1. katarinaw wrote:

    I have just listened to you Halloween Special and I really enjoyed it! I know that I’m not supposed to laugh at other people’s misfortune, but you told the story of the sad Clapotis so well, I couldn’t help myself!
    I’m looking forward to the next CastOn. Oh, there was one thing that was a bit disturbing, sometimes your voice was a bit drowned by the music, but otherwise it was great!

    Best Wishes!

    Katarina, Stockholm, Sweden

    Posted on 11.2.05 ·
  2. Roe wrote:

    Keep it up. Don’t ever get too perfect. It would remove that human touch-the warmth and humor.

    Posted on 11.2.05 ·
  3. Pat Hunnell wrote:

    wonderful find, keep going!
    I am hoping to be able to subscribe via iTunes soon but in the meantime will use the web page. Where in Wales are you?

    Posted on 11.3.05 ·
  4. Well done Brenda!! My littlies are asleep, I’m finishing no 1’s One Skein Wonder an d i”ve listened to knitcast and now your programme, what a greal afternoon. I enjoyed the music tracks too. PS your poor clapotis!! πŸ™‚ Sharon aka the stripey tiger.

    Posted on 11.4.05 ·
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    I second the request for pictures.

    If you can’t bear to wear the pumpkin sweater for a picture, photograph it on a manequin or a hangar.

    Love the show!!!

    Posted on 11.4.05 ·
  6. Kirsty wrote:

    That was excellent, I look forward to many more.

    Is the dye out at least?

    Maybe you could use the felted clapotis for something else, like a bag maybe?

    Posted on 11.4.05 ·
  7. Jen M wrote:

    Loved the show! Shades of Dr. Johnny Fever meets Elizabeth Zimmerman πŸ™‚

    Posted on 11.5.05 ·
  8. Jeanie wrote:

    This was lots of fun. I’ve been wishing for something like this for the longest time!!! You’ve found a niche… now hang on and enjoy the ride!!! BTW, how often will you be publishing these pod-casts?

    Pictures would be WAY cool.

    Posted on 11.6.05 ·
  9. carrie wrote:

    Just listened and thought it was so, so much fun. I laughed out loud at the clapotis story then thought about explaining it to a friend — but I realized it’s a knit thing, and she wouldn’t understand.

    I have subscribed with itunes and can’t wait to hear more! Such a fun format.

    Posted on 11.6.05 ·
  10. Jana wrote:

    Your podcast was so fun! The music was great (the Monster Hash song totally cracked me up and Nina Simone especially never disappoints) and your commentary was really entertaining. I think even if you never wear the orange sweater in public, it obviously brings you joy and is very much worth cherishing. I really look forward to listening more in the future!

    Posted on 11.6.05 ·
  11. Emma wrote:

    That was fantastic ! Realy enjoyed the whole thing. More,more !
    Fab !

    Posted on 11.7.05 ·
  12. ... jb wrote:

    I love it!

    What a great podcast! I really love the format you used, the length, the music. I agree with katarinaw: do watch the music volume, as your voiceover work was sometimes a bit hard to hear.

    I confess I was also tickled to hear that you used to live in Portland, Oregon … that’s where I live and I love it here! A bunch of new yarn shops have opened here recently, and really good ones too.

    I can’t wait for your next podcast!

    Posted on 11.7.05 ·
  13. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! inadvertant felt! what horror! oh the humanity of it all!

    you know, i could actually “see” how gorgeous it was. you are a true wordsmith!

    i loved it! this is better than any book tape!

    i’ll be watching for more.

    and monster hash was a frigging riot! my 13 year old son popped out of his room (he was supposed to be asleep) and asked if i was listening to monster mash, lol! i need to play that for my fiance, he’ll love it!

    Posted on 11.8.05 ·
  14. Molly wrote:

    Loved it, but could barely hear a thing over the screechy noises during the whole Clapotis story. Keeping the background music turned well down would help a lot, I think; I liked the story but straining to hear it lessened my enjoyment, a bit.

    Posted on 11.9.05 ·
  15. Abby wrote:

    Great job! I woke up with a headache and giggling at your clapotis story made me feel a lot better. Though I am sorry to laugh at your distress…

    Posted on 11.11.05 ·
  16. knittingmami wrote:

    loved your Halloween Special!! Knitting and music are my favorite things in life (OK aside from my hubby & child) and your podcast captures them well. Oh and the Clapotis- ugh- glad your partner kept your voice mail- excellent. Just saw that I missed the new one from 11/11- I’ll have to get it!

    Posted on 11.16.05 ·
  17. Alice wrote:

    Keep up the good work and enjoy Wales for all of those who can’t get across the pond!

