30 Nov 2010

A girl’s gotta knit

Although I had hoped to, I just can’t podcast today. There’s no way to do it AND finish the sample garment I’m furiously knitting in time for the photo shoot scheduled this weekend. Sample garment wins.

In addition to being way late delivering this project, I am also way sick of it. More done with looking at it, in fact, than there are words for. Just saying.

Still, best put a brave face on it and get cracking. It’s a frosty day, and the sofa furnishes an excellent view of the bird feeder. There are worse ways to spend a day than watching endless costume dramas on DVD and knitting. I am sure I shall bear it, somehow.

Talk to you next week. Same bat-time.

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  1. Josie wrote:

    Wondering why I’ve had ‘if you’re cold, put on a sweater, that’s what they’re for’ ringing around my head the last couple of days. Oh yes, that would be because it’s MINUS FIFTEEN DEGREES C in Cardiff lately. Wishing you the best with finishing the project and hope it’s keeping your lap warm. Cos if it’s cold in Cardiff, I can bet it’s brass monkeys where you are!

    Posted on 11.30.10 ·
  2. Heather wrote:

    Brenda, I’m so happy that you have started producing shows again. I am very picky about my podcasts and yours is one of my favorites. In fact, it is the only knitting podcast that I listen to!

    Give those critters of yours some big ol’ face squishes from Heather in Texas and stay warm! Its fabulous knitting weather!

    Posted on 11.30.10 ·
  3. hunter wrote:

    Ahhh, I know that feeling…that precise feeling actually, as I’ve got a project in the book too. I took the easy way out and did a much smaller project though. At least Heather is a forgiving task master!

    Best of luck with the knitting and the cold (I have to say I’m somewhat baffled that it’s properly cold in Wales and practically balmy in Cleveland). Hope we get to hear about Laugharne soon!

    Posted on 11.30.10 ·
  4. Julie wrote:

    I love the robin photo. Our robins (on Vancouver Island) are more thrush-like in size and looks. My cousin in Swansea and I argue over which is the “real” robin. I only participate to bug him because I do think yours are much cuter.

    Posted on 11.30.10 ·
  5. Annetta wrote:

    Good morning Brenda,

    I hope it’s a productive day, with minimal frogging. Thank you for the snow and the robin – it’s the first day of summer here, it’s raining, muggy, uncomfortable and I wish I was there.

    Have a great day,


    Posted on 11.30.10 ·
  6. Jacinta wrote:

    So glad you are back podcasting! 🙂
    Loving the robin in the snow … Goodluck with that deadline.

    Looking forward to hearing from you on … Same Bat Channel 😉


    Posted on 12.1.10 ·
  7. Knit on, don’t worry, we’ll still be there when you come back!

    Posted on 12.1.10 ·
  8. Karoline wrote:

    Good luck Brenda! Also hope you feel better too! Can’t wait until the next podcast! Happy knitting!

    Posted on 12.1.10 ·
  9. Gemma wrote:

    Hi Brenda

    A momentous day for me. I have finally finished listening to all your podcasts! Had a hiatus for a year (and also did no knitting), fortunately not an injury – just a baby 🙂 Now picking up my needles when I can.

    Keep warm – it is beautiful and sunny in New Zealand with me – great yarn here – be great if you could visit!

    Happy knitting!

    Posted on 12.2.10 ·
  10. susan in dulwich wrote:

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product and perhaps one day hearing a Today’s Sweater about the process.
    It is a shame that deadline prevent you from putting the sweater into time-out. I find my enthusiasm for certain knitting projects can be renewed by a short (or long) separation.

    Posted on 12.2.10 ·
  11. Kristi ~ ArtSea wrote:

    Awe! What a sweet little bird!!! I want to scoop it up and tickle it’s belly! Ok, but that’s me =)

    Can’t wait to see the sweater… Hang in there it sounds rough but I know you can handle it =)

    Posted on 12.2.10 ·
  12. Patti M-C wrote:

    Dear Brenda – Just re-listened to your Thanksgiving story on the latest podcast and wanted to say how good it is to spend time with you again. As a transplanted Texan living in Hampshire, married to a Brit, the eldest of four girls with two sons of my own – the oldest called Christopher (now 20) and my youngeer one (16) called Zach (and a lovely 18 year old daughter Cecily in between) you can imagine my surprise when I first started listening to your podcasts five years ago. It felt like our lives had crossed in some wierd cosmic way. Though we haven’t met yet I feel it may just be a matter of time (though not in a stalker-ish way). Thanks for taking the time to make my knitting even more enjoyable.


    Posted on 12.5.10 ·
  13. Leslie wrote:

    I would have a hard time keeping my thoughts off those cute birds! I hope you finished your project and can move on to something else without a deadline! Stay warm.

    Posted on 12.6.10 ·
  14. Marge wrote:

    I agreed with Elizabeth from France, knit on, we’ll wait. I wanted to add I love the video included this week, I’ve gone to the black hole that is Youtube and found more, they are great.

