15 Apr 2006

Episode 20: Autumn overlooked my knitting

Dave and Gary visit the beach.

Ready to Roam: The Minis begin their world tour.

Thanks to Dave, from Chub Creek, and Lynn, of Color Joy – Just can’t get enough of knitting? Talk about it here. – Special thanks to this week’s guest writer, GailLucasKnit your own Dave and Gary – As always, thanks for your generous feedback!



  1. *sigh* Yes, it’s true. Geeky, pasty, and in perpetually in front of the computer. My condo has a tanning bed downstairs, so now I’m Geeky, PINK, and perpetually in front of the computer. Loved the show, BD. Great job. I hope you get flooded with cookies. Personally I like to call them “hot dogs” but that’s because they’re more filling and when you only get about three you’re still satisfied.

    Posted on 4.15.06 ·
  2. Claudia wrote:

    I am so glad you did decide to do that podcast after all. You have no idea how often I have refreshed my podcast list on itunes yesterday! Was starting to get worried 😉 So yes, Cookies for Dave and of course for you for making knitting my little easter bunny for my mom even more enjoyable today!

    Posted on 4.15.06 ·
  3. Yvonne wrote:

    Thank you so much for doing a show this week. I just love listening to your show. I listen to it while I am doing things like posting on ebay and to my blog. It makes me feel connected to my knitting while I am having to do those other little things that are necessary to life. Thank you again and feel better with all those aching muscles and such. =)

    Posted on 4.15.06 ·
  4. Becky wrote:

    Thank you, Thank you for doing your podcast this week! It’s been a crazy week for me, and I was so looking forward to my weekly “fix” of Cast-On. I kept checking and checking the website yesterday, and when I went to bed last night with no new podcast my sigh was as deep as the one at the end of this podcast!! So, you can imagine how happy I was this afternoon when I checked once more and discovered that there indeed was something to feed my addiction!

    Many cookies to Dave for his persuasive powers!

    Keep those wonderful stories, music, and information coming!

    Posted on 4.15.06 ·
  5. Sunshyne wrote:

    I’m SO glad you added pictures of the dolls to the blog, and happy you did a podcast this week!! thanks!

    Posted on 4.15.06 ·
  6. Amy wrote:

    Thank you for podcasting this week! I didn’t think you would and was surprised to see the new show in my itunes. I painted elephants, anteaters, and wombats on waves while I listened. The D&G dolls ROCK!

    Posted on 4.15.06 ·
  7. Hey.. Like the others I am very glad you decided to do your podcast. Listening to it always lightens my mood.. I had a week from h*ll too.. and your podcast served as my oasis when I snapped a knitting needle, while knitting the sweater-that-will-not-be (long story)

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  8. Brenda, I’m glad Dave kicked your ass into p’casting this week. Otherwise I’d be stuck at my parents knitting to whatever show my dad was watching on the History channel.

    Thanks also for the knitters forum shout out. I would like to say though that I am not the creator. That title belongs to Shelby. I’m just the noise maker.

    So now I’m going back to listening to your cast and knitting my sock. It’s my first sock. It’s U.G.L.Y but I am determined to do it anyway.

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  9. Brenda, I’ve come to rely on Dave & Gary to start my week and you to wrap it up. Glad that the fall only injured your dignity. Could have been much worse.

    The dolls are priceless! They’ll have to make an appearance here in Motown, hairy chests and all.

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  10. Nita wrote:

    I’ve become a faithful listener and you have no idea how your podcast has inspired both my knitting and added to a mother/daughter bond over knitting (I’m the mother). It’s a challenge to keep putting out creative work in spite of life’s falls and unresponsive audiences, but just know that many of us out here are supported and encouraged by your presence in our lives.

    I write my own volunteer website on meditation and mindfulness, http:\\www.innerdoors.org. After 3 years of monthly updates I’ve learned that the writing keeps me honest in my meditation practice, and that reward makes the unpaid, unrecognized effort worth doing.

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  11. Heather wrote:

    Thank you for the podcast this week. I know how much time it takes and every moment is appreciated.
    I agree with Phyllis- my week wouldn’t be the same without Cast-On and Chub Creek.
    The essay was lovely. I imagine you capture the Muses like fireflies in a jar; to delight in and study,but most importantly, to let them go fluttering off again.

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  12. Joy wrote:

    I’m having problems listening to episode 20 of your podcast. I couldn’t update off of Itunes and couldn’t listen off of here. Hope the problem is corrected soon because I’m looking forward to hearing it. I love listening to your podcasts!

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  13. paula wrote:

    I listened to the latest cast-on last evening and found your description of the minis so funny I LOL! This morning I came to the site for a look. Just as I pictured them! Oh. BTW. I knit socks. /paula

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  14. Pensguys wrote:

    Brenda, I, too, was checking and checking for your podcast off and on Friday. No guilty imposed, but just know that I really enjoy listening to your show. I usually download the podcast in the morning on Fri (or early afternoon at the latest) then listen and knit in bed on Fri night. When I’m too sleepy to knit, I listen as you talk to me, as I drift off to la la land.

