17 Aug 2007

Episode 53: Buttons, badges, bright shiny beads.

Many thanks to contributors Rebekkah Kerner, Sage Tyrtle, Tonia Clarke, and Zabet Stewart.

Say howdy and get well soon to Amy Singer. Walking Stick Cosy contest? You betcha. Look for Felicity Ford’s podcast from 9 September 2007.

National Knitting Week in the UK – 13th-21st October

The 2007 Knitting and Stitching Show happens in Birmingham, London, Dublin, and Harrogate.

I’ll see you at I Knit London’s UK Stitch and Bitch Day.

Don’t forget to de-stash at Interim House.

The Cast On Honors for Grownups bead this week is Homecraft. Earn one for your blog by doing something “in the spirit of” or…

Be lazy and grab a fabulous Cast On Knitting Scout badge! (Or, you know, do both…)

Marty and Dame Candle company’s Wendy have a new podcast. Catch Chris, and Briar Rose Fibers in many places on the road this summer! Finally, a very cool video of Italian knitters at Pitti Filatti can be found here.

See you next week! Probably…

Music for the podcast was provided by, and used with the permission of these artists:


  1. glittrgirl wrote:

    YAY! More Brenda!!! SO glad you are back. I get withdrawl if there isn’t a new Cast On…… 😀

    Posted on 8.17.07 ·
  2. Christine wrote:

    Good– Your mojo is still intact.

    Posted on 8.17.07 ·
  3. Pam wrote:

    We definitely need an “I’ve taught someone to knit” badge! Possibly an “I knit so I don’t stab you” badge as well…I think that’s an accomplishment!

    Posted on 8.17.07 ·
  4. Emily wrote:

    Horay! Another podcast! thank you SOOO MUCH! Your podcasts keep me inspired! I think we need an “I managed two matching socks IN A ROW” badge! And maybe an “I’ve downloaded so many knitting podcasts that I had to get rid of some so the computer wouldn’t crash” badge. One thing I’d like to point out, however, is that you call it all this “scouting for grown-ups” and such. I just thought I’d point out that not only adults can be obsessed with your podcast. : ) I’m only going into 8th grade! Anyway, Thanks again! I’ll keep thinking about badges!

    Posted on 8.17.07 ·
  5. Emily wrote:

    More badge ideas!
    “I’ve contributed to a knitting podcast” badge
    “I’ve had the patience to knit a whole garter stitch scarf on small needles” badge (I realize that one’s kindof silly, but hey? This is fun!)
    “I’ve made my first sweater” badge
    “I’ve convinced an unwilling non-knitter to try knitting of their own free will” (that means not telling them that if they don’t try knitting, they will never hear the end of it)
    “I’ve saved a fellow knitter from an evil knitting problem’ badge
    “I knit in public” badge
    “I’ve knit a whole project without a pattern” badge (this may seem trivial to some, but I’m still working up to it)
    “I’ve inspired someone to try knitting” badge
    “I force my knitting on non-knitters” badge
    “I manage to knit all of the Christmas gifts I intend to in time” badge (I think that is a pretty great accomplishment!)
    Use what you like. I realize some of them are silly and trite, but they were fun to think of! Knit On!

    Posted on 8.17.07 ·
  6. elizabeth wrote:

    I loved this show. It felt very poignant, here as the summer is winding down and all. Thank you for reminding me of my childhood.

    ps. Brenda, I miss “Today’s Sweater” Especially that song! can you bring it back?

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  7. Femke wrote:

    What a great episode! Loved spending time with you this saturday morning. Love from the Netherlands!

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  8. Dulcinea wrote:

    It’s great to hear you’re feeling better, Brenda! Loved the show. I wonder if you saw any of the recent UK press coverage of the modern guiding movement, and the badges that can now be earned for things like computer skills, making a healthy meal and (believe it or not) sexual health awareness? I think my personal badges to aim for have to include some house maintenance skills, and maybe some recycling targets. Thanks!

