19 Dec 2007

What this place needs is someone who knows a few things.

I love that from time to time I get to indulge in geeky WordPress stuff. Seriously. It pleases me no end that I know a few things, and can make stuff happen on a web page. If I weren’t so happily busy podcasting, I could really see myself diving deep into WordPress and staying there forever. Building themes. Finding elegant ways to say it with CSS. WordPress rocks. I loves it. Which is why it’s taken me such a long time to admit that I’m really not very good at making it do what I want it to.

Thing is, because it’s a hobby and not my day job, everything takes me a really long time. And, in the end, nothing really looks the way I imagine it could. Sadly, I am that shallow sort of person for whom how things look matters, and it pains me that my site does not reflect my personal design aesthetic in any way. So I keep tweaking and poking at it, trying to make it better, which is why things change with such alarming regularity around here.

Lately I have been wondering, might not my time be better spent in scheduling interviews, gathering audio, and adding content to the website? What would life be like if I wrote more, and tweaked the website less? And might it perhaps be a good idea to pay someone to tweak things for me, so that I can get on with the business and the pleasure that is making podcasts? And I am beginning to think it might.

Towards this end I have put together a succinct, forty-seven (okay, three) page design specification document, detailing all the ways I would like my website to look, and all of the things I would like my website to do. I’ve been sending it out to lots of designers and agencies, asking for quotes, even from some that I know are WAY out of my price range, because they design things for companies like Ikea and BT. But who knows, they might be possibly feeling quirky or generous and think my project looks fun (which it does) and decide to cut me a break.

At the end of the design spec I put a link to the “I Speak Jive” episode of the podcast, with the suggestion that it would be a good idea to listen to what it is that I do, and all the while wondering if it is too much to hope that they actually get it? Then it occurred to me that there might be some people who have the skills I’m looking for, who already know what I do, and wouldn’t it be great to not have to explain so much, and cool to work with someone who already knows who I am?”

Wanted: Some combination of graphic designer, illustrator and CSS Princess. Or Prince. With a thorough knowledge and deep and abiding love of WordPress. Who gets it.

If you are a designer, or know a designer willing to exchange brilliance and talent for my filthy lucre, please get in touch. Ask for the design spec sheet, using the subject line, “Yo! I want to be your Graphics Ho!” Or something equally pithy.

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  1. Isn’t it fun to mess around and see what the little changes can do? (It’s one of the reasons I’ve learned to back up my work BEFORE playing!) But with all the bazillion or so free templates, pick one as a starting ground. Heck, try several. It’s the add-ons that can make the difference, too.
    And, hey, you got the snow to work! I still can’t figure that out.

    Posted on 12.20.07 ·
  2. M-H wrote:

    That was snow! I got a bit anxious there – first I thought it was my eye (recovering from a cataract op) and then I thought it was my computer. 🙂

    Posted on 12.20.07 ·
  3. Hallie wrote:

    I use wordpress also. Love it!! I do know CSS and would love to help out in any capacity that I can….limited time with a full-time job of course. I do design websites as a hobby, but I just don’t have time to take on a full project, nor do I want to at this point.

    I would love to help you out, and maybe I can accomplish some small changes for you in a much shorter time than it takes you. No charge, I love the show and would love to help out. I often change my site around, play with new themes, new templates, and change small things. I love it! I’m not really great at creating graphics, however, but I can easily apply them if you find someone else who can create them.

    I suppose I’ve rambled on enough. Keep up the great work!! I love the music, too. I found you through L&V.

    Posted on 12.26.07 ·
  4. Angie wrote:

    I can do lots of things, but not with code. Your ability to make it snow is pretty awesome. As well, writing proposals is an amazing and valuable skill that others would sell their souls for. But I agree: more time for knitting and (listening to) your podcast is what we all want.

    Posted on 12.28.07 ·
  5. Wendy wrote:

    I am a graphic designer and would love to help! I’m not a programmer but would be happy to team up with someone like Hallie.
    I can do logo work, typesetting, etc.

    Posted on 1.1.08 ·
  6. Jules wrote:

    Hi there Brenda.

    Are you still looking for a web designer/programmer/CSS person? I do a bit of web design, but my partner Keith is the CSS wizard. He is helping me set up my own blog/site and also a web competition for Save the Children. He works for a mobile phone animation company, but takes on bits of freelance work. As well as being a real techie head, he is a dab hand at graphics (he’s a great mix of nerdness and creativity – he is always hooked up but also writes brilliant short stories and paints!)
    I am a huge Cast On fan, which is very inspiring, and motivated me to set up my Knittywits site and blog (in between being mum my 2yo daughter and doing a PhD in german philosophy!) so I can record all my finished knitting projects etc.
    I’m sure Keith would not charge current freelance rates for a fellow knitsib!
    Let me know anyway, Jules

    Posted on 1.26.08 ·
  7. Jules wrote:

    Oh, and we are up in Glasgow, but my folks are near you I think – in Hook, Pembrokeshire nr Haverford West.


    Posted on 1.26.08 ·

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