03 Dec 2008

New beginnings

Loveland, Colo., December 2, 2008: Interweave announced today that is has
completed its acquisition of CrochetMe.com, a popular social media site for
crochet enthusiasts, from its developer, Kim Werker, in a move that adds to
its already strong lineup of fiber craft media and online properties, which
includes its crochet magazine, “Interweave Crochet.”

So that’s the news, but that’s not really the story. In a beautifully eloquent blog post, Kim Werker explains the decision.

I’m a starter. I’m a brainstormer. I’m a novelty junkie. I’m like a professional enthusiast. And when I get to the point that I love my work because I’ve come to fully understand it, I bask for a short while (a very short while), and then I wake up one day and I feel, quite literally and out of the blue, like I’m going to DIE. And so I woke up one morning this past summer and felt like my ankles were shackled to blocks of concrete. I lost my motivation. I became depressed. And I realized in August that I was feeling those things because I was no longer stimulated by my work. It wasn’t new to me anymore; I wasn’t learning all the time; I had accomplished most of what I’d set out to do. I was, worst of all, bored.

Best of luck, Kim, in whatever comes your way next. You’ve left big shoes to fill.

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  1. Trudy wrote:

    Man–I know how she feels. I have some sort of “Start-ADHD ! I love learning all about new crafts…..ok, I can’t learn ALL about them. I’m not smart enough and I have no one to show me except for books and videos. But when I’ve accomplished a sweater, a pair of mittens, something in colorwork, some Intarsia-it sort of gets old to me, and I start to worry about all the needles and yarn I’ve acquired. What is going to happen?

    Then I pick up my crochet hooks for awhile, then my cross stitch or maybe my artist pencils–and I sigh with relief. I think of my knitting needles I got my hubby to put up in the attic when the kids were coming home for Thanksgiving, gie him that pleading look and a smile, and he cimbs back up the pull-down steps to go get those needles and yarn!! I’m a starter, but eventually, even though I’m frogging , I guess I’m sometimes a finisher—- and definitely always a crafter!

    Posted on 12.5.08 ·

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