Series 10 – Blank Canvas

Episode 100: In my craft

by Brenda on August 10, 2011

Thanks this week to my guest, Amy Singer; to Peter Ffrench, an amazing tour guide and talented voice actor who got it in one take; and to sound artist Felicity Ford. In this episode: A badly behaving yarn is quieted […]


Episode 99: Meta

by Brenda on July 9, 2011

In this episode: The thing that must not be mentioned, which we will never speak of again. Two stacks of knitting, both alike in dignity, in fair Llanteg, where we lay our scene. A summation of knitting triumphs and tragedies […]


Episode 98: The Phantom Menace

by Brenda on February 15, 2011

In this episode I celebrate a new member of the tribe, weep for tools and projects that were never intended as dog snacks, catch up on a month’s worth of knitting, air the stash, and dive into knitting bags.


Episode 97: Sharing the Joy

by Brenda on January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010. (Don’t the door hit your ass on the way out.) Roll on 2011! In this episode, a December gift knitting round up, tales of over indulgence, country walks, and sharing the joy.


Episode 96: Simple Gifts

by Brenda on November 23, 2010

Homemade marmalade is a very good thing. Crashing a car, not so much. The most exciting part of my week involved solving the problem of too-tight double increases worked on the edge. And there was much rejoicing when I figured […]