18 Mar 2009

Extreme Shepherding

So Emris and Gerry and Bernard and Rob were just standing around one day, and Emris looked at the bunch of LED lights Rob was holding, and Gerry looked at the sheep, and Bernard says, “Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?”


I love Wales. So much.

Thanks, Zabet!

Lots of debate over whether this was a real display of ordinary shepherding, or a mix of live action and computer wizardry. Here, the shepherds speak for themselves.

Posted on March 18, in News


  1. Ruth Temple wrote:

    Oh. That’s wonderful!

    Posted on 3.18.09 ·
  2. Eee! That’s just about the best thing ever. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted on 3.18.09 ·
  3. That was a wonderful end to my workday….I do love herding dogs…

    Posted on 3.18.09 ·
  4. Emily M. wrote:

    I am still chuckling! I watched it at least 4 times. Thanks for sharing the funnies 😉

    Posted on 3.18.09 ·
  5. Cindy wrote:

    Someone else just sent me this link, and my first thought was to send it to you, but when I got to your site to send you the link, here it was!!! Great minds think alike..

    Posted on 3.21.09 ·
  6. Vanessa wrote:

    Like Cindy, I rushed to your site the moment I saw this – only to see someone had beaten me to it.
    Can I ask – some sites are inevitably posting comments saying this is a fake, and that sheep dogs can’t possibly have this level of control. Surely someone out there has seen more sheepdog trials than I (not hard) and can confirm that this is genuine shepherding?

    Posted on 3.23.09 ·
  7. Lydia wrote:

    We all have laughed so much. What a great effort, I just love the dogs and sheep with their lights!!!!

    Posted on 3.24.09 ·
  8. T2 wrote:

    Talk about turning work into play! This is so much fun to watch.

    Posted on 3.26.09 ·
  9. MaggieMidwife wrote:

    Oh- still wiping the tears from my eyes- Just the right way to start my day. Thanks for posting.

    Posted on 3.28.09 ·
  10. Kim wrote:

    That is TOTALLY awesome!! Love it!

    Posted on 4.8.09 ·
  11. Lies wrote:

    It IS awesome… though not real. See what Catherine Friend has to say on the topic here: http://www.hitbyafarm.com/2009/04/dont-believe-it-so-i-must-take-minute.html

    Posted on 4.27.09 ·
  12. Azadeh wrote:

    Oh my god, this is the greatest, cutest thing ever. I could not be more delighted!

    Posted on 5.15.09 ·

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