12 Mar 2009

A little something for spring.

hatIt’s like a new hat for Easter. Only geekier. The only thing missing is a big blowsy flower, at the upper left side, in the form of a new logo. I am, however, working with a wonderful new designer, who’s helping me get the pretty on. The finishing touches will follow shortly.

And there is where we must leave our hat. If I were feeling cleverer, and not quite so brain-fried from fiddling with code for the past week, I might be able to push the metaphor further. But that is really far as I can take the analogy this evening.

In a recent conversation with said designer, I realized that I needed to change a lot more around here than the logo. Namely, the colours, which I have never felt reflected my own taste or personality. I very much needed to change that, and the whole home page shuffle you’re seeing is all part of the making-stuff-for-me artistic process I’ve been banging on about in the podcast lately.

The colours may have changed, but everything that that you’ve been used to seeing is still here. There are just fewer pictures, which will make it a whole lot easier for me to post more often, and look, I’m on the front page! For some reason this pleases me enormously.

Also new, a profile of French artist, Marie Rose Lourtet; an amazing and truly inspirational woman whom I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet. You’ll find the story about her under Features, just up there. Do check it out.

And that’s it from me for a few days. I am starting early on a much-needed and, dare I say, well-deserved weekend of rest and relaxation, fiber frivolity, and passionate play. Oh. The alteration. I’m scaring myself now. I am very tired, and clearly in need of a little lie down.

Photo by DWinton, used under a Creative Commons License

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  1. kathleen wrote:

    I love the new look! it is cheery but chic, all that work was worth it!

    Posted on 3.13.09 ·
  2. Ruth Temple wrote:

    Splendid changes and updates, and a hat fit for a morris!

    Posted on 3.14.09 ·
  3. Karen S wrote:

    Love the new feel to this wonderful site! Good for you that you have someone to help you out with all that tedious code!
    You definetely deserve a good fiber-weekend! Have fun!

    PS: loooove the hat… just had to follow that link!

    Posted on 3.17.09 ·
  4. Emily in Japan wrote:

    I know I already mentioned that I love the new look, but now I have to add a thank-you. The firewall at my office blocks 97% of all web pages (it blocks game pages, obviously, but also any website that might be at all enjoyable), but yours is mercifully not on the list. Thank you for however you’ve set things up so Cast-On gets around the fun-blocker!

    Posted on 3.17.09 ·
  5. jacey wrote:

    Happy Spring! The kids are celebrating with their Spring Fairy baskets while we start seeds.

    I love the new layout. It’s easily accessed, attractive, and looks like things are abrewin’. Front page posts are the way to go!

    Posted on 3.20.09 ·
  6. margaret wrote:

    I’ve been wondering where you were–the last update I got through Google reader was the March 10th post. It still seems to be stuck there, at least when I use the “Site RSS” subscription. Something get broken with the new layout?

    Posted on 4.6.09 ·
  7. Margaret, thanks so much for telling me about this. I routinely check the validation for the podcast feed, but I don’t do that for the main blog feed. As the main feed is created by WordPress, I just assumed it would take care of itself. Lesson learned.

    I’m working to troubleshoot the problem, and I hope to resolve the issue soon. Thanks again for for letting me know.

    Posted on 4.7.09 ·

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