeling well, and hearing you come back to speed has been inspiring. That’s what knitting does to people. Whiter Shade of Pale gave me goosebumps. Seriously. I was a camper’s aide that summer in upstate New York and watched the moon landing on a little black-and-white set with crappy reception. You brought it all back. Now to go earn some badges!

    Posted on 9.2.07 ·
  18. Kala wrote:

    Great episode Brenda! I just love listening to you while I knit!

    Posted on 9.3.07 ·
  19. Trish in MA wrote:

    I agree with BJ, Brenda is sounding like her old self again and I couldn’t be happier.

    Thanks for the song “Code Monkey”. As someone who loves a code monkey, it really rang true! I smiled all the way through it and then bought a copy.

    I like to camp, but was never part of the Brownies/Campfire Girls etc. so I haven’t been able to relate to this series as much as your previous ones. I like your idea of doing some mini-series as well. When you mentioned extreme knitting, I immediately thought of Sage’s micro crochet stories. I look forward to hearing more.

    Posted on 9.3.07 ·
  20. Emily wrote:

    Yay! A podcast! Thanks yet again, and please keep it up! Too many knitting podcasts are discontinued! I was checking iTunes literally every 5 minutes once I thought a podcast might be coming!!! I’m not entirely sure of exactly the time you usually post, and there are variations, so I was in total suspense all day. When I think of extreme knitting, I think of knitting something that you know will take forever, don’t really like, is done on really small needles or with a complex pattern, you don’t enjoy it in the least, but you knit it anyway for someone you care about. Either that or something so extremely out of this world crazy that only someone desperate to make a statement would ever even dream of wearing it. Oops! I think my needles are calling me!

    Posted on 9.4.07 ·
  21. I enjoyed Katherine Matthews’ piece. Even after 35ish years I was still able to recite the promise and pledge along with her!

    Posted on 9.4.07 ·
  22. Ms. D,
    fantastic podcast! Ill get to those blogchallenges when I can breath

    P.S. Anyone know how to add a badge to a blogger account? I am LOST!!!

    Posted on 9.4.07 ·
  23. Bevin wrote:

    Hi Brenda! I voted for you!

    I wanted to also mention that I have discovered a new band, Nervous But Excited, that seems like something you would like. I went to camp this year (my yearly camp adventure to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival) and these girls were so full of energy and so fun to watch, even if their songs are mostly mellow.


    You’ve asked for us to provide you tips on new music, so I am trying to pay it forward!

    And you’ve also inspired me to read Cold Comfort Farm.

    Posted on 9.4.07 ·
  24. Alice wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    I’m a fairly new podcast listener and I have listened to all your episodes – you are the best!! Your voice is wonderful to listen to and you obviously strive for professional results. I have been thinking about donating for a while but the Brother Amos pattern gave me the nudge I needed. Hope I went through the procedure correctly to get the download – I got my Pay-Pal receipt.
    I enjoy your musical selections – Whiter Shade of Pale is on my all-time favorites list (although I was considerably older than you when it came out – after all, I have been knitting for over 50 years!!) Also – I was introduced to Enter the Haggis by a teenager in my clog dancing group who has choreographed dance routines to a couple of their songs. Have even seen them in person and hope to again at our local Celtic festival at the end of the month.
    I’m happy to hear that you are feeling better – keep up the great work!!

    Posted on 9.4.07 ·
  25. Kimry wrote:

    Thank you for ending with Whiter Shade of Pale. I was introduced to that song in highschool in the late 80’s. I found it a stack of dusty records. I listened to it over and over again with unexplainable nostalgia. I just loved it. Thank you for reminding me.

    Posted on 9.5.07 ·
  26. Laura wrote:

    So good to hear the “Brenda” we’ve come to love. Glad you’re here for us! Where can I find the Magic Blanket pattern you talked about? Lord knows I need something else to do requiring more needles/yarn.

    Posted on 9.6.07 ·
  27. Alisun wrote:

    Yippee! I think I’ve listened to every back episode. I am thrilled to have you podcasting more regularly and hope that it will nurture and inspire you. Friends have asked, “A podcast about knitting?” to which I reply, “Just wait until you hear it.”

    Posted on 9.7.07 ·
  28. Jane (Moonmaiden) wrote:

    Hi Brenda,

    Another great podcast! I was not a Campfire Girl, but the essay on Brownies hit home with me. It’s been a great trip down memory lane.

    Thanks also for including Code Monkey, it’s one of my favorites from Jonathon Colton. He is a genius, by the way, and I am forever endebted to you for turning me on to him (via Skullcrusher Mountain).

    Posted on 9.9.07 ·
  29. Chris James wrote:

    Hi Brenda

    Just listened to episode 54 – a great one.
    I like your campfire memories, having been a Guide and Guider it’s where I learned to enjoy making things – my first pair of socks (probably aged 15) for my knitters badge and I’m amazed at the people I’ve met at sewing, crafting and knitting shows who’ve been involved with Guides at sometime in their lives.
    My memory of A Whiter Shade of Pale is hearing it on the radio – my transisitor one – a present for passing my ‘O’ levels – with it on the radiator pipe for good Radio Luxembourg, Radio London or Radio Caroline reception one night.
    Do persevere with Linux – I’m trying it but not entirely successfully either but i do like the idea of FOSS and the community are really helpful.

    Many thanks for a really great show.

    Posted on 9.9.07 ·
  30. Sherrill wrote:

    The choice of music, is awesome, as per your usual. Code Monkey was a hoot.

    Hanging out in the great room, lap top blasting this episode, my youngest child, 14 yo, comes out of her room and asked what I was listening to. Ah-ha, someone new to tell the story of podcasting. I had her listen to Code Monkey and told her about the pod safe music network.

    Great episode…thanks!

    Posted on 9.9.07 ·
  31. Laurie wrote:

    Hi, I donated via Paypal on Sept 5th but haven’t gotten the Bro Amos sock pattern yet. I tried to send an email but it kept coming back to me undeliverable. Let me know if I’m doing something wrong. Love the podcast, keep up the great work. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Posted on 9.14.07 ·
  32. Toni wrote:

    Oh my god, what an amazing song and singer: Imperfectly Perfect by Katy Pfaffl. Thank you so much for that diamond in an already wonderful hour.

    Posted on 9.20.07 ·
  33. susan wrote:

    Dear Brenda,

    slowly catching up on your podcasts, having only just discovered them.
    I wanted to bring to your attention a wonderful, wonderful husband and wife team, Dee and Tony who dye wonderful, fabulous yarn.


    I am expecting some fantastic yarn this week myself from Dee. And Dee and Tony are in South Wales, not a million miles away from you.

    Do drop by her web site and blog.

    Yours from Lancashire,

    Posted on 9.25.07 ·
  34. susan wrote:

    It’s Susan from Lancashire again, thanks for the Procol Harum, I was 6, and I’ve loved getting reacquainted with it.

    Posted on 9.25.07 ·
  35. Pam wrote:
    Posted on 10.3.07 ·
  36. Colleen wrote:

    I am so glad you are feeling better. Thank you for your style of Podcasting. I especially enjoyed being with you when you were dyeing. The interviewee was especially good. I have considered making that same sweater myself but time being an uncontrolable, valuable commodity, perhapse I will make it when I am 70. Drawing my name for the book would be that much better but, well, you know…

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with me.

    Posted on 6.2.10 ·

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