    GREAT job on the D&G dolls! CUTE! I can’t believe you put body hair on them! LOL I LOL at how your son didn’t want them lying around the house! LOL

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  15. Joy wrote:

    I did get to listen after my initial problem and loved your podcast. The dolls! They look as though they are hugging that wall so they don’t tumble into the water. They are priceless!

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  16. Ellen wrote:

    Thank you, Brenda for you Podcast this week! I can only guess how much time and effort you put into this but I really appreciate it. I listen to them several times! Your dolls are great! And I hope your bruises are healing well!

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  17. may wrote:

    Love the podcast Brenda! The dolls sound like a ton of fun to make.

    Hope you are feeling better today.

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  18. Jen M wrote:

    Brenda, thank you for this week’s show. I was a little disappointed on Friday, but it was well worth waiting for 🙂

    Posted on 4.16.06 ·
  19. Carol M wrote:

    Of course you had to take them to the beach. But look out! Soon you will be compelled to knit them tiny Speedos.

    Posted on 4.17.06 ·
  20. Hey Brenda,

    for some reason, iTune’s not downloading the episode and when I came to download it from here, LibSyn told me that it can’t find the file! *Gaaaaaaaaah* I’m showing withdrawal symptoms already. Please check the file.

    Posted on 4.17.06 ·
  21. Janet wrote:

    Thanks for doing the podcast this week. I always look forward to it, and always enjoy it. Love your sense of humor, and insights on knitting and life. I always chuckle when I hear the sheep baa-ing during your opening music. The Dave and Gary dolls are a hoot!
    Thanks for doing your podcast–I’m sure a lot of work goes into making it sound so effortless.

    Posted on 4.17.06 ·
  22. Rosemary wrote:

    This is almost completely unrelated to this episode, but it is what I keep thinking about: My cat is named Caliope, and is always at my side. While her name has forever been shortened to Callie, I believe I will be reminded of this new information about the Muse even more.

    Another fantastic entry, Brenda, even on the fly. Thank you, and I hope you get to put your feet up a lot this week.


    Posted on 4.17.06 ·
  23. Christa wrote:

    OHmyGod… I’m so glad Dave got you wired up to do this podcast, because that whole bit about the dolls was KILLING me.. sitting on the bus, listening to this description of anatomically correct knitted dolls with roving applied as body hair.. It was SO HARD not to be laughing out loud and getting the evil eye from the crowded busfolk… Glad you and Tanya (sp?) survived your slide without any major injuries.

    Still, no pressure from me for you do to the podcast when you’re just not feeling up to it.. it should bring you joy. If it doesn’t, keep taking all the breaks you need to come back joyful 🙂


    Posted on 4.17.06 ·
  24. Laurie wrote:

    I laughed so MUCH, at the last podcast! What a great doll story.

    How does one get on the “list” for the World Tour?

    Posted on 4.17.06 ·
  25. Anna wrote:

    The dolls are phenomenal! I loved the idea of roving for hair. I’d love to be on the list of those who get the Dave and Gary dolls! I’d like to take them to my Stitch and Bitch and take their picture with my group!

    Fantastic podcast, as usual. Mucho cookies for you.

    Posted on 4.17.06 ·
  26. Nancy wrote:

    Hey — did anybody else notice that Cast-On (also FiberCast and KnitCast) got a little shout-out in the “As the Whorl Spins” column in the Spring issue of Spin-Off?

    Posted on 4.17.06 ·
  27. Nancy R wrote:

    Thanks for the great podcast. Look forward to many more. Hope the hip feels better. Need a few close ups of those dolls. They are a HOOT!

    Posted on 4.17.06 ·
  28. carie wrote:

    Brenda, thank you so much for doing this– not just *this* time, but *every* time. Your podcast has brought me laughter, insight, and tears, and led me to Chub Creek (hence, more laughter). I am in the middle of a very tumultuous place right now, and the work you do here offers me the gifts of peace, much-needed distraction, and levity, which I always welcome. Thank you so much.

    Posted on 4.18.06 ·
  29. Jeanie wrote:

    Great show Brenda — Regarding the face shaping that you did on your D & G dolls, it sounds just like the face shaping I do on my little crocheted threadbears just before I sew the eyes on and embroider the nose. It’s sort of like doll plastic surgery!

    Thanks for doing this week’s show even though you must be incredibly sore and bruised. I’m glad your injuries weren’t worse, because it sounds like it could have been much worse than it was!

    Posted on 4.18.06 ·
  30. Jeanie wrote:

    Forgot to mention that I’d LOVE to see Dave and Garry in their knit “skivies” so feel free to have your D & G dolls visit me here in Texas!