    Also, it would be great if you could let us know the software you are using, I loved the technical comments but would LOVE to know the products you are trying out.


    Posted on 11.17.05 ·
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    Cast-On is so COOL! I love it. Your doing a great job. I agree with the others about pictures. Maybe once you get really good at podcasting you can make an enchanced one and have the pictures built right into the file.

    Posted on 11.22.05 ·
  19. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for making my hour+ commute full of giggles and fun music. Monster Hash was hilarious!!! I ran right home and played it for my wife. I’m so excited to have found your podcast. Keep up the great work. I’ll certainly post on my blog about it.

    Posted on 11.30.05 ·
  20. Julie wrote:

    Brenda,I love your podcast!!! Your combination of music, realistic knitting stories, and humor make listening a treat. I listen while I knit and both hubby and kids think I am fairly crazy when I laugh out loud. You have a knack for engaging your audience- keep up the good work.

    Posted on 12.1.05 ·
  21. inarash wrote:

    That was awesome! I just finished listening to this episode, and I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to it.
    As much as I would love to see pictures along with the podcast, I think that having no images makes the listening experience so much better, like reading a book.
    It’s 1am and I have a feeling I won’t be going to sleep anytime soon, since I will be going to bed with my ipod earbuds in, listening to the rest of the episodes.
    Don’t stop!
    Ina, NYC

    Posted on 12.6.05 ·
  22. inarash wrote:

    This post has been removed by the author.

    Posted on 12.6.05 ·
  23. citabriag wrote:


    Here is a link to the lovely clapotis pattern available on knitty.com

    Posted on 12.7.05 ·
  24. Laura wrote:

    Great job! I’m glad you didn’t wait until next year for the Halloween special. I was completely mortified and scared witless by your Clapotis.

    Posted on 11.2.05 ·
  25. isela wrote:

    ok, so I am a little behind the times, but do I need any special software to be able to listen to the episodes? I clicked on them and it says it is downloading, but I can’t hear/see anything….help!

    Posted on 1.17.06 ·
  26. Mary wrote:

    Hi Brenda! Love your podcast. It’s one of my work commute treats (along with Marie Irshad @ Knitcast). Congratulations on the mention in the newest issue of Vogue Knitting. I hope other knitters will enjoy your podcast as much as I do! Keep up the great work!

    Posted on 1.17.06 ·
  27. Jay wrote:

    Just wanted to say yours is the first podcast I have ever listened to you and I am loving it. Just started listening to Episode 1 and it is as good as Episode 0 – better!
    I lived in Wales for a while and loved it! What tranquil surroundings!

    Posted on 1.20.06 ·
  28. Brenda, your podcast was an inspiration for me. I began listening to podcasts only 2 months ago. I was so hooked on all of the knitting podcasts that I decided to do as you said, “pick up the mic”.
    When you can make the time, please check out my ‘cast and promo.
    Should you deem them acceptable, feel free to feature them in your show. Brenda, you have set a standard and you have your listeners HOOKED – please don’t get too busy to keep it up.



    Posted on 6.25.06 ·
  29. MonicaPDX wrote:

    Finally got broadband recently, at last able to listen to podcasts. So which do I choose as my first one ever to listen to? This one. Listening along happily, then you mentioned Portland and Spindleshanks. I nearly fell out of my chair! Not only am I a native Portlander, I used to live over on NW 19th & Burnside – and shopped at Spindleshanks! I was laughing so damned hard at that coincidence I had to re-wind to get what I missed while cackling. [g] Then of course, there was the sad story… πŸ˜‰

    I’m still in Portland, btw; as you might guesss from my nick. Only out on the east side now. I really do miss Spindleshanks… Especially as I never managed to make it to the sale, since we’d moved by then. Dammit.

    Posted on 3.23.07 ·
  30. Sherrill wrote:

    Glad I finally got on board…about two years late, but I CAN/WILL catchup. πŸ™‚

    Ah, Portland…every summer down to see Mom’s side of the family. Great town, crazy bus drivers, though. I’m up in Washington State.

    Sent a bit of a donation to help out. Looking forward to all those episodes waiting for me.

    Posted on 7.1.07 ·
  31. Emmie wrote:

    Monster hash gave me a great laugh. Everyone at my LYS “has the clap” this month. By the time we’ve finished every knitter on the planet would have made one. Keep up the great work!

    Posted on 7.1.07 ·
  32. Roberta wrote:

    I’m new to podcasting, but have been listening to a few of the Knitter’s casts as I knit. I listened to this episode this morning on the way to work and I arrived with tears of laughter running down my face. Can’t wait to get back to my iPod to see what else is in store for me!

