05 Nov 2008

Pardon my dust.

Oooh! A blog post! Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve updated I wonder if I remember how.

Oh yes, I remember now.


As you’ve probably noticed, things are a little wonky around here. I’m in the process of upgrading the site and have hit a point where I’ve had to make the new theme live in order chase the bugs. I’m aware of the wonkies, and working to fix them.

Keep checking back. Nearly there. It’s going to be good.

Posted on November 5, in Blog


  1. Guru Nam Kaur wrote:


    I like the new look. It’s fresh. Thanks so much for the blog and podcast. It keeps me going at work some days.

    Take care,

    Posted on 11.5.08 ·
  2. T2 (Trish) wrote:

    The new site is gorgeous and so easy to navigate. Well worth the wait!

    Posted on 11.16.08 ·

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