05 Nov 2008

Berroco’s Tiny Twelve

Some would say it’s far too early for the C word. I think not.

I saw mince pies at the Co-op this week. Plus, that most excellent of British sweeties, only in the stores at this time of year, Brandy Beans. Every year I eat more than is good for me, and then somehow manage to forget that they exist. And every year I surprised and delighted to discover them all over again. Anyway, with all these signs of the impending season, I know I’m not the only one thinking about … you know what.

I’m getting the jump on my holiday knitting this year with Berroco’s tiny twelve. So cute! These miniature sweaters are perfect for using wee bits of DK or sock yarn we all have hanging around, and the pattern is free.

Posted on November 5, in News


  1. Robin wrote:

    Sweet, I just bought 5 skeins of the ultra alpaca light so it’ll be perfect!!

    Posted on 11.6.08 ·
  2. Jenny Rafferty wrote:

    These are so adorable – I NEED to make some!

    Posted on 11.7.08 ·

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