    Thanks, I needed that!

    Posted on 7.24.07 ·
  33. Annette wrote:

    Great podcast! Just started listening to your recent podcasts. Returned to the beginning and am really enjoying listening! Monster Mash was too funny!

    Posted on 8.16.07 ·
  34. Annette wrote:

    I mean Monster Hash.

    Posted on 8.16.07 ·
  35. susan lowell wrote:

    Am really enjoying your podcasts. Started with 55, then 54 then “Episodes”Tab –whooee.

    Recommend you stay away from politics and religion, as those are deeply held positions and you don’t want to distract the audience from your fascinating knitting sagas. I take offense at disrespect towards the office of the President, be the President a Republican or Democrat, etc. In being respectful while having another opinion leads us to a kinder, gentler world. On the other hand, I can appreciate that a great deal of thought and effort went into producing each podcast and I must congratulate you. Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to find comedy that isn’t hurtful in some way. Thank you for providing these podcasts.

    Posted on 9.15.07 ·
  36. Carla wrote:

    Love, love, love Cast On. I just started listening to podcasts and you are far and about the rest. I’ve only listened to the Halloween Special and Episode 1 & 2 and I must say Cast On sounds so professional. I’m downloading the next 30 episodes and will eventually catch up. Thank You so much!

    Posted on 9.21.07 ·
  37. Marcia wrote:

    Also catching up… I live and work in a remote provincial park in Alberta, Canada, and often spend my evenings knitting to the same old movies, but it’s great to finally have something else to do! Thanks for your hard work. And please don’t censor your politics. You have a right to freedom of speech and those who don’t like what you have to say can find someone else to listen to!

    Posted on 10.15.07 ·
  38. RuTemple wrote:

    How fun to come back and listen again in early November 2007!

    Posted on 11.7.07 ·
  39. Actually, this is not the first time I’ve heard Monster Hash…. and I STILL cracked up! Thanks.

    Posted on 2.9.08 ·
  40. Celeritas wrote:

    I’ve just started listening, and I’m starting from the beginning. Its so cool you started with a Halloween special, the clapotis experience is so hug deserving. I’m a new knitter and I suck so I would love to get to the stage when i could make a sock or a cardigan.

    Posted on 4.11.08 ·
  41. Tuppence wrote:

    I’m also a catcher-upper starting at the beginning. Your voice is soothing and easy to listen to. Your talent for painting word pictures is wonderful.

    Posted on 5.17.08 ·
  42. Kymm wrote:

    I just stumbled across your podcast a couple of weeks ago and it’s so darn good I’m starting at the beginning. I laughed so hard listening to “Monster Hash” that stuff came out my nose! Can’t wait to hear what further selections.

    Posted on 1.26.10 ·
  43. Mel Browne wrote:

    Hello Brenda

    I have been introduced to your wonderful podcast just recently and imagine my delight when I realised that there are 96 to download and enjoy at my leisure. Your first was like watching a sad film – it was all going so well but I knew it would go bad as you predicted. The agony and the ecstacy of knitting. You are a joy to listen to and I am deeply content when I think of the other 90 podcasts I have yet to listen to. Keep broadcasting – we love it

    Mel x

    Posted on 12.20.10 ·
  44. Kelly wrote:

    Late to the party:) Decided to start from the beginning after listening to the last 8 podcasts.

    I do not think the heartbreak over the shawl was in anyway overstated. After all that time and effort..I think I might have needed grief counseling. I hope that, at least, you were able to repurpose it or give it a nice burial.

    Posted on 6.28.13 ·
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    Posted on 10.19.13 ·
  46. Monique aka Dutchgirl63 wrote:

    Still getting over the fact I won’t be hearing your dulcet tones anymore. Guess I’ll just have to drown myself in some knitting, spinning or weaving….

    Thank you for reintroducing me to the Green Day song “Time of your life”. For years this song brought me sadness and to tears.

    It happened when our Best Man’s middle son died from a fast, progressive, yet treatable form of stomach cancer. Sadly, when they took him in to remove it – and that would have cured him pretty much completely – he passed during the spinal tap…..he was 9.

    During the celebration of life, his parents had put together a video montage of his short life and, yes, to the Green Day tune. Until yours & Dave’s rendition, I hadn’t been able to listen to it since. I laughed til I cried, but happy tears this time.


    P.S. Would love to get to your retreat next October – will have to see if I win the lottery LOL.

    Knit on & on & on my friend!!!!

    Posted on 11.7.14 ·

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