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Episode 100: In my craft

by Brenda Dayne on August 10, 2011

Peter Ffrench
Summit in Raven Frog Deerhunt

Thanks this week to my guest, Amy Singer; to Peter Ffrench, an amazing tour guide and talented voice actor who got it in one take; and to sound artist Felicity Ford.

In this episode: A badly behaving yarn is quieted with onion skins. Lifting the curse from felted slippers. Getting your lace on, with Amy Singer. A gentle walk through a famous village, and the words of a poet, read by an actor, in a boathouse.

Rejoice with me! I made bad yarn behave using the information in Jenny Dean’s Wild Color. I made charts for my new book using EnvisionKnit software. I’m probably the only knitter in the world who manages to have trouble with felted slippers, but the curse has finally been lifted, largely due to Lorilee Beltman’s Felted Loafer Slipper pattern. Up next in the queue I’m saving the Claudia skirt, in Kauni Effektgarnyarn, for when I get all my work done.

Recently checked off the list, A Knitter’s Manifesto Artist’s Edition is totally done. Knitsibs who’ve ordered, keep your eyes out for a parcel from me!

If you love lace, and want to learn how to make it love you back, join me, and the fabulous Amy Singer for Plug and Play Pembrokeshire (aka P3, aka The Brenda and Amy Show) at the beautiful Beggars Reach Hotel. We are very excited to be teaching together, for the time. In Wales!

The full schedule of events for P3 is up there, over there, and right here. (Hint: Scroll right to the bottom for the price.) There’s also a Ravelry Group where we’re answering questions, sharing travel advice, and chatting excitedly about the event. I’ll be bringing all the Today’s Sweaters in my collection, and wondering how many shawls it is reasonable to bring to a three day event?

Can’t make it to Wales? Amy is teaching in Edinburgh, Dublin and London. Check out her class schedule for details of each event.

KniTunes were provided by and used with the permission of:

Great Big Sea – Something Beautiful
Sophie Madeleine – Pure Imagination
Kellsey Metzger – Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
Dala – Levi Blues

Additional music by James Crisp

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