29 Oct 2010

Episode 93: Autumn Cliché

A blustery fall day and we’ve got sweaters from the attic, pumpkin on the stove, and a nod in the direction of Halloween with a special report from Reading based fellow podcaster, sound artist, and friend, Felicity Ford. It doesn’t get much more autumnal than this.

Don’t forget, every month there’s a new font from Outside-the-Line.com. It’s not too late to design your own Christmas cards, with Yultide Doodles, or this month’s free font Holiday Doodles.

This week’s Audible recommendation is The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, by Kate Summserscale.

Great balls o’ yarn! Cat Bordhi’s spins with balls and makes my head explode (in a good way) with her latest video.

California artist Ben Cuevas’s latest piece, “Transcending the Material” is, quite simply, one of the most beautifully crafted knitted sculptures I’ve ever seen.

Warm Knits, Cool Gifts, by Sally Melville and Caddy Melville Ledbetter is a knitting book that includes a little something for everyone. The patterns are suitable for beginning to advanced intermediate knitters, and they include impressive amounts of both techniques, and knitted garments large and small. If you like someone enough to knit them an entire sweater, Sally and Caddy have got you covered, and if you’re pressed for time, you’ll find small quick to knit projects in this book as well. Loads of clever little ideas for bookmarks, watchbands, and the pattern for the Christmas stocking using up leftover sock yarn is truly inspired. Published by Potter Craft, Warm Knits Cool Gifts will help simplify your gift knitting through the holidays, and beyond.
Buy the book on Amazon US /UK

Originally published in 1999, Wild Color: The Complete Guide to Making and Using Natural Dyes, by Jenny Dean, has been revised and rereleased. Not only is this book complete eye candy and totally gorgeous to look at, but it’s full of great information, presented in an easy to use format. The first part of the book looks at a history of natural dyes, and offers full details of the all important how-tos of the dyeing process, while the second section features details of over 65 different natural dye materials, what they look like, which parts to use, how to extract the dye, which mordants will produce what colours. Did I mention that it’s pretty? It’s a pretty pretty book.
Buy the Book on Amazon US / UK

Special thanks to fellow podcaster, sound artist, and friend, Felicity Ford, and the Oxford Silk Group.

KniTunes were provided by and used with the permission of:

  1. Adrienne Pierce – Absinthe Minded
  2. Lee Maddeford – Spiders
  3. Robin and Linda Williams – October Light



  1. Eleanor wrote:

    So glad to have your podcasts back! They really make my day at work. I’d love to test knit for you!!!! I just finished knitting a massive baby blanket which put me in a big knitting funk. I’d love a little pick-me-up!

    eleanor (at) unfamiliarceiling (dot) com

    Posted on 10.29.10 ·
  2. Linda Darisse wrote:

    OMG-I have only been to Wales once-years ago. My husband, son and I took a road trip from London (Watford, actually where my son was in a soccer tournament) to Bath and into Wales. Fun and gorgeous. The best thing I remember was going to the Tintern Abbey where the three of us got the headphones on and with the first instruction (“turn left at the south portico”) each of us turned in a different direction. LOL. It was a lovely spot. Hence, I’m looking forward to knitting the Tintern Socks!

    I’ve been listening since the beginning and recently went back and started over again. Remember when the woman said you needed to add some punk rock to the podcast? You were so mad! ha! I’m so glad you’re back regularly.

    It’s a beautiful fall day in Massachusetts. Keep at it, please.


    Posted on 10.29.10 ·
  3. Lynn wrote:

    I’m so glad you’re back! Rushed to download as soon as I saw a note on Ravelry about the new podcast – thanks, and happy pumkpin day!

    Posted on 10.29.10 ·
  4. Elizabeth wrote:

    Happy Fifth Year of Podcasting, Brenda! I’ve been listening since very nearly the beginning. I think I found you over my Christmas break during my sophomore year of high school. I took you camping with my to Northern Michigan, when I listened to about forty episodes during that trip. It seems like I make an annual airing of Cast-On, much like I like to do with the stash. This year, I spent several weeks listing to every episode again in anticipation of your Halloween podcast that I knew was coming. Thank you, Brenda.

    Posted on 10.29.10 ·
  5. sarah wrote:

    Listening to the episode, winding a skein of Pine Woods Sock Yarn. A lusciously soft mix of wool and bamboo in blues and greens. Doesn’t it sound perfect for test knitting your Tintern Abbey socks? Love to do it if you still need test knitters.

    Posted on 10.30.10 ·
  6. Chelsea wrote:

    I’m so glad you’re back! I first found your podcast just before you decided to take a hiatus. After I listened to all the episodes, I pinched myself for not googling “knitting podcast” sooner.

