19 Nov 2008

One word.


Is there anything cuter than babies in hats? I want to eat their adorable little toes! I can’t wait to dress a baby in knitted goodness!

Whose grandchildren are going to be very, very spoiled? Whose? Do you know? That’s right! Mine are. Can’t wait…

Cooing aside, the other thing I find interesting about this piece is the format: a YouTube marketing campaign for a knitting book. Hmmm… It’s the first I’ve seen, brought to my attention by the publisher, and I don’t know if anyone else is doing it. Is it the first of its kind? Or have these been around for years and I’m the last person in the knitting universe to spot the trend? (Wouldn’t be the first time.) Also, it’s a commercial for a knitting book, no doubt about it, but it felt more like entertainment to me, probably because I made the choice to click. Did it work that way for you too? Let me know.

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  1. Amanda wrote:

    To be honest, I didn’t even realize it was an advertisement until it got to the part about the book at the end.

    I have seen video montage’s of all sorts of things on YouTube (kittens, anime cosplay, TV show clips, dumb people doing drugs, you name it), and frankly, cute little babies in adorable knitted hats seems like something A LOT of the knitters I have met would do.

    So to be honest, until I saw the end, I thought it was just a video made by a knitter who appreciated cute babies in cute hats. And I really enjoyed it!

    And I have to admit, I’d really like to buy that book, for the simple fact that I have a LOT of cousins that are little and would love to top their heads with adorable baby knits. I mean, some of those hats were just too cute for words. I even wanted a couple of them for me, hehehe.

    Whoever came up with that marketing plan is a genius, and I really think they did a great job marketing the book while still making the video very enjoyable!

    Sorry this is so long, but was trying to give good feedback 🙂

    Posted on 11.22.08 ·
  2. Angie wrote:

    So professional and successful. I was asking myself, “Where can I get these patterns?” I’m not in line for grandchildren yet, but I will be armed and ready. But selling me a book is usually pretty easy.

    Posted on 11.24.08 ·
  3. crystal wrote:

    I think this is a great idea! What a unique way to market a book, especially if blogs, websites, and podcasts link to it!

    Posted on 11.29.08 ·
  4. DianeW wrote:

    Wow, a well-done video that made me want to buy the product. And I have no babies to knit for! It will be a long time before my 10-year old son provides grandchildren! I love your comment about eating baby toes. I always nibbled on Ian’s piggies and when he was about two I told him I was going to eat his piggies and he informed me that we “only eat food and fried rice”! That was before the Chinese restaurant left town. But he still loves fried rice.

    I love the new website and added it to my feeds to visit more frequently now. Keep up the good work and I’m glad you’re recovering from you surgical adventure.

    Posted on 12.7.08 ·

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