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06 May 2006

Episode 23: Flogging the Proverbial

This week Urania, Muse of Astronomy, teaches us how to stop doing more of what isn’t working to begin with, and we get a visit from the Ghost of Mathematicians Past with guest writer, Lara Neel, host of the Math4Knitters podcast. Welcome Stanley Cup widows! – Knit like the wind – Craft different with The…

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28 Apr 2006

Episode 22: Knit Like Nobody’s Watching

The Chub Creek dolls leave home – Flock Ewe – Yes, you CAN Knit In Public – CraftLit , reduex – Knit2Btied – Knitty D and the City – CritKnitting – Expect the unexpected when Leigh Radford knits. Please buy her latest book. – Trade Secret Skeins – Amy Weber makes good art. Thank you,…

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21 Apr 2006

Episode 21: Secret Water

Grateful thanks to artist and writer Christa Giles, writer Syne Mitchell of WeaveCast, and to writer Heather Ordover of CraftLit – Check out these new podcasts for knitters: Two Six Knits, and KnitCentric, and KnitTunes, and CraftLit KniTunes: Heather Sullivan – Takin’ Me Home Chub Creek – What’s Left Cameron Ember – Mourning Song James…

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15 Apr 2006

Episode 20: Autumn overlooked my knitting

Ready to Roam: The Minis begin their world tour. Thanks to Dave, from Chub Creek, and Lynn, of Color Joy – Just can’t get enough of knitting? Talk about it here. – Special thanks to this week’s guest writer, GailLucas – Knit your own Dave and Gary – As always, thanks for your generous feedback!…

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08 Apr 2006

Episode 19: Knitting Memory

Something for the spinsters, from Christa Giles, who designed last week’s fabulous iKnit button. Thanks, Christa! Grab one, and tell the world what you do when you listen to Cast-On! (Right click and save the image, then upload to your own server, please.) This week it’s all about memory, and we make it nearly through…

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