    Posted on 4.18.06 ·
  31. fi wrote:

    Thanks so much for the podcast this week. This is my sanity saver, living with four males who just don’t get the knitting thing.

    I especially enjoyed the description of the dolls lying around the house in their underware.

    I hope you and Tonya have recovered from your rock sliding experiment.

    Posted on 4.18.06 ·
  32. Kate wrote:

    Thanks for this week’s podcast – I hope your pride was the only thing that was badly bruised by your Photo Shoot adventures. I look forward to hearing more about The Minis.

    Posted on 4.18.06 ·
  33. Lochinvar wrote:

    Hi Brenda –

    Thanks so much for playing A Poet a Dreamer on your Podcast! We really appreciate it!


    Posted on 4.18.06 ·
  34. You are truly appreciated Brenda. Your podcast brightens up my day!!! I look forward to Fridays because of it. But I also know it takes alot of effort so thank you very much. I love!!!! The D & G dolls omg they look so realistic!!!


    Posted on 4.18.06 ·
  35. Stephanie wrote:

    Thanks so much for all the work you put into your podcast! It’s always a pleasure to listen to it. And I hope your writing continues to go well!


    Posted on 4.18.06 ·
  36. Brenda, loved the podcast this week. I’ve been telling everyone about the dolls and the fact that your son was freaked out by them. Can’t wait for them to start their travels and see where they end up.

    Posted on 4.18.06 ·
  37. Sigrid wrote:

    I HAD to look online to see if you had a picture of these dolls you talked about on your most recent podcast. I listen to you show on the bus commute to work in San Francisco and was literally laughing out loud when you were describing the underwear. Thanks for posting this great picture – a story paints an amazing picture, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Posted on 4.19.06 ·
  38. ShelbyD wrote:

    Thanks so much for mentioning Knitters’ Forum in the podcast! I am always glad to have new participants.

    Posted on 4.20.06 ·
  39. janice wrote:

    I just got my Ipod, and the first thing I reached out for were the knitting podcasts. I subscribed and got 2 of yours. Driving for 5 hours, last Sunday, I listed to all. I enjoyed yours and couldn’t wait to get home to see pictures of Dave and Gary. In listening to you describe them, my visual is very much like your picture. I hope Dave and Gary visit the USA on their adventures around the world.

    Posted on 4.21.06 ·
  40. Karen wrote:

    I don’t always get to knit while listening to cast-on. Yesterday I was listening to this episode while cooking dinner (and dreaming of knitting ;))
    My 9 year old son came into the room from playing outside, heard you talking, and proceeded to grab his knitting project (was a scarf, now gonna be a pouch) that he’s neglected for the last month or so. Made his mama PROUD 🙂

    Posted on 4.21.06 ·
  41. Susan wrote:

    Hi Brenda,
    Thanks for doing the show this week. I loved hearing about the dolls! They’re marvelous!

    Posted on 4.22.06 ·
  42. Hindrek in Vancouver wrote:

    Brenda – you are the best ! if Dave and Gary need to visit Vancouver on their ’round the world trek….I know of a place they can stay. Would be an honour…..

    Posted on 4.25.06 ·
  43. Michele wrote:

    LOL! Brenda, thanks so much for this Podcast and a special thanks to Dave, too for the extra little push…

    The Mini Chubb Yarn Boys look amazing! The whole process was a joy to listen to! LOL. You are a master story teller. Thanks for doing this… Hugs

    Posted on 4.26.06 ·
  44. Nicole wrote:


    Thank you for for the podcast. There’s no doubt about it, you matter to me! I love your podcast.

    Posted on 5.5.06 ·
  45. Cat wrote:

    I’m glad Dave kicked your podcasting behind, because you still turned out a lovely episode! *grin* Of course it matters whether you put out an episode. There are =several= of us who are Cast-On/ChubCreek listeners, and so following the partnership between you and Dave has been extremely entertaining.

    The dolls are fantastically well-done, and I cannot wait to volunteer to be one of their hosts.

    Finally, loved the Magician song, and the guest essay about knitting your own history by knitting a bridal veil brought tears to my eyes. You go girl!

    Posted on 5.16.06 ·
  46. Nathalie wrote:

    Ok, I know I’m, like, a year and a half out of date, but I just discovered you, Brenda, and I’m catching up. Those minis are fabulous!

    Posted on 11.7.07 ·
  47. Brenda, I’ve been listening to you for a couple of years now, but (I think) this is the first time I’ve commented. You have a wonderful podcast, and I expect to continue listening as long as you keep it going.

    One question, though: Is the Cybertots pattern available anywhere now that you know of? The link provided on this page doesn’t work, and my searching has not yet borne fruit.

    Posted on 5.19.09 ·

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