    Pleasepleasepleasplease post a video of Truman “gently gnawing” on Jasper’s ears! The cuteness seems pretty immeasurable.

    I’m so glad you mentioned Cuevas’ work. I’ve been obsessed with knitted sculptures, especially skeletons & bodies lately. I have a list of knits that inspire me on my blog. I don’t mean for this to sound like a “please go read my blog” comment. But if you like Cuevas’ work, there’s 2 or 3 other artists on the list that have done spectacular knitted skeletal sculptures. Sharon Maloney is the first that comes to mind, although I think Cuevas’ construction was more sophisticated. Also, I’m always interested to see what kind of textile & fiber arts are in that “fine art” arena.

    Rock on, Ms. Dayne, Rock on.

    Posted on 10.30.10 ·
  7. Sandy wrote:

    Test knitter, you say? I’d be delighted to help out if you still need one. Oh, and I love knitting socks!

    Posted on 10.30.10 ·
  8. Jackie wrote:

    Happy Five!!

    I would love to test-knit a pair of socks for you. I’ve done somesock test-knitting in the past and just love it! Actually, just finished a test-knit today so my needles are available!

    I, too, am glad you’re back to podcasting.

    Posted on 10.30.10 ·
  9. Louvain wrote:

    Hi Brenda,

    I’d love to be a test knitter for you. I’ve done socks before but only ever plain ones so if you wanted someone without a huge amount of sock experience I could be your gal 😉

    Posted on 10.30.10 ·
  10. Josie wrote:

    Test knitter available! Hands up!! If I’m not too late that is, considering half of the above comments are also offering themselves.

    Loving your Truman and Jasper stories, need more!

    The spinning with rubber balls is crazy clever. Love the way her family are working away in the background and totally ignoring her madness, that would be just like mine! I’d love to have a go at that but have the feeling that the fleece would be flecked with dog and cat hair if I tried it in any room in our house.

    Posted on 10.30.10 ·
  11. Robyn wrote:

    I would love to be a test knitter for your new sock pattern. Count me in !

    Posted on 10.30.10 ·
  12. Sanya wrote:

    If you need a test knitter to see if a sock novice can work your pattern I’m your girl! 😀 One of my favourite memories of my trip to Europe was visiting Tintern Abbey. Lovely and peaceful. Yet lonely and kind of sad.
    Also, it is where I discovered the Welsh Toffee Waffles. Yum!

    Posted on 10.30.10 ·
  13. Devon wrote:

    Happy Podcast Anniversary!

    As always, I enjoyed the podcast very much. I would offer to test knit, but I know I simply don’t have room in the knitting schedule right now! I look forward to the sock patterns when they do come out. I really enjoyed listening to Felicity Ford’s piece on spiders. It was educational and kind of creepy imagining spiders being “milked” all at the same time. Cat Bordhi’s mind is amazing. Seriously, going to bed and thinking about spinning with rubber balls? Awesome.

    I’m making pumpkin pie today too. Yum!

    Posted on 10.30.10 ·
  14. marri wrote:

    just adding my voice to the rest – brenda, i’m SO glad you’re back. there are very few knitting podcasts i have the stomach to listen to, and yours is above and beyond the rest. a true pleasure; i feel almost decadent sitting my chair, knitting and listening to you!

    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  15. Jourjan wrote:

    All we ever wanted was you, stream of consciousness brilliance that makes you a knit podcast queen. No need for time-consuming productions. Best of luck with your new plan.

    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  16. kat wrote:

    Thank you so much for the new episodes of the podcast! it is- as it always has been- great fun to listen to you talk about knitting and the world!

    and also thanks for the Cat Bordhi video, this is just great sundaymorning breakfast stuff! I love it!
    thanks for all the great links in the past too!!!

    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  17. Monique wrote:

    I would love to test knit for you. love the show

    moemoe on rav.

    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  18. Rebekah wrote:

    Glad you’re back!
    I have finally caught up on all of your podcasts and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to every one of them as I have sat and knitted…
    Keep up the good work!

    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  19. A big thank you to everyone who volunteered to test knit Tintern Abbey. I have enough knitters lined up and have sent the pattern out to the early bird respondents. Thanks again.


    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  20. Jenn wrote:

    So wonderful to have you back, Brenda! I wondered if you would be returning after the long hiatus and am delighted (and, I’ll admit, relieved!) that you made the decision you did. Thank you for being a highly-anticipated and peaceful part of my weekend routine for the past five years.

    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  21. Syrenmuse wrote:

    Happy Halloween! Thank you for the return to podcasting. I don’t care if you talk about the laundry, I just love hearing your stories.