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  9. I’m a natural for the knitting scouts…. particularly love the ‘rejected by a knitting magazine’ badges – willl have to send something off in order to earn (pretty safe wouldn’t be accepted!)

    Zabet’s a cool designer. And you have great ideas.

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  10. JudyfromNorCal wrote:

    Brenda, you just crack me up! The knitting Scout badges are a hoot.

    Speaking as a former Bluebird and Campfire girl (loved the beanie and vest), your this podcast brought up long dormant memories of meetings held at Sandy Strom’s house where we would do various crafts (yes, I too can hem a skirt, lay a fire … I don’t remember the camera). I wonder if, in fact, my love of crafting comes from those early years. Like you, I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the underlying philosophy behind my bead earnings. But I cannot remember a time that I didn’t craft …. crocheting in my late teens early 20s (it was the 70s, dontcha know and really ugly crochet was all the rage … just look at Stichey McYarnpants), pottery and ceramics also in my 20s, to crewel and needlepoint (briefly, albeit), learning how to spin in my late 20s, picking up knitting in my 30s, gardening in my late 30s, canning and perserving in my 40s, learning how to make soap in my 50s. And sewing … never stopped. The only crafts I really don’t do any more are needlepoint and crewel. I do have a framed cross stich sampler that I made during my campfire girls years that I consider a treasured heirloom … and least for my heir.

    The faux native american crafts you mention reminded me of this one fall afternoon when my sister and I were playing in the back yard and we were collecting what we thought were acorns (they were in fact buckeyes and poisonous) and were grinding them up to make flour for indian bread before my mom realized what we doing and stopped us.

    Homecrafting (the cleaning and organizing part) were never my strong suits. And like you, since I logged on to Ravely, I’ve been eyeing this monstrosity that is my stash and trying to figure out what to do to (a) destash and (b) organize what looks like a yarn monster threw up in my guest bedroom. My goal, by the end of August, is to get there. Thanks for the push.

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  11. Diane wrote:

    I LOVE the knitting badges! I’ve always had a competetive spirit – in fact that was about the only thing I enjoyed during my brief time as a Girl Guide in Australia 🙂

    I like Emily’s suggestions – can I add:
    “I’ve had the courage to cut up my knitting” (steeking that is, not vengeance!)
    And a generic knitting magazine badge – there are others, not as glamorous perhaps, but I’m still proud to have been accepted (and paid!)

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  12. Dear Brenda,
    I was never a Brownie, Girl Scout or Camp Fire Girl although I longed to be one when I was little. Thank you for creating the Cast-On Scouts and badges for now I feel that a disappointment has been assuaged to some degree. One request, if you do create a uniform for us please don’t make it bark brown or pine green.

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  13. Laura wrote:

    Fun! the comments are so fun to read and I can’t wait to listen to this episode! I’ve already look over the list for “Homecraft” and have decided to do one of those things and put a knitterly slant on it. Yay! I’m with Elizabeth – I sure do miss the song for Today’s Sweater and the adventures you took us through while describing the process, pattern, yarn, etc.

    Badge ideas: “Accomplished Frogger” “Sleeve Island Survivor” “Second Sock Syndrome Slayer” I definitely have badge envy for some of those that I don’t qualify for! Some very exclusive groups in the badge list!

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  14. Dianne wrote:

    Thank you for playing the “I love the green trees, I love the rolling hills” song. Bits of it came back to me last year after my husband bought be a canoe and I went out on the lake alone in the early mornings. I couldn’t remember all of the words and it was driving me nuts! After 10 years of accumulating stash for both spinning & knitting, I have been considering destashing a few items. This will be my chore for the homecraft bead.

