07 Nov 2007

The books are now closed.

It has come to my attention that some people who know me have been secretly wagering that I would be sewing into the wee hours the night before the wedding. I can’t name names, of course. All I can say is that SOME people, who shall be nameless, have no faith at all, and deserve to lose those bets. (Pam.)

I am happy to report that I am almost done with both dress and corset. Just the eyelets on the back of the corset, and the hem of the gown to finish off, and we can call it a wedding dress.

Laura is on her way over for the final fitting. Fingers crossed that I measured correctly, and that it fits.

Corset 1

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  1. Hayley wrote:

    That is so wonderful!Laura is the luckiest daughter in law in the world!!!

    Posted on 11.7.07 ·
  2. Wow. Stunning corset. I can only imagine the dress!!! Lovely.

    Posted on 11.7.07 ·
  3. Angie wrote:

    I hope she loves it as much as I do. You are brave to attempt a wedding dress when your relationship with the bride could be troubled, and you are so generous to offer your gifts to your new daughter (in-law). Here a dress can take 6 months to order off the rack! I’m hoping my daughter sews her own prom dress like I did and my sisters did, too.

    Posted on 11.7.07 ·
  4. Beverly wrote:

    Wow. It’s just gorgeous. Can’t wait to see pictures of the finished dress.

    Posted on 11.7.07 ·
  5. Nathalie wrote:

    That is fabulous! Beautiful work. I hope you take pictures of the bride wearing it too!

    Posted on 11.8.07 ·
  6. Alli wrote:

    It’s wonderful! I hope she loves it and I’m sure she’ll look beautiful in it!

    Posted on 11.8.07 ·
  7. Maggie wrote:

    That’s absolutely beautiful!

    Posted on 11.8.07 ·
  8. tina wrote:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the photo of the bride and the dress! And, shame on some people who have little faith—– shame, shame!

    Posted on 11.8.07 ·
  9. chrispy wrote:

    Well congrats. I love that the dress is not white. I did made my dress green; I refused to bow to tradition. I made my wedding dress and would have been hemming it as I walked down the aisle if I had not called in re-enforcement the night before. Two ladies who are friends of the family came to my hotel room and hemmed my train for me as I hemmed the front of the dress. We finished just shy of midnight.

    Have a great time at the wedding.

    Posted on 11.8.07 ·
  10. Kathryn wrote:

    ….so did dhe love that lace or what. I vote for it worked perfectly! I’ll send you the picture of you buying the lace soon.

    Posted on 11.8.07 ·
  11. Emily wrote:

    Looks v good – and as if it was the 1930s underwear pink rather than the my little pony pink? The lace works well. Hope all is ok.

    Posted on 11.8.07 ·
  12. not supergirl wrote:

    It’s lovely, and I’m impressed as hell that it’s NOT going to be worked on into the wee hours on the eve of the wedding.

    Posted on 11.8.07 ·
  13. codeknitter wrote:

    Wow! That is Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing a picture.
    Hopefully you’ll feel as satisfied with it After the fitting. My aunt used to do lots of wedding dresses, and the final fitting always seemed to be a major transformation. Good luck! and i’m betting that hem will be an easy one, and not a source of pre-day drama.

    Posted on 11.8.07 ·
  14. Jenna wrote:

    Welll done you!!!

    Posted on 11.9.07 ·
  15. Emma wrote:

    It looks fantastic, but won’t the groom now know what it looks like? 🙂

    Posted on 11.9.07 ·
  16. Hanna wrote:

    That looks fabulous! Love the girly pink with the sexy black lace. Makes for a corset that’s suitable for the wedding day (with skirt) as well as night (??).

    Posted on 11.9.07 ·
  17. Tres wrote:

    Its so amazing!! I have been wondering for weeks what it would look like. Thanks for the photos, I have been checking the web site almost daily for new photos, (I’m just like that.) HAve a great wedding day!!

    Posted on 11.10.07 ·
  18. Holly wrote:

    Wow!! That is absolutely stunning. I’m sure the bride will be beautiful.

    Posted on 11.12.07 ·
  19. yvette wrote:

    That is gorgeous, the black lace is stunning, thank you for sharing.

    Posted on 11.12.07 ·
  20. Chris E wrote:

    Good job! The black lace looks just as amazing as I remembered. I hope we get to see the complete ensemble, bride included.

    Posted on 11.12.07 ·
  21. Alanna wrote:

    The lace was well chosen…. I know you imagined something a bit lighter, but the contrast with the satin is really nice. Excellent definition. What wonderful work. Brava!

    Posted on 11.26.07 ·
  22. Ken wrote:

    Brenda’s Dad just saying it was a lovely wedding and the picture of the Bride and Groom (my grandson) is a perfect picture of the two of them. Brenda, you have to post a picture of the Brides shoes! Your listeners and readers will love them! Black and pink Victorian looking high heel, high top. Go back to the lead in page to see a picture of the dress. Oh and by the way, I don’t think men’s shorts would have the same effect, but go to it ladies! By the way, the reference to Pam above is to her Sister who lives in Saint Paul, MN. She has two other Sisters, Sandra, who lives in Alaska, and Linda who lives in Virginia. The girls mother and I live in Sisters, Oregon. Raising four daughters was certainly a challenge at times!

    Posted on 11.26.07 ·
  23. Sunil wrote:

    Never heard that before, but it is so true! I too had a cute Mennonite lady named Mary make my wendidg ..$300. That was almost twenty years ago. I wonder if she is the same Mary? Your dress was gorgeous, a perfect summer wendidg dress to wear on the beach. I loved mine too, the perfect winter wendidg dress. And my husband designed my dress from British wendidg magazine pictures. I just finished reading all the posts about Mary the seamstress. I guess this is good advertising for her!!!

    Posted on 12.3.12 ·

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