15 Dec 2008

The Magic of Magdalena

Australia-based photographer, Magdalena Bor, creates fairytale landscapes of the imagination. The result of highly skilled and detailed construction Magdalena’s enchanted scenes are created as theatrical settings from everyday objects – buttons, yarn, and knitting – and photographed.

Vivid, complex and magical, the low camera angle of her images forces the viewer to look at the scenes from the vantage point of a small child, and therein lies the magic. The images are a beautifully crafted reminder of that time of life when every table in the house is a potential fort; every button box an Aladdin’s cave of wonders.

See Magdalena Bors portfolio to view more enchanted landscapes.

Thanks to Tonia!

Posted on December 15, in News


  1. maryanne in pgh wrote:

    wow, amazing. it takes me back to my early elementary school years when, with my head obediently on my folded arms on my desk at “rest time” i listened to the reverberation of sounds up from the wooden floor through the desk and imagined the small people that might live inside the desk. (anybody remember “The Borrowers” books?) i was captivated even long after i knew it could not be so.
    _love_ these photos.

    Posted on 12.17.08 ·
  2. Jenna in Richmond, Virginia where it might actually snow today! wrote:


    Posted on 12.30.08 ·
  3. Josie wrote:

    Amazing! So beautiful.

    Posted on 1.1.09 ·

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