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  15. I’m 60 years old and have never earned a badge but thanks to you I have now. Where I grew up in North Dakota we didn’t have Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls or 4 H. Thanks!! Health and Happiness, Barb

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  16. Lorri wrote:

    Thanks for another great podcast! I almost stopped dead in my tracks when I heard the opening bars of “Life Less Ordinary.” It’s been part of my favorite radio station’s playlist for the past year and I never knew if was an indie podsafe song. As Pam knows, we in the Twin Cities are on the leading edge of everything. I just love the Scouts of Exemplary Reputation and Above Average Technique – this is soooo me. In fact, two of my friends and I get together for Martini Knitting Nights. Although no actual knitting is accomplished, we all bring our stashes and pattern books/magazines for swapping and general discussion and beverage consumption. This week I’m bringing the knitting badges to our weekly lunchtime Sit N Stich session and to the Minnesota Knitting Guild. I think they’ll be a great hit and some very “interesting stories” will be exchanged.

    Welcome back!!

    Posted on 8.18.07 ·
  17. Nic wrote:

    Love the medical attention badges! Sadly i never saught medical attention, but I do still have a noticeable scar on the top of my foot where I was viciously attacked by a 2.5mm DPN. Perhaps we should have a “My Knitting has left me with scars” badge? And definiteky a “I’m not afraid to frog” badge for those who have neared completion of an item and then frogged the lot because it just wasn’t right! I am so looking forward to collecting badges and honours!

    Posted on 8.20.07 ·
  18. I had to stop what I was doing, scan back, and listen to the Road Trip song a second time. I grew up right next to Blue Earth, Minnesota- which may have been a part of a line of the song that other people wouldn’t even care about. Blue Earth boasts the largest statue of the Jolly Green Giant in the state (yes, there is another one in Le Sueur!), by the way, but otherwise, I probably wouldn’t drive there as a destination.

    Thanks for that little surprise- I got a kick out of it. Excellent show, as always!

    Posted on 8.20.07 ·
  19. I wish I could offer some better advice on the posting of the Brother Amos sock pattern. However, I don’t have enough first hand knowledge. I was going to suggest talking to Wendy Bernard, of Knit and Tonic, being that she regularly sells patterns via her blog and may be able to offer you some help.


    Posted on 8.20.07 ·
  20. Anne wrote:

    And a cheer could be heard across the world at 4:58!!!

    Posted on 8.21.07 ·
  21. Rebecca wrote:

    I might be a complete goober, but I was so excited when you featured Carbon Leaf!!!! I love that band and have for about 4 or 5 years. Keep up the great work pick the great music.

    Thanks for talking about Interim House. I have a bunch of yarn that I can donate and I wanted it to go somewhere great.

    Posted on 8.21.07 ·
  22. Carey Nadeau wrote:

    Hi Brenda! I LOVE your podcast!

    You had asked about music ideas…I work for a nonprofit composer service organization, and one of our services to our members is our CD label: http://www.innova.mu There’s some good new music coming out of the label–some is pretty out there (like a CD of all ambient tuba), but there’s stuff like Cafe Antarsia Ensemble’s “Songs of the Table,” R. Stevie Moore’s “Nevertheless Optimistic,” or Stuart Hyatt’s “Clouds” and “Shrimp Attack” that sound like things you might like. Let me know if you want more info, CDs, etc.

    Thanks again for all that you do!!!

    Posted on 8.21.07 ·
  23. Mabel wrote:

    I was excited to see the MacGyver Badge Level 2. Just last Friday I used a size 2 aluminum dpn to scrape a ground wasp/hornet-ey type thing that decided to hibernate in one of our wood tent poles. There is nothing like smooshing pollen and bug guts in the middle of an Oregon State Park to bring you back to camper days.

    Posted on 8.21.07 ·
  24. Sarah wrote:

    Hooray for a new episode! I listened to it last night, in the midst of another grim and rainy evening, while home alone again. It did the trick to cheer me up, and now I am inspired to earn a bead and some badges!

    What mystified me throughout the episode, however, is how I knew the campfire girls song in the background. I never did any kind of scouting as a kid — where did I learn it? Hmmm.

