1. Kirsty wrote:

    That was a truly wonderful piece of radio, by half way through tears were pouring down my face but I couldn’t tear myself away to get a tissue.

    And In The Bleak Midwinter is my absolute favourite carol.

    Posted on 12.4.05 ·
  2. Christy wrote:

    This was simply lovely.

    Thank you.

    Posted on 12.13.05 ·
  3. susoolu wrote:

    Beautiful, just beautiful. So good I had to stop and have a quiet muse afterwards.

    Posted on 11.30.05 ·
  4. Rosemary wrote:

    Thank you for that. Beautiful.

    Posted on 12.16.05 ·
  5. Dawn wrote:

    That was so beautiful…and I almost wept when I heard you say that it isn’t Thanksgiving here. I feel the same way, Thanksgiving is the one holiday I miss the most now that I live in the UK. Just knowing that my whole family is getting together make me happy and sad. I just can’t manage to do anything here because it just wouldn’t feel the same…the same with the 4th of July! I’ll have to arrange a vacation home for those days in a year or too….right now Christmas is a priority.

    Posted on 3.17.06 ·
  6. Michele wrote:

    I’ve just discovered your wonderful podcast and am listening to them all in order as I work on a dreadful policy-governance manual page-layout project in the middle of a heatwave in Washington DC.

    Thanksgiving has always been my favorite day — well, favorite holiday. The day before is my absolute favorite day of the year. Listening to this made me thankful for all the Thanksgivings I’ve had: from traditional with 20 people to the day-late in mourning, to my daughter’s first when I passed the 100% homemade tradition on to her. Thank you so much. I will listen to this again in 5 months, and will tuck the print-out of your essay in with my grandmother’s cajun eggplant-rice dressing recipe (what Louisiana folks serve instead of mashed potatoes) to be handed down.

    Posted on 7.20.06 ·
  7. Mintyfresh wrote:

    I only just subscribed to your podcast two days ago, and I’m making my way through from the beginning–it is excellent!

    This episode, Snow Day, was so beautiful, I think you’ve won my everlasting love as a result. I, like others, cried when I listened to it. Thanksgiving coincides with my birthday quite often, so it’s my favorite holiday, and the idea of finding a moment that feels like Thanksgiving even when it isn’t Thanksgiving–beautiful.

    Posted on 8.20.06 ·
  8. Hilda wrote:

    I listened to this podcast just last week, the day before Thanksgiving. The words stayed with me all Thanksgiving morning as I recognized the hush and quiet streets even here in Hollywood, CA. Your essay lent a recognized magic to Thanksgiving that I had previously taken for granted. I know this will always be remembered each year and, with Arlo Guthrie’s Alices Restaurant, will be a traditional listn.
    Thank you.

    Posted on 11.29.06 ·
  9. Melanie Fiore wrote:

    Being a novice to podcasting, I thought I’d start at the beginning of yours and just listened to this podcast over the weekend (June 2, 2007). Although it isn’t the Thanksgiving season, the music by Alison Crowe was hauntingly beautiful. I had never heard this Christmas Carol before and I looked it up on the web.

    Your podcasts are wonderful! Thank you for continuing.

    Posted on 6.7.07 ·
  10. Alicia wrote:

    I recently found out about podcasting and this was the first podcast sight I was given by a friend. So I started at the beginning and was trully touched by your snow day episode it trully blessed my heart.

    Thank you

    Posted on 8.14.07 ·
  11. Katarina wrote:

    I haven’t been able to keep up with your podcasts for a long time and really wanted to catch up. But I didn’t want to start where I left off, so to speak, so I decided to start from the beginning again. And I enjoy it so much! And the time is just right since you started podcasting almost exactly two years ago. I’ve just litseden to “A Snow Day” and I love it. It’s so beautiful. And it’s the perfect episode for today, because it’s been snowing here in Stockholm all day. I’m at the office and decided to set aside this day for cleaning up my desk which has been very messy the last couple of months. And I hate that. So today I’m tidying my desk, watching the snow fall, listening to Cast On and drinking hot chocolate. Perfect.

    Posted on 11.13.07 ·
  12. Celeritas wrote:

    I wish it snowed here!

    Posted on 4.11.08 ·
  13. Tuppence wrote:

    Very poignant and touching.

    Posted on 5.17.08 ·
  14. Lori Gill wrote:

    Hi! Here it is Oct 14th 2009 and I found your podcast. I am starting from the beginning and just listened to the 2005 Thanksgiving podcast.. It touched my heart very much.. Something that you recorded 4 years ago is still affecting people today… I have 4 years of podcasts to catch up on and that is going to be a joy.

    Lori in Columbus Ohio

    Posted on 10.14.09 ·
  15. Hi there – I LOVE your podcast! As an avid knitter, I am always trying to find something good to listen to when I knit ( a favourite is the Yarn Harlot). Well, you are my new Yarn Harlot. It’s Thursday the 21st of March, 2013 and I just found you by googling podcast and knitting – two of my favourite things. It is snowing here in London, Ontario, I’m knitting my daughter a skirt and while it is not Thanksgiving, I can relate to a snow day.

    Bravo! Can’t wait to catch up to you – I’ve got 122 episodes to go!

    Posted on 3.21.13 ·
  16. Suzanne Elliott wrote:

    The sun is shining and I’m sat out side sewing together my ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’. I was sent a link for episode 6(which I have listened to and enjoyed) but today I decided I would start at the start. I smiled serenely and knowingly at your ‘felting’. I did fast forward through ‘The Hash’, but only because I wasn’t sure how far the sound would carry and, today any way, I wasn’t in the mood. And then… ‘Thanksgiving Special’. Wow. Wow with the hairs on my arms and neck standing up. A smile. Tears in my eyes. And this. A huge urge to let you know the effect and to say… Thank you, I guess. Thank you for helping me pass the ‘sewing up’ time. A job I’m never very fond of and have been avoiding. I have now found my ‘stitch-it-together’ buddy. You. :o) . Thank you.

    Posted on 7.19.13 ·
  17. JD ISLEOFARAN wrote:

    Each year I search and re-find this ‘cast for listening and reflecting on Snow Day.
    Blessings to you and T on this Thanksgiving 2013. May you find peace and tranquillity this year.
    And please may you find it in your soul to also celebrate One Last Drink. Toast your wonderful Fathers that shine through you both in to this world.

    Posted on 11.28.13 ·

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