28 Sep 2010

Moving House

In a manner of speaking, anyway. I’m actually moving the website. I’ve just purchased a brand new home for Cast On that’s bigger and better, and even a little cheaper than the current digs. All of this in preparation for the new season Cast On, beginning next month. This is just a heads up to say that once I start the domain transfer process things might be fine, or they might possibly get a little wonky around here for a day or two. I think I’ve set everything up correctly. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest episode of A Truman Show (isn’t he getting big?!) and I’ll see you at the new place.

PS: I’ll be backing up the database as soon I’ve posted. Any comments left after the backup will not make it over, so please hold them until I give the all clear. Thanks!

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  1. stella wrote:

    nice move, nice puppy, nice podcast ….. well done

    Posted on 9.29.10 ·
  2. Bee wrote:

    Waiting with anticipation for the new podcast season! 🙂

    Posted on 10.2.10 ·
  3. YIPPEEE!!!!!! Only a few more weeks:)!!! Hooray!!
    ahem… glad yer back!

    Posted on 10.3.10 ·

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