    Posted on 8.21.07 ·
  25. Hey, those were the days. I am sure I can still find my vest although I was a little challenged in arranging and sewing on the beads. I totally embrace the knitting badge concept but my domestic skills have fallen by the wayside. Maybe we should celebrate successful avoidance of domestic skills…

    Posted on 8.21.07 ·
  26. Cindy wrote:

    Hi Brenda — my first and foremost podcaster.
    We didn’t have Girl Guides where I lived but we had 4-H (heart, head, hand, helpful?). I went to 4-H camp the summer after 5th grade. It cost $11 and that included transportation to the camp. Your podcast brought back many of those memories. I was also a Girl Scout but my family couldn’t afford to send me to Girl Scout camp. I’m very thankful for 4-H even though I was never very active in it.

    Posted on 8.21.07 ·
  27. JudyfromNorCal wrote:


    I know you say you’re always looking for the perfect toe-up sock patters. You’ve GOTTA get a copy of Cat Bordhi’s new book “New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One” (there are two more to follow.

    Cat Bordhi is a genius. I dunno how she does it, but I’m sure glad she does!


    PS got my Brother Amos yarn from Erin today!

    Posted on 8.22.07 ·
  28. cici wrote:

    So glad to have you back, and it was worth the wait. I listened twice, just to hear the great songs again. Thank you Brenda. Oh and the 4 Minute Shower was excellent. Great episode. Podcasts have been a wonderful addition to my life and I am so thankful.

    Posted on 8.22.07 ·
  29. Yay! You’ve recovered a bit. Technology has bitch slapped me also — super nasty hard drive failure – KO’d a bunch of stuff I had no backups for.

    On the upside, it means that I’m spending this happy morning listening to cast-on, knitting my very first pair of toe up socks, and restoring my software as the sun rises. Thanks Brenda! There is NO WAY I’d have the courage to try toe up socks without you. Despite years and years of bravely making way through sweaters, knitted jumpers my daughter never wears, hats, christmas stockings, and other fear inducing projects — I was way too afraid of socks. It’s your careful, maybe a little maniacal, attention to detail — and podcast about the perfect pair of knitted socks that inspired me to be brave, and try socks.

    Knitting, listening to you talk about knitting, has brought back to my life a can-do spirit. A sense of being able to make something out of a bit of string. A code of hand crafted goodness that has inspired me to start my own web design business. I’ve got 3 happy clients so far, and that’s a good start. Soon I’ll actually have my own web site codeknitter.com whipped into shape and reflecting both the web sites, and knitted things. 🙂 Maybe I’ll get a chance to work on making merit badges for blogging pages. I like the ideas people have been posting. And well, I’m getting all weepy because before cast-on came into my life I had bought into the notion that everything good that was creative and technical was unattainable or unaffordable, and now I feel like it’s something I really can do. That’s due in part to being inspired by you struggling your way through, and your gentle and persistent reminders that we know how to do things with our hands, and actually Do things. THANK YOU!!

    Posted on 8.22.07 ·
  30. scout wrote:

    I am so excited you got to make the s’mores! You put the biggest smile on my face as you kept me company dyeing the other day and you talked about it.

    Posted on 8.22.07 ·
  31. Wannietta wrote:

    A “Published Test Knitter” badge, “Knitting Instructor” badge and a “Written an Article/Pattern” badge for those who have contributed to a knitting compilation book or knitting newsletter would be great. I would 2nd Diane’s suggestion for a generic magazine badge.

    Posted on 8.22.07 ·
  32. Abby wrote:

    I just wanted to thank you for the Interim House plug–they never stop needing yarn, and they love all different kinds of yarn (and needles). Right now they are always in need of circular needles of every size, because they are into felted bags and also these huge stripey blankets they make out of little bits of different textures and colors of yarn.
    You are just great. I am always so excited when a new cast-on appears. Thanks again!

    Posted on 8.24.07 ·
  33. Shelly wrote:

    “If I’m sitting, I’m knitting” badge – for those of us who are always seen with needles in hand.
    “I put a pattern up on my blog” badge – for those of us who are too chicken to try to submit designs to real knitting sites.
    “I will try anything” – for the knitter who is intrepid
    “I knit with the pack” – for the knitter who always seems to be knitting the latest cool knitting project.
    “Ravelry” – for the lucky knitter who already has a Ravelry account.
    “I knit socks” – for the knitter who tends to knit a majority of their projects as socks.

