22 May 2008

Up when I should be down

There are many reasons why this is true, jet lag and snot being the the two that come most readily to mind. I caught the cold that everyone else caught at the tail end of the cruise, and arrived home having swallowed my own weight in phlegm during the flight. Eww. On the upside, I couldn’t taste the food.

Between the cold and jet lag I’ve been sleeping for most of the last two days. Yesterday I was so sick that twelve hours of sleep during the day didn’t stop me from sleeping a further eight hours that night. Today, not so much with the needing sleep, and I am really really awake. Good time for a blog post then, eh?

I’ve uploaded many pictures tonight and there are many more to follow and I’m still not up to the cruise pics yet. Long trip. Wonderful to see my family. I couldn’t stop hugging my kid. Tonia couldn’t stop taking pictures of wildlife. There are things in the US, pretty common things actually, that Tonia had never seen. Namely, blue birds, which she could not get over. Despite the catchy “blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover” song, there are really no blue birds in Britain at all. Thankfully, the 1208865791 photos of scrub and stellar jays will be in Tonia’s Flickr stream, not mine.

Lots more Oregon pictures here, but I think I will need to upgrade my Flickr account in order to add the Alaska and cruise pics. Meanwhile here are a few of my Portland places and peeps:

Chris Tat


NoTell Motel

Tree House

Beautiful Boy

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  1. Jasmin wrote:

    Ahhh, bluebirds. My dog has been leaving his kibble out on the patio, and the neighborhood bluebirds have been swooping down and eating it. They’re all the size of chihuahua now. I think it’s to make them easier to catch.

    It’s startling to see them so big!

    Posted on 5.22.08 ·
  2. It was great to meet you – what a sweetheart! And Matt say yes, he does want to go to Wales for our next trip!

    Posted on 5.23.08 ·
  3. Dawn wrote:

    OK, that is pac-man is it not??? Your oh so cute son that has the same fabulous clarity shining in his face that you do has a pac-man tatoo. Oh how I love your family even more. Sorry to hear about the snot. Darn cruise ship of viral doom.

    Posted on 5.29.08 ·

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