    Posted on 12.9.10 ·
  15. hunter wrote:

    I came looking when Tuesday didn’t bring any update and see you’ve been felled by some sort of crud. It does seem to be the time of year for it. Hope you’re on the mend soon. Until then, drink lots of tea with whiskey in it (purely medicinal you understand) and rest.

    Posted on 12.9.10 ·
  16. Yes, I have the worst cold ever since the dawn of man, and it makes me sound like Jack Nicholson. Delightful as it is to croak, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” at the drop of a hat, I don’t really have a podcasting voice at present. Fingers crossed for next week, you know, baring pnumonia.

    Posted on 12.9.10 ·
  17. hunter wrote:

    I did the pneumonia dance earlier in the year and I can firmly recommend against it. I explored it thoroughly and am completely confident in my recommendation. I promise you don’t want to investigate yourself.

    Now go put on something warm and woolly (we know you’re well supplied in that area) and have something warm to drink. I favor a boiling water poured over a whack of grated ginger, the juice of half a lemon, and as much honey as I think I can reasonably get away with (if the aforementioned tea and whiskey is either unavailable or unappealing).

    Feel better soon!

    Posted on 12.9.10 ·
  18. Patti wrote:

    Hi Brenda,

    I am so glad you are podcasting again! Cast On is one of my most favourites.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Patti from Bristol

    Posted on 12.16.10 ·
  19. Linda wrote:

    Hi Brenda
    Sorry to hear that you’ve not been well, hope you are feeling a lot better soon, and now you’ll have to find the energy to rush around for all the festive season activities, so we’ll forgive you if you can’t find the time to podcast, we’ll still keep looking out for the next episode anyway, it will be something we can all look forward to!
    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

    Posted on 12.16.10 ·
  20. Erin wrote:

    Happy Yule!! 🙂 I’m knitting a sweater for winter, naturally, I haven’t made it past the arms. perhaps I should re-evaluate. I’m knitting a sweater for Next Winter! I’ve been listening since the first one, glad you re-ran Thanksgiving. Hugs!

    Posted on 12.21.10 ·
  21. Deborah Harper wrote:

    Merry Christmas from the States, Brenda. It was great to hear you get back to the mic. Hope you’ll forgive me for not taking the time to finesse my words here… I just want to say in the most loving way possible that it is always good to hear you, but of course YOU have to come first. Maybe you could forget the scheduling of the thing as you’ve been willing to let go of the production of the thing and just turn on the mic and talk when it works for you? You feel like an old friend and I miss you. Glad your shoulder has improved and hope it stays that way. Fingers too. 🙂 Hope to hear from you sometime soon, and hope that will mean that you are doing well and feel like podcasting. And if you don’t, Brenda, big fat knitterly hugs, well wishes, and thanks for all the inspiration, entertainment and companionship you’ve given me over the years. Peace out, sista.

    Posted on 12.23.10 ·
  22. Evelyn wrote:

    tap tap tap….is this thing on?

    Posted on 12.24.10 ·
  23. Robin Chestek wrote:

    Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Blessed Solstice, Brenda! Hope you’re feeling better and you and Tanya are finding some time to relax during the holiday frenzy. You’ve been greatly missed this past month! I especially love listening to your podcasts during the winter. . . savoring that second cup of tea at the breakfast table, watching the snow fall and listening to your stories and the great music you choose while enjoying some peaceful knitting time. Come back soon!

    Posted on 12.24.10 ·
  24. robyn wrote:

    Getting quite concerned as you’ve been very silent. Please let us know how you are. Wishing you and Tonya the health and happiness for the new year.


    Posted on 12.24.10 ·
  25. Naomi wrote:

    Hi Brenda, Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Hope everyone is well and has had a good holiday.

    Posted on 12.26.10 ·
  26. Annetta wrote:

    Jingle Bells Brenda! I hope the holiday season brought all the presents you and Tonya hoped for, and that all your best wishes come true for the new year. May good health, happiness, good fortune and contentment be yours in the days and months to come.



    Posted on 12.26.10 ·
  27. Melissa wrote:

    Be well and woolly in 2011.

    Posted on 12.27.10 ·
  28. hunter wrote:

    Totally missing my Cast On fix. Hope all is well and it’s just the usual holiday craziness.

    Posted on 12.28.10 ·
  29. Angie wrote:

    Definitely missing your buttery voice and knitting anecdotes. Last night I watched “Framed” on PBS and wondered if it was your neck of the woods in which it was filmed. Do come back (when you are damn good and ready Mr. Nicholson)!

    Posted on 12.29.10 ·
  30. ellen wrote:

    Very pretty robin picture. Of course the American Robins are long gone from my house. When you feel like podcasting again I’ll be ready to listen!

    Posted on 12.31.10 ·
  31. Maggiemidwife wrote:

    Happy, healthy New Year Brenda. Hope all is well with you. Missing your voice.

    Posted on 1.1.11 ·

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