    Posted on 8.24.07 ·
  34. turvid wrote:

    Thank You for a great episode!

    Posted on 8.24.07 ·
  35. Trish in MA wrote:

    In regards to the S’mores, did you introduce Tonia to the joys of discovering your personal favorite way to cook a marshmallow? This kept my friends and I entertained for hours on a recent tenting trip. The anticipation and challenge are half the fun of s’mores. There’s a world of difference between the taste of one that’s been lit up like a torch, versus one that’s slow roasted to golden goodness. My boyfriend swears by toasting the marshmallow, *pulling off and eating the outer toasted part and then retoasting the center; rep from * until only a gooey stick remains. Personally, I think he’s missing out by skipping the chocolate. For a more adult taste, try dark chocolate.

    I was surprised and delighted to see Carbon Leaf on the playlist. Have you heard their song “Let your troubles roll by”? That may not be the official title, but it’s close.

    Posted on 8.24.07 ·
  36. Linda in IL wrote:

    Great choice in “I love the mountains” — I first learned that at Girl Scout camp in the summer of 1969 in northeastern Pennsylvania. I taught it to Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts in the 1980s myself. And I still sing it now!

    Yours is among my very favorite podcasts.

    Posted on 8.24.07 ·
  37. Aradi wrote:

    How about a “Groupie” badge for anyone who has gone to see any of the authors/bloggers/designers. Oh and a “Happy Camper” badge for anyone who has gone to knitting camps or trips.

    Posted on 8.24.07 ·
  38. Teresa wrote:

    Well. It seems I’ve only earned one badge: The MacGyver Level I for whittling down the ends of and striping the bark from a No. 9 needle-sized twig whilst on a camping trip. I discovered I’d left my cable needle at home.

    I’m unsure if I have rights to the Proselytize Knitting Badge because I practice yoga although I never mention the two (knitting and yoga) in the same conversation. How did the yoga tag get on there anyway? One cannot do both at the same time. The grandmother thing is bothersome too, because I are one.

    Posted on 8.25.07 ·
  39. JudyfromNorCal wrote:

    Ahh… Teresa, a very easy way to mention knitting and yoga in the same sentence; Harvard Medical School (or the NIH, I can’t remember which but ’twas a very respectable medical institution) studied and concluded that an hour knitting provides as much stress relief and relaxation as an hour’s worth of knitting. However knitting does not provide the same excercise benefit … but yoga does not provide warm, wearable things, which I find a perfect trade off.

    Posted on 8.25.07 ·
  40. JudyfromNorCal wrote:

    duh, er one hour knitting = 1 hour yoga

    Posted on 8.25.07 ·
  41. Kathleen wrote:

    Am loving the Campfire episodes, though I detested camping and Girl Scouts, for the most part. Even then, though, I was a badge ho and accumulated a fair share of them, some chosen based on how cute they were, not on whether or not they matched my interests. My badge scarf was stolen, if you can believe it, from my sister’s college dorm room. She was one of the leaders of some campus rebellion or other and had taken to wearing it around, in a Che Guevera meets Betty Crocker bandolier moment. Decades later she still felt bad and presented me with another badge sash she had come across in a junk shop somewhere. She also provided me with a Girl Scout handbook from my era, and I was bemused to find that although Boy Scouts earned Merit Badges, Girl Scouts earned Proficiency Badges. Something seems out of balance with that.

    Wish I had a blog so I could display some badges, such as Knitting Under the Influence and McGyver 1, for using the wine bottle corks from KUI as point protectors. 😉


    Posted on 8.25.07 ·
  42. Angie wrote:

    It was such a treat to come home from Scotland to a new podcast. I didn’t get to go to camp this year, but hopefully next year I’ll have my RN back and return to nursing at CLUCC on Cultus Lake.
    I want beads! Sparklies! I may even clean up my knitting tools cupboard.
    I used your podcast as a secret passwork in the UK and found out who were not my friends and who were my knitsibs.
    Thanks from Canada for your international appeal

    Posted on 8.25.07 ·
  43. Laura wrote:

    I happily grabbed my knitting badges! I don’t THINK I need to take the asshole badge, but maybe I should ask my knitting group!

