12 Dec 2008

Recycled Sweater Art

A few weeks ago, in a running Skype chat called The Green Room, one of my friends there mentioned her frustration with the fact that her mother was teetering close to the financial edge. Though her mom is perfectly happy with her life, earning small a living by selling hand made rugs that she creates from recycled sweaters, the precariousness of her situation was worrying for my friend. As was the fact that her mom patently refuses any offers of financial help.

“What about an Etsy store?” some of us wondered. A plan was hatched to set up a shop, and bring the work of a talented woman to wider a audience, and make her life better by creating a steady income stream, as well convince her to raise the price of her work from the pittance she had been charging. The subject of our conspiracy was delighted with idea. Her response when she was told speaks volumes about who she is.

“Fantastic! And I can give all the money I earn to Kiva!

I get it that you think I am poor and therefore should be wanting more money. However, that is your opinion about my life, and not a reality of my life. My money needs are well satisfied, and my money desires seem to work themselves out in a very timely fashion. This whole project came up when I was wistfully wishin’ I could figure a way to contribute my mite to the micro-loan idea. Of which I heartily approve, oh so heartily. And yippee now I can.”

Kite’s Etsy Shop contains some of the most beautiful art rugs from recycled yarn I have ever seen.

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  1. Oh, this just made me smile. What generous impulses from everyone involved. Must go check out this Etsy store.

    Posted on 12.12.08 ·
  2. raquel wrote:

    Just found this site and these rugs via pinterest. Amazing! I would love to see more. Does she still sell these rugs?

    Posted on 4.2.12 ·
  3. Sadly, there will be no more rugs. Kite passed away a few years ago.

    Posted on 4.2.12 ·

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