08 Dec 2008

Knockando Mill

First came the Barn fantasy, which you may remember, and which shares some similarities with the Shear Spirit fantasy. I haven’t spoken much about the Buy a Traditional Mill and Make Yarn fantasy, but would it surprise you to know I have such leanings? I’m guessing not.

Here the Mill fantasy combines nicely with my Move to Scotland Because it Snows More fantasy.


Thanks, Judy!

Posted on December 8, in News


  1. Yeah. What a cool place.
    It probably won’t surprise you that I’ve had a similar fantasy..although in Scotland is a new twist on mine, No pun intended.
    (step back form the edge!!)
    Thanks for posting the video.

    Posted on 12.8.08 ·
  2. Joan wrote:

    That’s right up there with knitting something for all of my 150 or so clients. It’s just…. about…. do able……

    Posted on 12.8.08 ·
  3. Ida wrote:

    Hi – This certainly looks like a wonderfull place. I hope they will manage to keep it going. However, I would like to know what yarn they are producing (they do spin right?) ? – I’m looking for a fine but strong single-spun wool suitable for weaving fabric prehistoric clothing…..

    – it’s also a great website you have created. Well done.

    Posted on 12.8.08 ·
  4. Gwen wrote:

    Thank you for sharing the video. Though I’ve never been to Scotland, it felt like home.

    Posted on 12.9.08 ·

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