    Can I just say how much I love the Homecraft list of tasks? My favorite is the “teach a boy to dance” task. Ah, woman, that passer-on of culture. 🙂

    Posted on 8.26.07 ·
  44. lee wrote:

    had to let you know how much i love your podcast! i received an ipod for xmas last year and just last week got someone to load things on it (yes, i know i’m a luddite). at my request, he loaded a random mix of knitting podcasts and i spent an evening listening to several. yours absolutely sparkles! i so appreciate all the work you put in to make this podcast a pleasure to listen to–thank you!

    Posted on 8.28.07 ·
  45. Trish in MA wrote:

    I loved the Four Minute Shower essay! I’ll be sharing that with my Intro to Composition class later this semester. Is there any chance I could have a transcript of it?

    Posted on 8.29.07 ·
  46. Raven wrote:

    I love the “I knit so I don’t stab you” badge idea. I often tell my co-workers the reason that knitters appear to be so calm is because we always have at least two pointy sticks within arms reach at any given time.

    Posted on 8.31.07 ·
  47. Heather wrote:

    Glad Jim and I were able to help! I hope it all went well…
    Thanks for another great pod-cast!

    Posted on 8.31.07 ·
  48. jules wrote:

    I was a Brownie and a Guide but don’t rememer any knitting badges. I don’t have the badges anymore, but I do have all the certificates…

    Great podcast, just the thing I needed with a cuppa this afternoon. Thank you.

    Posted on 8.31.07 ·
  49. Hi Brenda,

    So far, from your available list, I guess I probably only qualify for the “Proselytize” badge. I just got back from a week-plus long trip to Orlando and I knitted everywhere I went. I’m sure it seemed odd to people that I would knit in the August heat and humidity in Florida, but I had a ball of Lisa Souza Merino Sock yarn with me and was trying that flame chevron pattern. Whenever somebody stopped me and asked about my knitting, I was quick to let them know that it helped me to maintain my sanity while waiting in long lines, or while waiting for people who were waiting in long lines. Made the waits seem insignificant, almost…

    I really like the badge idea of “I Knit So I don’t Stab You.” I knit in my car every morning during the commute. My DH is a noisy, honking, white knuckled driver who yells a lot. Knitting keeps me in the right place.

    Also,”I’ve taught someone to knit”
    “I’ve shared a cool knitting tip (or technique)”
    “Too Many UFOs to Count”
    “I Dream About Yarn”
    I could go on and on…

    Saw Scout today on Knitty Gritty! That was cool… I’ve never really observed the dying or painting process before.

    Can’t wait for the next episode… I loved this one!


    Posted on 9.1.07 ·
  50. Geogrrl wrote:


    I saw this on E-Bay and thought it would bring back memories for you. I don’t think it would suit your current wardrobe, though. 😀

    Campfire Girl Ceremonial Gown

    Posted on 9.2.07 ·
  51. Thanks for the great podcasts. I’m a relatively new listener, but enjoy spending time listening to your show. I especially liked the Four $ Shower essay, as I am a hiker and camper and know the joys of the pay shower! Also, thank you for the link to the Interim House. I live and knit in the Philly suburbs and have contacted the organization for donation drop-off details. I plan to organize a destash party for my knitting group in order to increase the collection items. Thanks again for the wonderful entertainment…I look forward to more to come!

    Posted on 9.2.07 ·
  52. Rusty wrote:

    Hi Brenda! Fantastic episode, as always. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I wanted to thank you for the Interim House link. After getting sober 2 1/2 years ago I discovered knitting (a year later) and now it’s a big part of my recovery program (uh, or my new addiction…anyway). I’m so glad to have a wonderful place like IH to send supplies to!