    I’d love to test your sock pattern. I have some stash just waiting to try it out.

    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  22. Emily wrote:


    I am really glad that you’ve got your mojo back again when it comes to podcasting! The super-produced episodes are fantastic but I’m perfectly happy to listen to you ramble on and on about knitting. Your voice always conveys such interest in the topic and, after listening to you for about 4 years, I feel like I know you. Please do know that people will love whatever you put out — you are excellent without even trying too hard!

    Emily in New York City

    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  23. Rae wrote:

    LOVE the new autumn look of the logo. Excited to see a new podcast. I plan to take a walk with you this week. Thanks for continuing to podcast. I miss you when you are gone.

    Posted on 10.31.10 ·
  24. Sam wrote:

    Would *love* to test knit the Tinturn Abbey socks, if you still need folks! 🙂

    Posted on 11.1.10 ·
  25. Johanne Brown wrote:

    Yay, you’re back! How wonderful to listen to your podcast, it is the best thing going.

    The new look for Cast On is great, but mostly I enjoy listening to what you have to say, please continue in whatever way you can.

    Johanne in Toronto

    Posted on 11.1.10 ·
  26. Beckyinvt wrote:

    So glad you’re back Brenda! While I love your full production podcasts I have to tell you my all time favorite, that I keep on my ipod (small one, that has to have songs swapped in and out) all the time is A Snow Day. It’s short, sweet, and lovely. I look forward to whatever you have for us to listen to. Just doing what you love seems to be a win-win arrangement.

    Posted on 11.1.10 ·
  27. Angie wrote:

    I love what you do, Brenda. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this stuff out there.

    Posted on 11.2.10 ·
  28. susan in dulwich wrote:

    Happy Pod-iversary! I’ve downloaded but not yet listened to this one. Things are crazy at work (I have a meeting on Thursday night which will truly be Monsters versus Aliens)…so I am saving it for a time when my brain will be able to focus.
    Also, really like the new podcast image that’s showing with this latest episode.

    Posted on 11.2.10 ·
  29. ansley wrote:

    Wowza, two podcasts so close to one another. Soooo nice to hear you chat about knitting again! Super happy you are able to knit again too.

    Posted on 11.3.10 ·
  30. ansley wrote:

    OMG, just saw the Cat B video. AMAZING!

    Posted on 11.3.10 ·
  31. Felix wrote:

    So awesome to get back from Miami to find:

    1. You had made a new podcast! W00t!
    2. The iPod Nano + speaker that I won had arrived

    The only thing to do was to download this podcast and play it through THE PRIZE! I am loving hearing you podcasting again.


    Posted on 11.3.10 ·
  32. Mary Beth wrote:

    Welcome BACK!!! I’m so happy to hear you back. Just the other day I was thinking about bracken and your singing Welsh pub choir episodes.

    I’ll test knit sox if you want another knitter.

    Did I say welcome back??? Welcome back!

    Posted on 11.4.10 ·
  33. Sara Jane wrote:

    I’m a relatively new listener catching up on the old episodes and loving them. Your podcast is very professional sounding. Enjoy your new kitty, dogs and cats can be great friends. My neighbours gave me a dropped off kitten this year and it is nursing on of my dogs. Scout seems to think Zuzu is her baby.
    I’m glad your back with new stuff. Thanks, Sarajane

    Posted on 11.6.10 ·
  34. Elsbeth wrote:

    So pleased to have you back … missed you

    Posted on 11.7.10 ·
  35. Vicki wrote:

    If you can handle one more test knitter … I would love the opportunity! 🙂

    Posted on 11.7.10 ·
  36. Jolie wrote:

    I will enjoy seeing that Tinturn Abbey sock pattern! I agree, it’s a lovely and magical spot. Looks like you found enough test knitters, super! I’m more of an organic knitter myself; my knitting group has been gracious enough to test some of my patterns for me…..lots of comments and revisions as I too know what I’m trying to do and just do it without writing down quite enough detail for some.

    Posted on 11.7.10 ·
  37. Nan wrote:

    Test knit your sock, with Noro? Yes, please! Have some in my stash just waiting for something fun.

    Posted on 11.9.10 ·
  38. Rachel Wolcott wrote:

    Nothing cliched about this episode! I love the pumpkin chat. I’ve been souping a few and thinking about pie too!

    I’m knitting your Pembrokeshire Pathways socks at the mo using Colinette. Perhaps some nice welsh wool is the answer for your new pattern!

    To echo another comment here: Rock on!!!!

    Posted on 11.10.10 ·
  39. Marsha wrote:

    I love your voice Brenda and your content. I meets me where I am. I am glad you are back. You are the only thing on my ipod.

    Posted on 12.5.10 ·

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