Profile: The Knitted Art of Freddie Robins

by Brenda on April 22, 2009

She knits murderer’s houses, and cosies for trees; sweaters with grossly elongated necks, and full body suits pierced with knitting needles; gloves that are joined together at the wrist, and others that are, literally, all thumbs. The imaginative, and startlingly […]


Profile: Mary Rose Lourtet

by Brenda on March 12, 2009

L’atelier Muse – The Knitted Life of Marie Rose Lourtet She knits houses from string, and miniature masks; magnificent maps and impossible-to-wear dresses. Just twenty-five miles north west of Paris, not far from the legendary house and famous water lilies […]


Geek Chic

by Brenda on January 7, 2009

Science and Mathematics Knit Up Beautifully. A feature length article originally published in Interweave Knits Fall 2003, now with links to people, places and patterns.


Silver Screen Stitching

by Brenda on November 5, 2008

A knitwear designer specializing in costume design for television, film and the theater, Gina Pinnock has knit stockings for Holly Hunter, an Aran wedding dress for Heather Graham, and a pair of silk long johns for Harvey Keitel.