    Posted on 9.4.07 ·
  53. Rachel H. wrote:

    Hello! I haven’t commented in a while, but I so enjoyed this episode. The knitty bits were the usual wonderfulness, of course, but I also really like “Me Being Me” — enough that I just bought it on iTunes! This is a first for me (buying a song online) and is also one time that I didn’t FF through the music. (Usually I’m in a hurry to hear more Brenda.) Thank you for the podcast, and for introducing me to Tim Blane!

    Posted on 9.5.07 ·
  54. M-H wrote:

    Would it be possible to do the knitting mag badges in a wider variety? I have been published in Yarn mag, a print mag in Aus (http://yarnmagazine.com.au), and there are a few other ones outside the US that people might want to represent.

    Posted on 1.16.08 ·
  55. Kathy wrote:

    The badges are great!

    I’d like to see a badge that says “I know enough to get in trouble” or something like that. It would be meant for beginners who’ve just learned how to knit. You know- where you’re at that stage that you really only know the basics but you start experimenting anyway and get into all sorts of interesting messes and your family ends up with all sorts of crazy looking things. There could be multiple levels for this badge as well.

    I am also in favor of the “Written an Article/Pattern” (or just “Published Knitter”?) and the “Knitting Instructor” badges mentioned above! Yay!

    Posted on 2.13.08 ·
  56. Amanda wrote:

    I’d love to see these badges as actual physical badges! I was hoping to find just that in the marketplace. It would be so fun to have the patches or pins to add to a sash…just think of all the knitters going to their respective weekly meetings looking like subversive Campfire girls;-)

    Posted on 5.9.08 ·
  57. Melinda wrote:

    I love the knitting badges! A few ideas for new ones; sock knitters badge, I’ve mastered cables badge (several levels), yarn stash badge (several levels according to size and organization?), WIP/UFO Badges (several levels – the more WIP/UFOs the higher the level?), Frogging Badge (everyone frogs, but what about those perfectionists that are just about to cast off, find a mistake at the beginning of the project and…)… Thanks!!!

    Posted on 5.31.08 ·
  58. Leta wrote:

    Maybe physical badges will be avalible when the book comes out 🙂 I heard correctly, there will be a book…tell me there will be a book! Ohhhh, I’m so excited!!!! Maybe there could be one for “knitting helped me through the war” As someone who’s gone & has been left behind, it could be a very touching badge.

    Posted on 6.1.08 ·
  59. Christy Verity wrote:


    I must be the only person on the planet who has just discovered Podcasts. I think this is because I have my first IPod and it is so very easy.

    I am really enjoying listening to your archived podcasts – especially the Campfire series. My Campfire girl name was ‘Wah-Kah-Kya Ah-pah-den-ski’ which meant Little Butterfly. (Spelling approximiated to what I remember the pronounciation of course!)

    My Campfire girl story started with Blue Birds and is as follows. I came home from school one day very excited because my 2nd grade teacher announced that Brownie sign ups were to be after school the next day. I asked my mother if I could join – and my mom knew that that would mean she would have to join – and she wasn’t really a joiner. I am sure she gently told me that I could not join Brownies, because that is how she was, but what I remember was being crushed.

    The next day, I went to school and I suppose my freinds were all talking about joining Brownies, I don’t remember. But I somehow came to understand that it was also Blue Bird signups. My mother did NOT tell me I could not sign up for Blue Birds – so off I went. This was probably the start of the big rebellion. My mother was quite unhappy with my independent act, but went along with it.

    I talked to my mom a couple of months ago about Blue Birds and Campfire girls. We remembered some of the girls and some of the moms. In our group, our mom’s took turns being the leader, so my mom regularly got to be a full participant – which was pretty much opposite of what she was looking for. However, my mother loved the girls, loved doing projects with us and our house was one of everyones favorite because my mom lead in organized chaos. She came to love Blue Birds as much as I did.

    My mom passed away about 5 weeks ago and listening to your podcast brought back the memory of the conversation we had as well as the wonderful memories we shared. Thank you for this!

    BTW – My mom and I shared a love of knitting and fiber!

    Posted on 4.15.09 ·

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